Nowistyle part 8, Half plaid shirt-half sweater

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Is there anything more comfy during wintery blizzards, than the warm, fat, vagina choking pantyhose, also known as tights? Doubt it. 
The same is true for these babies. Their woolen itchy fabric reminds me of my younger days, when I wasn’t smart enough to protest against my parent’s will to dress me like an Eskimo, and ended up being a man repeller for a looong time. After I grew up, I swore on my dead body, that I would never ever, put anything like that, ever again…

Alas, today is the day, in which I broke that oath.
Although, I’m sure the same would not apply for the “ninja hat”, which my, not at all dorkish parents,  liked to call ” THE cosmonaut hat”.

Yeah…that’s the one. While most girls were already on the “short skirt” phase, I had to wear the fuzzy cosmonaut hat, and  my parents wondered why I didn’t have any friends at school.
And mine wasn’t the black, kind of bad ass one you see on the picture. Instead, I wore a pink, fluffy one, knitted by grandma.
Wearing this hat is like signing your own death warrant!
I’m very curious, has anyone else worn such a hat? I think that if two people wear it at the same time, the Universe will explode.  
What was your most dreaded piece of clothing, when you were children?

Fashiony part: Mustard sweater- courtesy of nowistyle, leather shorts- second hand, leather bag-second hand, oversize cap- random store.

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31 thoughts on “Nowistyle part 8, Half plaid shirt-half sweater”

  1. Hahahaha! Keit, you never fail to make me laugh. You sure know how to hook someone at the start of your post. 😉 Alas, we have reverted to the days of the tight tights. I adore your oversized sweater and pattern mixing! You're so fabulous at putting the most random things together and making it look good. I wanna be daring like youuu~

    I like your hat. I like your hat so much. It's like a cute newspaper boy hat (but in a totally non man-repelling way… it'd totally bring all the men to you, and not just the creepy ones at bus stops).

  2. This outfit rocks. I can't remember hating any of my clothes – I recently stole a photo album from my Mum's collection because I still adore everything she dressed me in.

  3. My parents never made me wear a cosmonaut hat… but I did have a purple beanie with a velcro chin strap and braided headband attachment. My death warrant might also have been signed by my hat if it weren't for the fact that many of my classmates had even dorkier winter clothes. Of course, that only lasted until I was about eight 😉 Love the half-plaid, half-sweater, I've never seen anything like it!

  4. А аз си мислех, че само моята майка е била жестока. И шапката ми беше розова… травмиращи дни от детството.

  5. Wait, is that really one shirt? I was thinkin' how cool it was that you layered 'em, but either way, I love it. This whole outfit is awesome. And you look great in hats! Though I don't blame you for ditching the cosmonaut hat. 😉

    My childhood revolved more around things my parents *wouldn't* let me wear, like tiny tube tops and really, really dark, dramatic make up (as like, an 8 year old).

  6. There's always so much depth to what you wear. So many interesting layers. I love the sweater so very much! And yes, I used to wear hats like that all the time growing up. I'm pretty sure everyone in the Midwest has at some point in their lives-especially needed on those ice fishing excursions 😉 Mine was mostly navy with maroon outlining the eyes and mouth. Yep-twas awesome!

  7. gosh, you indeed are hilarious! 😀 it's good I'm home alone because I can laugh like a crazy person here 😀
    I remember I had a horrible pair of checked pants. I hated those pants! huh, bad memories.
    anyway, that half sweater half shirt looks pretty cool! and I want myself a pair of leather shorts.I really do!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  8. Fortunately, I didn't have to wear a ninja hat when I was a kid… however, one thing I hated wearing were those fuzzy sweaters that itch like crazy!!! But you had to wear them anyway because your grandma made them for you or something like that.. gosh…

  9. Hey, ninja/bank-robber hats are awesome! (Pink fluffy ninja/convince store hat though, hmmm. I think a robber would get laughed right out of a bank in a get up like that.) I think the item I hated most as a kid was my mom's hand-me-down mom pants, the knees had worn out so she'd sewn patched onto them and the patches looked just like pickles. And mom jean pickle pants are just never cool.
    I don't think Id ever hear tights described that way but now I'm going to have to figure out how to work that into a conversation. Vagina coking indeed! That said, I love your patterned pair here with the brown leather shorts, they're awesome together and so pretty!

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