Studded denim jacket finally put to use

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Where do I begin with this one….It all happened few days ago when I was obsessed with the thought of styling my new masterpiece- the studed jacket. Boyfriend suggested the idea of combining it with another denim dress, but he was oblivious to the fact, that whatever he sees pretty I see as my grandma’s flower patterned morning-gown. So, here’s the result of 5 minutes anticipation and confusion, with a dash of boredom and awkward smiles once again.

Sorry for the tons of photos, I look so pretty, couldn’t decide which one to put, (so modest)!

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47 thoughts on “Studded denim jacket finally put to use”

  1. You look absolutely AWESOME. You're so cute girl. I seriously love you, half B.A. half stinkin' adorable!!!
    I love how you paired your spike jacket with a cute bright pink dress. And those stockings and boots, with that cute little haircut of yours.
    Totally lovin' your look girl. If I could look this cute, I would definitely chop off all my hair and buy me some docs 😉

  2. Thanks for the comment-love, its good to be back…Love your jacket…Been thinking of studding mine for ages but have been lazy plus scared of ripping my jacket to bits trying to stud it…Haha

  3. хахаха същата история и с моя приятел 😀 имаме много различно разбиране за това какво трябва да нося, но някак си успява да си го запази за себе си в повечето случаи 😀 Изглеждаш страхотно и якето е мечта! Трабва да покажеш в пост как се прави 😉

  4. Men are so funny when they try to give fashion advice. 🙂

    It's the studded jacket in action! I like it against the bright pink dress and the grudge boots just make me long for a pair! (But sadly I look neither tall nor cool in them, just short and silly.)

    Hah, that should be a new tagline. So pretty, so modest!

  5. ahah….your smile did look a little bit awkward…but you are insanity pretty..I swear to god you are:)…..really:)..LOve your outfit…and smile babe:)…BTW, can you seriously consider to be a writer???? u are too funny!!!

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