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First time I woke up at 10am this morning, I’m so proud! *pats herself on the back* And just in time to catch those boring morning shows where tired people discuss matters of various degrees of importance like how to be able to distinguish real honey from a fake one and how knowing your astrological ascendant can help you perform more efficiently in bed. Why did I turn on the TV again? It’s painful! I need my Penguins of Madagascar to erase the trauma! Btw, anyone else watching those? They’re so funny and cute, and fat!!!

I have no idea what to write today. I’m depressed because
our Bulgarian Discovery Channel doesn’t air Shark Weekend and I’m mourning
right now. They start airing it at 23pm, whose twisted idea was that?
Shark Weekend is supposed to be whole day you evil Discovery Channel
people! Maybe I should write an angry letter: “Dear Discovery Channel,
you ruined my weekend plans, now I have to go outside and it’s sunny and
green there!!!!”
Any who, I even asked the boyfriend to fish for ideas on what to post, to which he replied: “Why don’t you write – Look at my outfit yo!“…..
Note to self: Never ask the boyfriend for ideas, even when I’m drunk! 

who, I thought I’d jump right into the outfit waters today, since I won’t be jumping into shark waters anytime soon! 🙁 

I reaaaally love this outfit! It’s comfortable, chic and it has my favorite layers! I feel like I’m one of those Fashion Week ladies
who always look like they’re super busy, typing something on their phones, moving ferociously with flowing hair and limbs in the air, casually not noticing the tons of cameras trying to capture their every move! 
I’m jumping on the stripe obsession train and gotta say, I love it! A stripe top is like that guy “friend” you have, who’s been secretly in love with you for years. You often forget about him, but if you’re out of ideas for the weekend and need a boost in your life, you know he’s always there for you.
I’ve never owned a stripe top like this one and I didn’t realize how versatile and important they are to have in your closet. You can dress them down, up, sideways, you name it, a stripe top is your buddy!
The top I have here is from Choies and the fabric is so soft and comfy I’m tempted to wear this at home, the only thing stopping me is my equal love for greasy food which would result into a clash that would end with my striped top not being striped anymore.
For the outfit here I tied a knot on one side of the top to make it more neat and tight. For the layers I added a classic white shirt and a red cami dress.
Here’s a blooper for ya! Cars constantly kept driving by us and disrupting the photo shoot and I’m laughing maniacally because there was yet another car coming right at us and I was thinking: “Yay, another car that could potentially kill us, better move off the road!”

The heart shaped glasses are from Choies again, and they’re probably the only glasses that are big, but look good on my tiny face. I’m not a romantic person, but I love these shades, they have that retro personality that just begs to be worn with a vintage polka dot dress!

That’s it for today! Let me know what do you think of this stripe love? Do you own any striped items in your closet?

I’m sad here cus there’s no Shark Weekend! Sniff…

 Gradient Heart Shaped Glasses – c/o Choies, Striped Top – c/o Choies, Cami Dress – Second Hand, Bracelet – Mood & Closet, Shirt – Yoins
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20 thoughts on “Striped Top & Gradient Heart Shaped Glasses from Choies”

  1. I love stripes, and have a lot of striped pieces but didn't wear any lately. I don't know why. I guess I forgot about them o.O
    Love those sunnies, they are so cool ^^

  2. How you even manage to make a classic nautical combo look edgy is perfection! And oh gosh, boyfriends and blog comments. My boyfriend takes my photos and when I do the whole "looking to the side and smiling" post (yeah, we all do it), he says that I should write about the funny joke the tree beside me just told to make me smile like that.


  3. Hahah, I had to google Shark Week to find out what that was about! Didn't know you like sharks that bad. You can catch it online I'm sure but don't know if you're okay with streaming the show. LOL. And hey, didn't they warn you as a child not to play in the middle of the road? BTW, why do you look so calm and joyous, in fact, with cars passing by like that, I could never do that as they drive like loonies back ere. Fun and witty post as always, I enjoyed reading you Keit! What's next? Can't wait! 😀 xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  4. I think the breton tee is a wardrobe staple actually, can't believe you compare it to unrequited love ugh…Your layering is perfection as always, I particularly fancy the unexpected shock of red that greets me as I scroll down the page GORGEOUS!
    Your sunnies look wicked but I'm worried about everything looking half pink & half blue, is it distracting?

  5. Penguins? of course!!! haha..
    hello Keith darling, I missed your blog and totally rocking outfits. sorry i've been gone for a while.
    totally loving this look as usual. never seen anyone wear layers, unbuttoned tee, and knotted shirt all at the same time and pull it off so perfectly. you never fail to surprise. love love!

    xo, Carla

  6. Keit I LOVE how you layered this outfit, seriously you look amazing!! I'm sorry about Shark week, I think that note to Discovery is definitely in order:) Loved the boyfriend comment too- so funny!!
    Have a great day! X

  7. How dare the cars drive on the road. Don't they recognise a diva when they see her heart shaped glasses?!
    Not sure I do have…no I remember I have one striped top in orange and white.
    Love your layers. Never heard of shark weekend and I live in Oz! 🙂 xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Ah my Bulgarian beauty, I have missed your epic weirdness!! How Dare they deprive you of sharks, it's like a violation of human rights. Everyone has the right to see sharks being all scary and cool at the same time.
    I can't believe that is your first striped top. I couldn't live without horizontal stripes. They are the only thing that gives my boy body any tiny illusion of curves.
    You look fabulous as always!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  9. Penguins of Madagascar? Hell, yes!!!! Myself and my nephew always watch them together before going to sleep (when I'm visiting my family). Hm, have I just admited that a five year old goes to bed at 10pm and falls asleep around 11 pm? Well, I'm not his parent, so technically I'm not to be held responsible for that, besides he goes to sleep around that time anyway so why not watch Penguins of Madagascar together?

    I have many striped tops in my closet. I love stripes…This outfit is totally perfect…I just loved how you layered.

    Recently, I smiled like a fool recently when I was taking photos on the street and not because there was a danger of someone driving me over while I was on the road, by that time I was already safetly on the pedestrian area but because of some driver that stared at me in bewilderment. What? You never saw a girl stand still why someone takes her photos? People do really stare sometimes!!!

  10. Thu and I have experienced your car troubles on the real. Usually the cars stare at us for a while too like what are we doing???

    Legit you are like the queen of layering like you always come up with great layers!

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