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A helicopter just flew by as I was writing this, and my immediate thought was: “It’s gonna bomb us!”. To be honest, my first thought was: “Oh a heli!”, my second thought was: “It’s gonna drop bombs on top of us” and my third thought was: “Cool!”.

I don’t know why, but whenever I see a helicopter I think there’s actually a secret war going on which nobody told us about, and naturally we’re going to be the guys who get blew up without even having the time to arrange that last pile of laundry, which has been innocently laying around for whole week.

I still haven’t arranged that pile though, and I’m not planning to do it in the near future either! It’s already morphed into a big chunky mountain of colorful clothes, cat hairs and a bag of what is probably a month old Doritos.
Any who, I’m quite interested, do you guys have similar irrational wtf moments?

Fashiony Part

I’ve made a huuuge mistake with this raincoat! I bought it an year ago, from a second hand store near our block and never wore it, because the weather was either too hot or too cold for it. 
The raincoat was squished under tons of other clothes in a plastic bag, so when I pulled it out, it was so wrinkled you could hardly figure out if it was a dead animal or an actual jacket. So I made the big mistake of trying to iron it and every sane person knows you DO NOT iron raincoats!

I practically burned a fugly brown hole into it, before remembering I have to put a napkin on top before placing the iron… I’m retarded… Either way, I wore it (the hole and all), because I love the color mix. I love raincoats that are bright and bold, and cheer up a cloudy rainy day. I can imagine wearing this in foggy London with a pink umbrella, humming “Singing in the rain” tune. 

I styled the raincoat with a neon tunic underneath, blue denim shorts just because the tunic was too short and skanky, platform sneakers and knee high socks, which I pulled down because it got too hot. I think this raincoat would be a perfect statement piece for a more darker outfit, but you know me, I stay away from dark clothes, like I stay away from healthy food. 

(a menstrual-looking postscript)
I just googled “yellow raincoat” and the first result was a Justin Bieber song….Eeeeeeeewwww!!!
Pink neon tunic- Nowistyle, Platform sneakers- Olx, Yellow Raincoat- Second hand.

BTW, I’m thrilled to announce last week was extremely uneventful, just like I planned! My whole week can be summarized into this photo: 

My next week should be exactly like this, but the white shirt would probably be stained with ketchup. 

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25 thoughts on “Styling a Yellow Waterproof Raincoat”

  1. Aww you have a little sofa nest just like me! – I love my sofa nest with my blanket and pillow that I have stolen from the bed. From about half 6 in the evening onwards, that's where I will be 🙂
    Love the raincoat, you look like a cute eccentric toddler and that in my eyes is a huge complement 🙂

    Gems x

  2. haha, I love the last photo! 😀 but when I look at your happy raincoat and then look outside I can't help it but imagine how I would melt in that when I went outside in it. we have a heatwave going on here. but those colours sure look perfect on you.oh and when it comes to helicopters then I have had some similar thoughts as your reaction number 2. especially now when so much bad stuff is going on around us..

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. I'm cracking up so much! I love reading your posts they are hilarious! I feel ya on the laundry my suitcase right now is a giant ass pile! LOL it's okay my summer aside from a small holiday has been the same thing too except I stay in my man cave!

  4. I do love a good raincoat! (Too bad it never really rains that much here.)
    But the colors in this one are so fun, so you!
    PS-Loved the last pic-I wish my weeks could look like that!

  5. I'm glad that the helicopter wasn't mean to you because that'd be absolutely tragic. Your raincoat is so cuuuuuuuute! And I love the socks and shoes combo. I can't wait to wear socks again soon. Right now my calves would probably sweat, somehow, someway. It's possible with the humidity in the south. 😀

    Your uneventful week looks pretty dang magical though. Relaxing? I think so 😉

  6. "but the white shirt would probably be stained with ketchup. " … I died.

    oh, you. You and your ironing. Ironing is so cute and yet I never do it. Like, literally, I've never ironed anything. My husband is a wiz at it, though. f*CK gender stereotypes, amirite? No?Just me? Okay. I'll talk about your outfit now.

    I love it. Colorful! 😀


  7. LOL-you do duck face better than ANYONE on the internet. I have two yellow raincoats. I used to wear them a lot when I used to go camping but now that doesn't happen. They are decorating my closet. What state is your iron in now? Are there plasticy bits all melted onto it?
    Enjoy the ketchup and whatever goes with it. Now I need to eat something because all that talk of Doritos and cat hair made me hungry.

  8. I have a weird fear of cars, natural disasters, and the paranormal. AKA: pretty much everything around lol. I love the color-block of the rain coat mixed with everything else. If it makes you feel better, I ironed my high school track suit (which made out of the same material as the rain coat) and pretty much destroyed it. I was too scared to turn it in until the very last day of school lol. That last photo is amazing! I love it lol.

    Love designer shoes like Jeffrey Campbell, Y.R.U, Deandri, or UNIF? Make sure to enter my Envi Shoes Giveaway for a chance to win a 50% off coupon for any of these styles and more!

    xx AlexisSplash

  9. I totally get that about the helicopters. I get excited when I hear police car and fire sirens because I'm always subconsciously hoping to see a crazy accident or something to break up the monotony of the day.
    On that weird note, love the coat! Jealous of your week as well. Looks super chill.

    – alexis

  10. Hahaha. It's alright, man. I stubbornly wear things that have holes, rips, fraying edges, etc. all the time. If that makes me look like a hobo who is "trying too hard" then so be it. Haha. I'm surprised at how many colors you were able to pack into this outfit and still make it cohesive. Definitely taking some notes here! 😀

    – Anna

  11. I'm peering at the photos trying to find the burnt hole. Where is it?!! You're a tease!
    I always think helicopters are chasing some criminal on the run. I mean to say, what else are they for!?
    I'm glad you got some down time from tripping around town looking gorgeous, and learning Japanese! You're amazing. XO JJ

  12. My parent live next to a base with helicopters and planes flying over their house all of the time. My brother crashed his car into the side of their house last winter and the first thing my sister yelled was "they dropped a bomb on us, they dropped a bomb on us!" (This has no relation to your post aside from you said helicopters and bombs and this came to mind instantly.) And oh nos on ironing the rain coats, that really doesn't work!

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