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Hiii everybody! How was your Weekend? I’ve been bombarded with so many 4th of July pictures if I see another crappy blurred photo of people watching fireworks, I’m going to throw up! Not that I mind the Holiday, but seeing fireworks in fuzzy photos is astonishingly different from seeing them in real life…shoku!

Today’s outfit is probably my favorite ever because I don’t have to wear a bra! Freedom! I appreciate clothes that don’t show your nipples, or don’t make you look like you have two pancakes or strawberries strapped on the front side. 
Do you guys like clothes that don’t require bras?

The two key pieces in this ensemble are the sunflower shorts and the cami purple top. Sunflowers were very popular as oilcloths here in Bulgaria. I’m so happy someone decided to put them on clothes as well! I didn’t want to wear girly shoes, so I paired the outfit with my combat boots for a more grungy feel. 

Thank you all for the awesome comments on my last post. It’s hard being a looney and pretending you’re not, so I figured I’d share with you what I’m going through. You guys are the best! I’m gonna buy you free pizza if we ever meet, promise!

Sunflower shorts- c/o Choies, Cami top- c/o Choies, Necklace and bracelet- Bornprettystore.
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31 thoughts on “Sunflower Shorts & Cami Top”

  1. This is one of your brightest outfits to date. I do have to agree I am not a loving bra girl. All of my bras does not have wire(I find them super uncomfortable) they are all cotton besides 3 which is made of lace(no wire) for when I am feeling a little more on the sexy side. I usually go braless as much as I can and for that I wish I wasn't a full B more like an A so I don't have to worry about gravity and sex appeal. xx

  2. That's a great outfit. The kind that makes me wish I were young again but you know, when I was in my twenties I hated my body and covered it up mostly. I might have worn that when I was 19. There was a small window of opportunity there. I know just what you mean about sunflowers on oilcloth. They also show up on aprons. I like them best on shorts. And with boots of course!

    I don't mind going braless but I think I look better in one as it gives my shape a bit more, um, shape though I have a few clothing pieces where it works out better to skip the bra.

  3. You look supercute doll! And a huge yaaay for you for pulling all this out without a bra, I wouldn't be able to do that in a million years! xD Also I checked out what u talked about it your previous post and wanted to tell you that I keep my thumbs up for you to fight your panic problems. I personally have (and I had) a lot of different health issues in my life and I know how fucked up it can get. Just push through, because things always get better. If they don't well, you die and have nothing to worry about, right? xD Ok now I've gone a bit too far into black humor, forgive me xD Love the look again, keep rocking :*

    Check out my latest SPECIAL OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  4. I always feel bare if I don't have some sort of bra on. I don't like my nips poking out! I really love this outfit though and hooray for being able to go bra-less. I love the bright colors going on in this look. It's very fun!

    Jamie |

  5. Hahaha, ummm, so don't visit my blog for another day, yeah? I totally have firework pictures on there… :b
    Anyway, oooh, I always go braless for night and lounging around my apartment, but I have yet to find a top that doesn't require a bra. I'm just too afraid of looking "chilly" if I go out like that.
    But this top looks so loose and breezy and perfect for summer! Especially when paired with sunflower print shorts 😀

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Combat boots are the best; whether they complete a total bad-ass outfit, whether they make you look like a strong lady full of contrast (I may not be objective).
    ahh, our niplles make our life a bit complicated, I can only imagine the relief you had discovering this top ^^ Before my last school exams I stayed at home in "no bra life style", didn't think I enjoyed it so much. It should be a regular thing to let them free (I read that to not maintain them make them more "firm" as they have to sustain their own weight; nature is nice)!
    You look gorgerous btw, these clothes are a kind of made of happiness!

  7. You look great! I haven't gotten over the fear of hugging someone without a bra due to the fact that they might feel my nipps lol. I love how you made this feminine look edgy just by wearing some combat boots! Can't wait to eat pizza with you soon! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  8. Let those babies swing free! :DDD I HATE bras. F*cking, f*cking hate them. At the very most, I'll wear a thin bralette, but that's when I really, really have to. They're just too restrictive, bro. >_<

    Your choice of colors in your outfits is so impeccable. You did a wonderful job with this. Also, I want those boots! <3

    – Anna

  9. This is darling! The colors are so great together and I love the bright statement it makes. Also, I just followed you on Instagram and love your stream!

  10. LOL the crappy blurred fireworks photos… they just don't take well at night, do they? Nope, nope… 😉 Some people get it right but most are shaky lights in the dark sky.

    Aaaah, I love this vibrant outfit! You are a sunflower among weeds, Keit. 😀 Those boots are so shiny and majestic and I love that briiiiight magenta top, too! It looks silky and comfy to sleep in. n_n

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