Suntan – a way to feel like a fried chicked, but still look good (according to people)

Okay, I’m writing this under the influence of a lot of beer, so I really hope it make sense! (don’t judge me, look how happy I am with a beer)… (plus, my tits look bigger)

Today I went to my “beloved” university and after being stuck in a neighborhood, where the only surroundings are people with kids, it was a fresh air, prancing down the streets full of young students, with the shortest skirts possible, and high heels that break little tows. As usual, most of the girls had tan, but not just your usual healthy suntan- the carrot kind of tan! In my country, beauty is associated with tanned, smooth bodies. I myself have been a victim of this so called trend, baking under the sun on my balcony (remove from oven when reached a red crisped glow) until I eventually collapse from the scorching heat. This moronic treatment is kind of embarrassing, but back then it didn’t feel stupid, after all, boys dig that shit ya know!

And as I watched girls passed by (and they taught I was a lesbian, then I saw a girl with the same dress as mine and we kind of awkwardly smiled at each other but that’s another topic) I wondered why being orange is considered healthy and sexy in here. 
We all know that some physical features are considered attractive in different cultures and ethnic groups, and unattractive in others.  Most skin tones attractiveness have originated throughout the centuries creating a final result of some cultures preferring whiter complexion and others (western in particular) – tanned, radiant bodies.
Perception of beauty in general, is related to our perception of what is healthy, what is youthful and what is supposed to indicate fruitfulness. In Europe, whiter skin has been an indication of wealth, while tanned, redder tone has been regarded as a feature only poor people possessed, because of their work under the sun.

Now, there is a huge transition in our preference of skin tone. Now, we consider tanned to be fashionable, healthy and a sign of higher social status.  Woman all over the world are shown images of crispy, dark, glowing, skinny bodies walking down the isle in tiny (unfortunately not tiny enough to show vagina) bathing suits. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve turned into a walking, huge carrot even in winter, maybe it’s time to take a break and wait for the next summer vacation. A friend of mine said to me, that being dark is addictive. You just can’t have enough, you keep searching for that little white spot that will ruin your whole body and when you’ve found it, you damn make sure you tan the fuck out of it.

The problem is not just tanning, woman have been enduring all sorts of whitening techniques too. Just to feel pretty, just so they can fit in. If you’re interested you can read this article
Our perception of beauty is really nothing more than artificially created preferences, through centuries, generated by our ancestor’s understanding of life and nature. It’s NOT a big deal, so why do girls keep trying and trying and trying to fit in. I had a few people already say to me that my white skin is disgusting, to go in a tan salon. Well fuck you, I’m not going to sweat to death under the sun, just so you can feel better looking at my chicken mc’nuggety skin! I wanna be cheese! 
How about you? Do you tan, do you do it for yourself or for someone else, do you like whiter or darker complexions?

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50 thoughts on “Suntan – a way to feel like a fried chicked, but still look good (according to people)”

  1. I can definitely see why you love that skirt. it's pretty perfect for sure!
    when it comes to tanning I don't have much time for this because I work all the time but when I do have time, I enjoy sunbathing and relaxing a little bit (it makes me sleepy when I can chill in my own garden). but I do hate the orange skintone!! we have many girls here in Estonia who look like carrots. I like tanned skin but normally tanned! as long as we can use our brain while tanning, everything should be okay 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Well, first off I'm going to say that you have the most amazingly green eyes! That green shirt really shows them off! (And now I sound all creepy and stalker-ish, but you really do have amazing eyes!) That blue striped skirt is pretty awesome, I love the shape of it. 🙂

    I'm not a huge fan of tanning, just because skin cancer is scary! Every skin tone has it's own charm and beauty, it's kinda sickening and sad when everyone tries to mold themselves into only one standard of beauty. (It's hard enough for me to reconganize people sometimes, without them all looking alike!)

  3. ahahahaha.. even under influence of beer you still can write so long.. :p btw, its nice look.. but i think its better too without legging.. 😛

  4. Ъх, оранжев тен, бррр… Другото отвратително нещо е как някои хора си кльопат лицето с ОРАНЖЕВ фон дьо тен, а отдолу вратът и лицето им са бели. Извратена представа за красота -_-

    И аз се присъединявам към фен клуба на хубавите ти зелени очи (not to sound creepish…)

  5. Whitening is like a BIG thing in Asia. Last year I was told-off by someone I know that my tan skin looks "dirty". Her perception is that Fair = Clean, Tan = Dirty =S Damn..I felt so insulted!
    I like you skirt alot actually and the color of your cardigan is cool!

  6. wow! amazing skirt!! your blog is so beautiful!
    following u and i would be very happy if u would visit my blog and if u like it maybe also follow me back! 🙂
    wish u a nice day!

  7. i blame jersey shore. hahaha but seriously these girls need to stop looking orange. i admit it, i purposely go out sometimes with a plan to get darker but only because im so pasty i can see my green viens through my skin.I think people just need to know where they draw the line. like this is totally unacceptable. the mother is practically brown.

    Glass of Fashion

  8. Hahahaha! I wanna be a cheese too ^^
    I hate to stay under the sun too much, I just can't stay, it's too hot.
    And I definitely don't want to have a skin cancer!
    People can think what they want, I feel healthy enough ^^

  9. Nice skirt!
    And how rude to say that you are to white and stuff, think you look great!
    As for me I do like to than, but just from the sun, I do feel and need the vitamine D. I'm so much happier when I feel the warm sunshines.
    Enjoy your friday!


  10. In Asian countries white clear skin tone is like diamond even my mom at her age still do laser to get rid of her freckles! In my point of view, people are just beautiful no matter what skin tone they are in as long as they love it. I absolutely envy your white skin tone and I think you beautiful in this tone colour, so tan it only if you want to, if not stay the same because you are pretty as is 🙂

    btw really adore your latest look on lookbook!!!

  11. another LOL..
    white skin is disgusting?? i think the people who say this are only jealous. your look is different (not the long blonde hairs, tanned body AND F-cup you know..) that's why you gain attention. you look like peace with the world and yourself…and quite cool.
    i'm a nordian-skin-type, get sunburn-go home:) but i love to be outside so it works in the end..
    BUT :)) when i need a tanned day i take my selftanning cream and YES, i love it.
    use it once a week it's a invisible matter, use it more than this, it's a matter :)))

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