The hell with Doc Martens!!!

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Ergh….I’ve been absent whole week!? Some of you may have noticed, most of you did not. 😀  Some of you might think I have a life now, but you’re waaaay over your head! 
With the freezing temperatures and muddy puddles here, dressing up was as hard as staying awake during the “Twilight movie”. All I could think of these past few days were, fat socks, warm coffee and staying the fuck away from the outside world as much as possible.
But yesterday I bought metal toe cap boots and really wanted to show off. I realized, that just because the winter cold was peeling off my skin and making my nose excrement, didn’t mean I should stop “living” (aka taking photos of outfits).
These metal toe cap booties are heavy as hell and make me walk like a chicken on steroids, which is good, considering how I walked before. They’re from the brand “Steel” and are waaay better than the Doc Martens I was drooling at, few weeks ago. They EVEN, may be NOT made in China!?
Dress is yet again- from second hand, vintage leather bag- second hand, leather jacket- second hand.

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32 thoughts on “The hell with Doc Martens!!!”

  1. I am drooling over those Docs! I have a pair in my christmas wish list.. hopefully I will see them under my tree? well see… you look fantastic. I like the sweet and edgy look!xx

  2. Aah I totally understand the winter blues…I am just a miserable ball of warmth searching weirdo the first few days before I realize humans unfortunately can't hibernate for the entire season pfft! I LOVE the boots…and not made in China makes me love 'em even more…I need them in my life…Rad look as usual 😀

  3. Only you can make steel-toed boots this awesome and stylish looking. (Better than Doc Martens? Whoa, those must be awesome boots. And now you don't have to worry about dropping stuff on your feet!) I so insanely love how you wore these with the the tights and the velvet looking dress, it matches your hair!

  4. awesome docs! I'm a fan of them, love em so much, actually thinking of getting a 2nd pair…. is that really like an ombre effect on the shoe color or just the photos? I'm loving it!

    xo, Carla
    p.s. international giveaway on my blog, please come and join!

  5. lol…chicken on steroids. nice visuals there. those boots kick ass, man. they look great with that dress. i f*cking love that bag, too. you always have really vintage looking bags! great photos. you look like an immortal succubus. haha. that's totally a compliment, by the way. kinda of a weird one, i guess. oh wells. <3

    – Anna

  6. You look incredible! I'm a huge fan of boots (any except snow boots) with dresses! In fact, it's my typical work look and I didn't realize how often I wore it until my new boss pointed it out to me many times in the past month…she shouldn't care, I always change into heels before meeting with clients…

  7. I used to own a pair fo dr. martin because it used to be fashionable in some times,,,then it come back again and again.Love how u put everything together,,and the color of your hair !1 Girl, too awesome:)


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