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I was finally able to sew the freakin Mass Effect sticker on my t-shirt. I always thought that lacking basic survival skills like making fire and….well you know… everything else you need to survive…would end with me being dead ripped by some very friendly wolves.  Although I’m not sure sewing is a necessary skill outside in the wilderness….
Anyway, we were at the Zoo today. It was very depressing. Are your Zoos always so miserable looking and shitty?

Fashiony part: T-shirt- H&M, vintage shorts from second hand. 

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22 thoughts on “TEH Normandy”

  1. I feel ya about the zoo…I felt the same inspite of the Sydney zoo overlooking the water and having stunning views of the harbour and the city…I don't think I am visiting a zoo anytime soon…

    It feels odd to go from talking about animals in captivity to your clothes but I don't think you want to hear me rant about how miserable i think the animals look in a zoo…Your shorts are perfection and i love that back-pack xxx

  2. well, our zoo is a bit depressing in some ways but luckily it gets better with every new year that comes 🙂 and I should totally visit it this summer since last year I only visited the one in Prague. gosh and it was amazing! not depressing at all 🙂 I and my finace also have a small plan to visit one in Helsinki. I have been there before but he hasn't. it's on an island btw 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Perhaps you could sew yourself a giant fur coat out of the wolves you would totally slay?
    Or fend off giant rodents with the sewing needle?

    Yeah, thats all I got.

    Your shorts are awesome and I love your backpack!

  4. Hello beautiful Keit whatsup? Yes I feel zoos are so depressing! Restrictions, bound inside cages bot able to move freely is soo depressing!!! But you do look beaituful as ever! how can you maintain that beautiful hair!! My hair color just faded!!! I read your previous post too! It was pretty humourous!!! Happy day to you!!! <3

    BIG hair LOUD mouth Blog

  5. Sewing could totally be a survival skill, like if you had to sew together animal pelts with whateverthehell nature string stuff you could find. But firemaking would probably be more important, so whatever. I think your shirt looks rad, and I love how you let it stand on your own with the rest of the outfit. Those shorts are so cool!! Why can't I wear shorts as well as you?

  6. I would have thought that it's a skirt instead of a denim shorts. It's cool and I like how you add it with a pair of socks.
    You think your zoo's bad? Ours is worse! Half of the animals are dead. The pond doesn't even look like a pond anymore, there's dead fishes, cans and waste in there as well. The animals sleep with trash in the same cage. I really pity those animals there. It's just bad. Really..

  7. Man, I haven't been to a zoo in ages. (heh, maybe becuase we don't have one in Fairbanks but Anchorage has a half way decent one. I like seeing my polar bears on the other side of the glass and not just before they chomp my head off, thankyouverymuch.) That Mass Effect patch is pretty freaking sweet!

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