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Confession time: I’m not good at making sexy faces! Whenever I try to be sexy in front of people (for whatever weird purpose) or in front of the camera, people assume I’m sad, or depressed. They get concerned about my well being and start asking question like “Are you okay?”, “Do you need to sit down?”, “What’s wrong, did something happen?” 
Imagine what a blow to my self esteem this is! I’m doing my best to look like a sexual piece of pie, biting my lips in a suggestive manner or playing with my hair, then all of a sudden someone asks “Are you okay?”. Yeah, I’m okay, I’m trying to seduce you, can’t you see!? 

How can one be sexy? I tried everything and people still are the slightest turned on by my apparently depressed body language and face. Maybe I just have a weird face, one that can never be sexy, but instead forever cursed to look as if someone died…Boy that’s hot!

Fashiony Part!     
Speaking of dying, I love this outfit to death! I was wondering for half an hour how to pair my new teenage mutant ninja turtle sweatshirt and every combination looked worse than the previous one. Have you ever had moments in which you try your best to think of the greatest outfit ever, but with no result? I had this exact moment and was beginning to harbor hate for my new sweatshirt! Why don’t you go well with anything you stupid sweatshirt? 

Until I remembered I own this short lace dress, that had the perfect amount of volume to it and made the whole outfit look like an ice cream cone, which was my initial intention too! 
– Gee Keit, how do you want to look today?
– I want to be an ice cream cone!!!

For the shoes I chose my new favorite booties from Choies and paired them with white socks to complement the lace. I was initially thinking of wearing a crazy colored bag, but I liked how this brown leather one looked more proportionate with everything, so I stuck with it.

Let me know do you like the looky and what was your favorite ninja turtle? Mine was Raphael cause he was the bad ass!

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sweatshirt – Second Hand, Lace Dress – 6ks, Boots – Choies, Black Cuff Barcelet – Choies, Leather Bag – Second Hand. 

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24 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sweatshirt And Lace”

  1. I think you make gr888 faces probs better than me! I love your outfit dude! This is a serious thing but whenever I read Teenage mutant ninja turtles like the theme song kept playing lol

  2. Hahah I almost choked on my coffee on the "do you need to sit down?" part. Aw, Keit 🙁 But I feel you, I'm not good at the whole wild seductress thing either.

    And this outfit is ADORABLE. I definitely know what you mean about the frustration with certain pieces, though. I had that with a recent black skirt i bought. I got it because I just *knew* it would go with everything….and then everything I paired it with was lame. Arggg. You definitely got it right with this one though.

    Also, those shoes are bomb. I want.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Bahaha, the sexiest ice cream cone ever! ;D
    Ugh, I know, it's like whenever I try to make that "fashion blogger-model face" Pff, more like a derp face when I try!
    Haha, anyway, glad you found a way to style your quirky-cute sweatershirt! It's perfect 🙂

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I love how the dark leggings bring out the lace. Not really up on the ninja turtles, but this look is definitely playfully you. I don't read ice cream, but maybe that's my lack of imagination! Sexy face? Hmmm. If I don't smile I look grumpy cause My old skin has sagged. Enjoy your young skin before it stretches out! Hee! 😀 xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I never really watched TMNT, but if that's your bag then right on, and that shirt looks amazing on you. 😛

    I always feel excruciatingly uncomfortable pretending to pose like I'm sexy. Usually, after 3067 photos I find a few that DON'T look like I'm digesting some nasta pasta so I edit it up and post it and pretend like I do it all the time. XD



  6. Your outfit brings back good old memories for me. Your socks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were favorites of mine long ago. Love the combination and the lace dress is the perfect touch. Love the rugged boots with the look.

  7. ahh…i always try my best to do good faces when taking photos…but i ended up not smiling and looked like i want to kill someone……….but it actually so hard smiling/laughing when taking photos…:< But actually i'm the one that laugh loudest lol>,<
    Btw your sweatshirt is so cute!!!>,< Looks like ayumi's sweater!:D

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  8. haha i totally get you, i'm not god at making sexy faces as well. I end up either looking like i'm sleep deprived or i'm pissed off.
    but you look adorable here. i like how you match a feminine skirt with edgy pieces. and did i mention i like your hair?? cos i do.

    ooh, and also, that ninja turtles sweater!! i have the same print but on a muscle tee! they receive quite the compliments. =)

    xo, Carla

  9. Ah I love this outfit! I hate when I buy something I think I'll be able to style in a ton of cool ways and then it just ends up not looking good with anything. I'm sure you'll be able to think of new looks for this fantastic Ninja Turtles sweatshirt though. I love how it looks layered over you lace dress. Just a great contrast of styles going on here!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

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