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Summer has finally arrived! Man, it feels good to live in your underwear, eat watermelons that drip juice down your elbows, and watch “The Simpsons”, without having to wrap yourself in a hideous fuzzy blanket! Yay! My favorite Summer activities include: living! 
What are your favorite Summer activities?

I wore this outfit for a “quiet” visit to my sister’s new apartment. The chickens in the background perched on the bench are my friends, trying to act all casual and cool, while I was doing “model” poses. 
Don’t mind the hair! I wanted to make a bohemian braid and ended up with a bohemian caterpillar… 

The whole outfit is the work of art from Nmenouno couture. Their new Summer collection includes a variety of alluring clothing sewn with a special kind of double gauze. In principle gauze is the perfect summer cloth, it allows air to pass through freely and absorbs perspiration. But because it is a somewhat sheer cloth, it’s not very suited to be worn outside, unless you want to show your grandma underwear to the whole world! Turns out the Japanese have perfect a method called “double gauze”, which basically means they wove two layers of gauze simultaneously. This keeps the breezy and soft quality of the fabric, but removes the sheer effect. So no underwear here!

And look at that smile- homicidal, slightly confused stare – ain’t it a winner?

The best thing about double gauze are the gorgeous watercolor prints. And combined with the geometric linen top with bare back, you have a perfect polished outfit for conquering a world! (or just being a lazy ass, whatever floats your boat!)

So what do you guys think? Likey? 

Nani Iro Skirt- Nmenouno, Geometric linen top- Nmenouno, Bracelets- Nowistyle, Bag- thrifted.
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18 thoughts on “Summer Sunshine with Nmenouno Couture”

  1. Oh double gauze sounds perfect! I was going to say it sounds cool but then you would think I was making a pun. You looks so awesome in bright colours and I love your boho caterpillar and your maniacal grin. I would totally trust you with my cat. You have so many friends they fill up a bench! Wow!
    It is not summer here yet. Temps are high teens or maybe 20 if we are lucky. I like that though and don't like it hot. I like layers.

  2. I just can't wait for all the summer concerts and the drinking outside- yayayaya!! And LOVE this outfit- it must be so breezy walking around in all gauze. And that skirt is so fun and playful- awesome collection 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. yeah, likey likey for sure! those happy summery colours are the best. I like the back part… or the lack of it, haha. very summery indeed. and the skirt looks like a true summer party as well! oh and the part about that caterpillar of yours – adorable! 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. How smart to layer the gauze like that! That is always a complaint I have with summer fabrics is that they are see through, so I whole-heartedly approve 🙂 The print is so pretty and fun, too! And you always make combat boots look so great. Who else could pull off such a summery skirt and combat boots?

  5. Bohemian caterpillar..haha <3 There, there. I try to do clever things with my hair all the time and then I remember that I have a hat and…well…you know where this ends. Heh. ;D

    Nmenouno! Of course! Why am I not surprised? Everything they do is awesome. If only I could afford them! >_< You look great!

    – Anna

  6. Ah, such a colourful outfit, you don't see many people dressed in so many colours at once on the streets! I think I've said it before but I love your shoes (I'm lucky to have ordered a similar pair lately, still waiting for them to arrive, though).
    There won't be much living for me this summer. Work, work, work, work and drawing my comic. It'd be much more fun but my partner's going to work abroad through whole summer :c

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