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Do you guys iron your clothes naked? Cause I do. Well, not full body naked, just boobs part naked.

And as much as I’d like to pretend my life is interesting and cool, this is not a spice up your marriage thing, it’s because I’m a lazy fuck.
I usually wait until the last minute before going out, to check my clothes for creases and most of the time they’re squashed like my dreams to become an “Animal Planet” explorer (just like Jeff Corwin).

So I take my clothes off and start ironing right away, because who the hell has time to put on different clothes.
My iron is one of those electrical ingenuities that has survived through three generations and it’s barely alive. She makes reptilian sounds, the little red light blinks whenever it feels like it and the water keeps dripping like it just had an orgasm….So you got the main idea, this is not a safe iron.

Every time I’m ironing my clothes naked, there is a 60% change it’s going to blow up in my face or burn my boobs. I wonder what the ER people are going to make out of all this.

– Damn, how did you get these chest wounds?
– Oh, I was ironing naked!
– *silence*…

Fashiony part: This here is the classic tie up your shirt outfit. I have no idea what’s going on, but I bought this top from an online bulgarian store and it was from ICHI again. 
I love the lazy, effortless feel of this sweater, it’s extremely versatile. You may already recognize the Zara shirt from my thrifty video and the shorts are from “My tiara”.

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28 thoughts on “Tartan shirt and ironing”

  1. looooool ironing naked! I love that. I put on my makeup naked after taking a shower. Putting on clothes after a shower is the most awful and traumatic thing ever, yeah?

    I will always covet those rad boots of yours. They're so shiny and look like they could kick some serious butt…

  2. I always put on deodorant and I don't ever like wearing my top if my pits are still wet so yeah, I basically put on everything first before my top. I think I sometimes put on my shoes first before my top. hahahaha!

    I do like that relaxed feel of that shirt. And that tie up your shirt reminds me of the 90s. It's cool how from the back, you look like you're wearing a plaid miniskirt.

  3. I think this look is great. It makes me wanna take my check tops to tie it on my waist area too. I'm glad the 80s style is back! =D
    You're good at mix & match.
    I dislike ironing too so I bought a standing steam iron and it kind of got rid of my laziness to iron =D

  4. Haha – it's the same with me – I use to be lazy as hell and just iron in the morning if I wanna wear something really badly. 😀

    You look great – the sweater looks totally comfy and cozy!

    XX, Sara.

  5. I love Jeff Corwin! Nature shows were my favorite thing when I was a kid but I haven't gotten to watch one in years. Also, good on you for ironing at all, I've been married three years and still haven't used the iron we got for our wedding even once. I think I'm even lazier than you say you are! haha. This is a fantastic sweater, love the details in it!

  6. I iron while wearing underwear… although I don't think I will do it in the winter (too cold in my house). I just do it because I'm in a hurry.

    I bought a commercial iron used by professional tailors, because my old one kept leaking water all over the place. That was the third iron I've gone through. I read about it and there are really no irons that are particularly reliable. You have to get one that is commercial grade (where the water tank is separate from the iron) if you want to have a good quality one that will last forever.

  7. This outfit is like the perfect hybrid of summer and fall. The shirt looks crazy comfy (and cute). I had to iron things almost nonstop in design school, so now I stay about as far away from irons as possible. But I can totally envision a pop star taking this ironing-naked idea and making a music video out of it. They would call it performance art and get filthy rich from it. 😉

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