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Man, I make the dumbest faces when being photographed around people. Squinting like a drunken arse!
Btw, I don’t know if you can see the huge mutating bump on my forehead. I was opening the fridge to get some ice for my schnapps, and I was thinking about a movie I have  to watch soon, and I smashed my forehead in the door. How stupid can you be, really! How can you hit yourself with the refrigerator door? Good thing we had a lot of ice lying around…

This tartan dress is my dream come true. I’ve been looking for a slouchy dress whole year. The fabric is thick enough for winter, and I love the different colored buttons and the breezy sleeves.
It’s from a thrift store, but it says “ICHI” on the tag. Double win!

I probably should have put a necklace, because of the huge neckline, but I had a massive hangover and we were in a big hurry, to meet a friend and try out the Oculus Rift, and I completely forgot about the necklace thingy.

Bracelet- Egoist, Tote bag- Nowistyle.

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23 thoughts on “Tartan dress”

  1. ehehehe I love how straight up you are–"totally forgot the necklace thingy." It's aaaall good. Half the time after outfit pictures I end up taking most of my jewelry off, anyway… it's so annoying sometimes. SUCH STYLISH BURDENS WE HATH

    so yeah that dress is really awesome, and that's sweet that you got it at a thrift store AND it's a fancy brand! Plaid is so perfect on youuu, Keit!

    and as for now, I don't see a mutating bump on your head. Be warned, a tiny Keit might pop out of it and try to suck out your soul. Be battle ready!

  2. Lovely look! And I know what you mean, I don't like people watching while I'm being photographed, LOL. I do funny things.

    And I also know what you mean by the masculine face for female models. I love the androgynous look!

    Ryli 🙂
    Ryli in Ruin Blog

  3. Hahaha.. that whole banging your head on the fridge door thing, I'm not gunna lie. It made me laugh out loud. It's so cute. I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly, though. :3 <3 I'm really diggin' the tartan patterns lately. I found a kick ass pleated tartan skirt of the same style that I'm positively obsessed with. Must buy! Loving that dress and the simple way you styled it. The simplicity lets the dress shine. Love the boots, too!

    – Anna


  4. Haha! Oh no…I must admit I've hit my head on a few doors as well, not only refrigerators, but closets, pantries…I have bad depth perception I guess. I don't see a bump on your lovely forehead though! This dress is incredible on you, it fits like a dream. I always forget accessories, sometimes a dress can speak for itself!

  5. don't worry, I'm worse than that. I keep hitting my limbs against pretty much everything. yesterday I was pretty much screaming while crawling on the kitchen floor after hitting my foot against a wooden thingy so hard that my foot turned bluish for a little while. today I hit the same foot against my tanning chair (bed). and the other day my finger got stuck in between the fridge door. was painful too. so don't you worry at all, Keit 😀 by the way, ICHI used to be one of my fave brands during university. oh and I looove your bracelet!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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