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Sooo, I started working out 2 months ago, as part of my Birthday resolution. You know- turning 25 not getting any younger, end of the world is upon us- types of desperate resolutions…I began working on the upper body as it was the most gaunty one, especially the right hand, I haven’t used that one in decades! To be honest, I haven’t used anything in decades! Being 44 kilos your whole life has its complications, the main being, no need for exercising! The other being- my parents thinking I have a terminal illness and that stuffing me with colossal amounts of food would magically make everything better!

These past 2 months of physical activity were very weird for me. I’m probably the least physically active person you could imagine. I’m so lazy I wait for the trash to pile up into a nice chunky mountain, before I go out to dispose of it. I would rather starve to death, than to drag my ass and buy some groceries. One of the main reasons I don’t go outside is because A: I hate people B: I’m too lazy.

Any who, after working on the upper body, which was as pitiful as you can imagine it could be, for a person who hasn’t exercised since the 8th grade, I started the whole muscle groups shebang…And damn, this is hard! It’s painful, boobs sweaty and damaging to my willingness to live!

I’m really, reaaaaally, reaaaaaally not meant for physical activities. I was meant for lying on the sofa and complaining about life! I would prefer to grow into a fluffy multi-layered cake, than to endure 40 minutes of excruciating pain! But no one really gives a shit what I prefer, so I think I’ll keep doing this, until I die from too much exercising. I bet I can patent that too: The weakness of lazy skinny people- Too much healthy living.

Despite this though, I think there’s progress! At first I couldn’t manage a single push up, now I’m doing 10! (don’t laugh, this is progress for me!) I never thought working out could generally make me a happier person, but it did. I feel like shit after every training, but a happy shit nonetheless. It helps me concentrate, increases my energy levels, and let’s not forget it makes my ass all tight and cool looking, booyah!
I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter how lazy and pathetic you are, there is always a way to get pass that, a very painful way too, but still a way!
Do you guys work out? What kind of activities do you do? I just saw an ass exercise video titled: “Victoria’s Secret Angels Butt Work Out”…so… much….win! 

Fashiony part:

Check out the weird pose! I’m playing an invisible cello…and maybe having a seizure at the same time! Bah! Who cares! Let’s talk about clothes! 

Main suspects in this outfit you already know, are my Jaws tee and the platform denim sneakers. I’ve been having slight difficulties styling the Jaws tee. It’s a men’s t-shirt and it looks somewhat weird, but I think this crochet cardigan is qualified enough to make it work. The fuchsia aztec print jeans are labeled H&M and I got them from our online second hand store. I’m tired of wearing the same blue jeans, but on casual days I need to feel comfy, so the alternative was to get a pair of funky bright jeans. Mission Possible!

I thought I would look good with curly hair, so I made some test curls, and never have I been so wrong! Let’s just say I’m thankful to mother nature for giving me straight hair, not thankful for those periods though, these things are nasty! 

Pink Aztec Jeans- H&M (Remix), Denim Platform Sneakers- Olx, Jaws t-shirt- H&M, Crochet cardigan- Gruppofiori 

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15 thoughts on “Styling Fuchsia Aztec Jeans & Thoughts on Working Out”

  1. dude, im the SAME WAY. i use baby weights- i have like infant arm muscles. it's pitiful. but go you for starting- you'll be ripped in no time! and i love them pants, your outfits are always so exciting and creative. my eyes cant get enouuuugh

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. I hate going to the gym (mostly due to the people there) but I love outdoor activities like walking, hiking and biking. Thank goodness it's finally summer. Working out at home during the winter can get boring.

    Fushsia looks great on you!

    Ryli 🙂

  3. I love your outfit! I want jeans and shoes like that! Okay, you must not die, no terminal illnesses and no killing yourself with exercise because you are too funny and adorable and I would miss you. I used to exercise, but with my chronic illness i can't do a lot. At the moment I do very little and am most dismayed at my general lack of muscle tone. Try being bedridden for a few months and getting out to discover your ass is hanging down at your knees! I am the inventor of the lazy woman's exercise. I lie on my bed and tighten muscles and relax and tighten and relax. It's amazing what I accomplished with that, though no I am not buff. It does not look sexy, so it's best if you don't have a bed partner.
    Oh how I want those shoes. I am totally going to steal the cello playing-seizure pose. It's awesome.

  4. Hahaha ahhh those are the same reasons why I don't like going outside, too. 😀 Of course we have the same disposition. Why am I surprised? 😀 Heh. I love the bold colors and prints in this outfit. I yearn to be so bright with my outfits. It's so so hard for me, though. >_< Love that bright fuchsia <3

    – Anna

  5. Oh Keit, you always make me laugh. I'm like you – although I weigh a few more kilos. It's never mattered much what I eat or do, I only gain a few kilos one way or the other so I just can't be bothered. (And my parents, concerned by the fact that I haven't grown since I was 11, stuff me too – so much I had to move out.) But once I got into my twenties I realised maybe all this would catch up with me (even if it wasn't in the form of fat, it could be other things) so… I started exercising. I still hate every minute of it. And it's taken me years but I finally got to 20 pushups. So, you know, keep at it. Progress is all progress 😉 Plus it makes you look even more fabulous in those pink pants!

  6. I love the way you write so much, it's really appealing! (I'am wondering if you are bilingual or just really used to it?!)
    Your post reminds me to not forget this little goal I should work on as soon as I'll leave school: do some sport -youtube video-like (the one you mention will certainly be a must-do!). Indeed, I hate sport (school reference mostly), and don't need it to stay in shape. However, I did some archery on my own will (which only requires a good holding from back and arms, and as they are the weakest, it was perfect), but ofc I discovered an issue in my right arm (couldn't bend the elbow without suffering- now I can't bend it until a partical angle) and can't enjoy it anymore: disapointement x)
    Beautiful cardigan! It's the kind of piece that fits well on a lot of clothes =)

  7. first of all i love the pink pants, it just makes the whole outfit you know! and i started exercising about 3-4 months back, I am a lazy ass I swear, complaining about life seems like the best way to spend the day. Then this excruciating heat has made me stop for a while. but i agree I felt good after I did my exercises for the day, even if it was for 20 mins.

  8. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR JEANS. Now I want too. And I got a haircut and realized my hair style is now exactly like yours. Bdw I am 19 and I can so relate to it. Below Average weight and my mom stuffing me with all the food stuff. I am a couch potato but I would like to change this and start doing something. I started exercising but there was so much pain in my ribs and all that I just shunned the idea of it. I will start doing it again. But thaaanks for that video, I will surely watch it and hopefully get some inspiration to get started. I like your shirt too and I like you too. You are cute.

    And THIS! "I'm really, reaaaaally, reaaaaaally not meant for physical activities. I was meant for lying on the sofa and complaining about life!" SO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  9. the last photo is gorgeous! and your pink pants are awesome. so is the crochet cardi which by the way adds a kind of romantic vibe to that look 😉 oh and I'm glad you discovered working out. it's definitely not only for people who have too much fat. I used to hate PE lessons during school but now I work out whenever I feel like it. for example today I used my exercise bike while watching The Vampire Diaries' season finale (biked and cried :D). and lawn mowing is also a sport so it sure was a sporty day 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  10. Хахах мисля, че може да се конкурираме по мързел, ако не ме мързеше да организирам състезанието бих 😉 Аз пък имам новогодишно решение да тренирам, ама 5 месеца по-късно все още е в to-do списъка ми.
    Между другото, имам същите панталони, но в черно и бяло, ако не се лъжа предната пролет бяха по магазините 😉

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