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I’ve been re-watching Stargate SG-1 again and I actually forgot how hot Daniel Jackson was! It took me by surprise! Finally a surprise I can deal with, and not those nasty surprises life shoves in your face, before you even have the time to sadly wallow in despair and drama.

Speaking of hotness, I’ve lately had too many people asking me the silliest question ever: “Keit, how come you have a boyfriend, but you find other men attractive”…My initial reaction is to think they’re joking and give a snort sounding exclamation: “Well, I’m not blind ya know?!”. But then I realize they really mean it and I have no idea how to reply except the obvious: “Well, maybe because I’m human?”

Who the hell finds only their boyfriend/girlfriend attractive? Who??? Point me one person, and I bet my kidney that he/she probably masturbates to other people’s Facebook pictures. 
Isn’t it natural to find beautiful men and women to be beautiful, regardless of your relationship status? It’s just pointing out the obvious. It’s like saying a potato is a potato…Yup…that’s a potato alright = Yes, this person here that I see right now in front of me is attractive and I would totally lick them like a delicious ice cube.

But the weirdest conversations I had, are with people who think that having a crush on a celebrity (staring at you Hugh Jackman <3) is equal to cheating. Really now? It’s not like I’m going to leave everything behind, go to LA or Sidney or wherever the hell Wolverine is, and make a camp in front of his house, strapping myself around a tree (because the police is already there trying to get rid of me and the tree makes it a bit more difficult) and begging him to marry me. Or do you think that if I have a crush on a celebrity, I’m not capable of loving human beings living near my vicinity and not in the telly? 
Let me know in the comments what is your take on this matter, because sometimes I get really confused by the reasoning here, or in particular, by the lack of it. Would love to hear your voice!

Fashiony Part
I feel like an absolute pimp in this cardigan! Or like Vin Diesel with that fur thingy he wore in xXx! I found this fur cardigan in my favorite online thrift store and immediately bought it. It was a bit pricey for a second hand item, but it looks brand new and it’s so fluffy! 

I finally found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, not harem, not oversize, not slouchy, but BOYFRIEND. All thanks to Frontrowshop and these gorgeous denim beauties I snatched from them. 
I used my “wild” imagination and styled the jeans in a cozy manner with gray fluffy socks, a cotton t-shirt, chunky boots and leather backpack. Can’t get more pimpy than that!

Boyfriend jeans – c/o Frontrowshop, Cardigan & T-shirt – Remix, Belt & Backpack – Thrifted 
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29 thoughts on “Styling Boyfriend Jeans & A Fur Cardigan”

  1. I totally understand what you're saying when it comes to being in a relationship and finding other people attractive. I mean, I find other people attractive all the time and my boyfriend knows it! Doesn't mean I'm going to drop everything and leave him, lol. But, um, you and I are going to have to fight over Wolverine. He is so damn HOT!

    Haha, anywho, I love the furry cardigan and boyfriend jeans! It looks super comfortable. Is it already getting cold there? If so, you are so lucky! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. Seriously? Are they being dumb on purpose?
    I mean, I get wanting to be faithful and what not, but that's being straight up in denial if they say they're only attracted to one person. I can always appreciate an attractive person, and why not acknowledge their beauty? Hugh Jackman is one beautiful man 😉 Haha
    Anyway, LOVE your furry cardigan-jacket thingy! I want to touch it *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Love your fit! It has this tomboyish feel I'm diggin. hahaha omg I think the term is you look at the menu but you simply don't order when you look at other people attractive. I do that too it's okay!!

  4. Whaaaat? Who the hell thinks having a celebrity crush is like cheating? What a bunch of weirdos. That's more like admiration from afar, not a relationship. I've never heard of anybody only thinking their partner is attractive either. If they say that they're probably lying! haha.
    Annnyway your furry cardigan looks so cozy and you look very cute and casual here.

    Jamie |

  5. Of course, it's completely normal to appreciate beauty when you see it. Being in a relationship doesn't cut off your ability to acknowledge a person is attractive. Love your tee and those Boyfriend jeans are the perfect tomboys. Had a HUGE crush on Vin Diesel.

  6. Looking super cute in this Autumny outfit. Oh no! I just admired someone who isn't my husband! Just a moment while I get under the bed in case the lightening strikes me!
    Of course we love to admire beauty, it makes our days brighter. That's why we blog!
    Take no notice of these liars. They just can't deal with your gorgeous honesty. Xo JJ

  7. Haha, I love this post! I mean, you're always going to find someone else attractive, maybe, like I am super in love with Robert Downey Jr, but that would obviously never happen. And even just everyday attractive people won't have that same attraction that a person has to their partner/spouse/etc etc. They may be pretty but it wouldn't be worth the risk!

    Augh, I love those boots and that fur! You are looking fierce as ever, Keit!

  8. It's like if you ask a guy if another guy is good looking and loads say I don't know I'm not gay. Yeah but you're not blind, I'm not asking if your attracted to them just if the look good doh! Love your fur cardy btw, looking fab

  9. My take on the crush thing is that you are normal but most of the time you are not normal which is rather fabulous! Love this outfit and I love the boyfriend jeans on you. It takes trying on a lot of them to get just the right look and fit. I love how you look totally natural in a big furry thing. I would look more like a cat is trying to kill me. Basically this is what I look like in bed every night, since Sophie likes to sleep on my neck.

  10. Such a stupid questions! I find some girls attractive, does that mean I'm lesbian, of course not! Such a weird question.. haha!
    I love your outfit tho! Loove your jeans! x

  11. You look like such a badass, as usual! I absolutely, 100% agree with you on the whole finding other people attractive while you're dating someone. It's so not the same thing as cheating! EVERYONE finds other people attractive (especially celebrities), but that doesn't mean you're going to act on it! I feel you haha

  12. I'm asexual, so when I find someone attractive it means that I find them beautiful like a piece of art. XD But, I totally get what you mean. It is entirely possible to be in love with your SO and find other people sexually appealing. Desire is a natural part of human nature and we can't help what turns us on or who we think is attractive. Your sex drive doesn't know when you're in a relationship so, no, I don't think having a little crush or thinking sexually about others to be cheating.

    Obviously I'm not a big fan of fur but you wear it very well so I have to give that to you. XD I like it paired with the boyfriend jeans and the mix of glamour and grunge…. fabulous!


  13. Well to be a bit more pimpy, I would say you need a goblet to drink from and an ornate cane to swing at your hoes when they et out of line. I do love that cardigan though 🙂
    There is nothing wrong with having crushes on celebrites – I like Ethan Hawke because he has those awesome weird teeth that I want to lick and Ryan (the bf) really like Noomi Rapace because, well because she is gorgeous! I don't care that he stares open mouthed at her, he has a little crush on her, so what!! People need to loosen up!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  14. HAHA your posts always kill me, and you always share the best new stores. Those jeans are just amazeballs.

    But seriously, I feel like the people that say that you can't look/appreciate/be attracted to other people outside of your relationship are just terribly insecure. You can think another man is hot but still only want to be with your guy. My ex-boyfriend would always freak out if i'd make eye contact with a guy while walking down the street, and I always thought it was ludicrous. Why can't you appreciate other hotties and still be in a loyal relationship? People need to get their shit together.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  15. People are weird (yeah, it seems like this word is my favourite lately)… I believe you love your boyfriend. I know it, but he is not entire world right… And you SEE things and PEOPLE, other people….. Oh my gossshhhh… and I believe your boyfriend too and it's normal or we are not normal ?! |: duuh. sick sad world. You know what? And I also don't understand boys who thinks that girl is cheating on him just because she had crush on some celebirities. IT'S JUST LIKE: whaaaaaaaat ?????? I exactly know what you mean. You're totally RIGHT with EVERY word you say.
    I know that I say it every time I visit your blog but it's really true: I don't remember that good look <3 You look GREAT <3

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