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Usually on Thursdays, after the realization that another week has passed and death is more than inevitable, I pretend having something meaningful to do and catch up with different obligations. One of these obligations is watching “The bold and the beautiful”.
I realize now, as I am writing this, that it may not be a good idea to expose my deepest darkest secrets to my dear readers, mostly because eventually I will be left with no readers to share my secrets with. But after watching the 2227 episode of the show and eating a whole bow of gazpacho, I was overwhelmed and confused by the satisfaction it brought.
I don’t consider myself to be hyper smart, but I don’t think I’m stupid too, so enjoying “Bold and the beautiful” was a weird feeling. And not only that, I enjoy watching all sorts of crappy shows, just because they’re crappy. Watching them makes me feel like some sort of a new breed intellectual, because I’ve managed to follow through the over-complicated, ingenious story. I feel like a super human with the ability to see through every complicated emotion and inner struggles the characters are experiencing. Watching crappy shows requires no brain activity, you can lay like jello and stare at the bright telly with the feeling of content and meaning, but without the emotional burden of feeling for the lead guy or gal. It’s like heroin for poor people!
So the coolest readers ever, do you enjoy crappy shows? And which ones?
Fashiony part: the mustard sweater you’ve all been waiting for :D- thrift store, denim shirt- House, Burberry bag- thrift store.

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56 thoughts on ““The Bold and the Beautiul””

  1. mustard definitely suits you well and I still love the backpack.
    now, when it comes to crappy shows I must name Jersey Shore. it's beyond crappy but I watch it every week together with my fiance and we just laugh and roll our eyes. The Bold and the Beautiful is way too annoying for my taste though – I dislike everybody from that show 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. love this mustard sweater, and whole look is autumn inspired I see.
    I love crappy shows. Celebrity survivor (since in our country we have a lot of beautiful, sluty and stupid models to laugh at), Big Brother etc. so mainly reality crap shows. As you said – it makes me feel super smart (well, when you stop to think about it, it's not so commendable :))


  3. the outfit is amazing. I like the sweater so much. the boots are such an eyecatcher.
    the backpack is very cute and matches the outfit perfectly 🙂
    have a nice day ♥

  4. The mustard sweater adds such a nice pop of colour to this look – it's so pretty for fall. And I know what you mean about crappy tv shows. I didn't watch TV for years, mainly because I wasn't interested, but when I got to university I discovered this terrible, terrible show called Jericho about the nuclear holocaust… and yet, I couldn't stop watching it!

  5. there are really times when our brain does not work at all 😉 so that crappy shows really helps. we're entertained yet we dont' need to analyze it.

    love your get up.the boots are cool

  6. hello lovely! I have never seen this show but I am guilty of watching any crappy television show that's on air over here in Ireland! You look great here as always – I have a lot of catching up to do on your site as I've been away for the past two weeks! Emma xo

  7. Haha, totally laughed at your post! I am a watcher of crappy shows at times. I don't watch a lot of tv normally, but when I do I like to think I can do the crappy with the best of them 😉
    And thanks for making me not feel like a complete retard for spilling drinks all down my shirt! Water isn't as embarrassing as wine, you're right, which explains why I normally take water, I'm preparing for the inevitable 😉
    Now if you can just make me feel better about the way I somehow always wear white when making spaghetti or pizza. Ahhh I need help!

    I love your sweater girl, it's so awesome. Elbow patches are always cool! And like I said before, I totally adore you, you're so great with your pixie cut!

  8. That sweater is awesome! Mustard is such a great color for fall!

    I watch SO MANY crappy shows!! One of my favourites is America's Next Top Model, I have watched every single episode and they were never good and are getting worse but it is one of the essentials of my week hehe
    One not so crappy, really good in fact, show you should try is Homeland! Beware, you might watch an entire season in 4 days if you are not careful!

    As always, a pleasure reading you blog!



  9. gorgeous mustard sweater!Im in love with it!And looove the way you combined it with denim-its a perfect idea!Love your style,its so unique and shows your personality dear!Love your blog!Would you like to follow each other?Let me know!

  10. Love this outfit! It's so perfectly casual and laidback, but still looks gorgeous! that mustard sweater is awesome 🙂 on the topic of crappy, addicting shows-anything, literally anything from the 90's flies with me. i have ridiculously low television standards…

  11. I love crappy shows! I really enjoy trashy reality TV because it makes me feel soo much better about my life.
    Loving this outfit, your boots are so cool!

  12. I love crappy reality shows and sometimes crappy movies, although I curse myself out after every crappy movie I waste my time on. But sometimes all I wanna do is just eat food and watch brainless crap all day, so I don't have to strain my brain.

  13. I never watch "The bold and the beautiful", but I watch some crappy shows on French TV sometimes. And I have to confess that I like that, I feel better about myself ^^
    But sometimes there is also a litlle voice in my head:

  14. I so like watching The bold and the beautiful, I think it's because it's about the only thing in my life nowadays that's at a fixed time. But sometimes I don't watch it for a week, and when I watch again it turns out that the story is almost the same. I wonder if Taylor and Rigde are ever getting back together. In Holland they are at the point where Britged is maybe pragnent from Owen. Think it's a bit boring now…

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