Strawberry Daiquiri


Today’s alcoholic outfit represents a drink with the color of a freshly cut wound and the taste of a strawberry injected with heroine. It’s the one and only- Strawberry Daiquiri. With it’s sugary ice and tipsy flavor this drink is a one way ticket to drunk land, where everything is covered in fluffy, cotton clouds and strawberries dancing around a campfire. Yeah, that’s how good it is!
This one is a bit different- note the mask. I accented on the red color with my second hand corset. Matched it with studded belt and sheer maxi skirt.

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33 thoughts on “Strawberry Daiquiri”

  1. Oh my, these photos are stunning!~ seriously. Especially love the ones near the end where you can see the mask so well. The colors are just awesome and everything is so sharp! *__* <3

  2. Ey girl!! I really love your photos.. the outfit and the colours. I specially love that it represents something and how you describe it!! Your English is so good! For me its so difficult to express such a feeling of a drink (well it's so tricky to describe sth in a different language that your mother tongue!). Love it!! 🙂

  3. The way you worked the mask into these photos is just gorgeous! You look like a superheroine in these photos, off to save the world – while looking impeccably stylish, of course 🙂

  4. I LOVE the second photo, it's so artistic and arthouse-y looking! (you've got some mad skill with the makeup there, the black over the red on the lips creates a cool efect, it's almost likea tatoo or some cool shading on the lips.)

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