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Look who’s alive guys! I bet you missed me like cheese on a cracker, or I bet you didn’t even notice I was away for almost a whole week! I’m buying everyone a kitty if you missed me, or not…I’ll think about it. Any who, the reason I was afk and sorry I haven’t been very active on your blogs as well, is because we’re moving our apartment and the last couple of days I’ve been throwing out shit I don’t need and packing up shit I don’t need, but I’m too clingy to throw out. Just so you know I’m not lying, brace yourself, a very unattractive photo is coming!
As you can see, we’re too cool for the conventional boring boxes, so we just throw everything into suitcases and plastic bags. So rebellious! I’ll be taking photos of the new home, as soon as we unpack everything so prepare for lots of interior photos. I was thinking of making a new category for the blog called “Interior Ideas”, but I’m not sure if you guys would find this interesting, let me know in the comments!
Now, for the fashiony part!

I showed you this dress in one of my thrift haul posts and didn’t have the chance to wear it, because the weather was an ass. But yesterday the temperatures skyrocketed to 18°C and I was pretty without being cold, hooray!

I like the Steampunk design of this dress, the belting, leather patches and lace all come together to form a beautiful masterpiece. I think it’s perfect for my Harajuku style. I’ll probably try to make this into a proper Steampunk ensemble and buy some additional accessories, but for now I just wanted to make it the centerpiece of the outfit and wear it with a shirt on top. I left the shirt intentionally wrinkled (read I was too lazy to iron it) to add a grunge effect and paired everything with a choker necklace and chunky boots. 

What I love most about the dress is the gorgeous back detail. I think every piece of clothing should have a hint of surprise on the back, it may be some different color, textile, ties or other decorations, as it makes everything so cheeky and tasteful.

And of course, my choice for scrunchy is totally uncoordinated and weird…If anyone has a store for scrunchies, please drop me a line, because my collection of hair accessories looks like something a crazy grandma or a 4 year old would wear. 
And that’s it for today, see ya as soon as they set up my precious internet connection. Oh Cthulhu, please, make it quick, I can’t survive without internet! O_O

Dress and Shirt – Second Hand, Choker Necklace – Bornpretty

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18 thoughts on “Steampunk Dress and Moving Out”

  1. I was wondering where you were lol. Nice to see you're alive lol. I definitely would be interested in interior design ideas on your blog! I love that steampunk dress! I always wanted to cosplay a character with a steampunk twist. You look lovely Keit! Can't wait to see the new house! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. Interior Ideas sounds great! How are the cats coping? Or is it cat I forget!
    I looooove this dress with all its interest. The straps had me before I saw the back. Amazing!
    The shirt is perfection, as are you 🙂 xo Jazzy Jack

  3. haha those scrunchies. in Estonia some say noone should wear one anymore and it should stay in the 90s but I still wear them because they're comfy. I have bought them from very different places: from clothing stores like Seppälä (I have no idea if you have those) and from food stores too (which by the way can offer some pretty cool ones!).
    anyway, a big yes to your interior design posts and yes, I did notice you hadn't posted anything for longer than usual. how exciting that you guys got a new place! I hope it's awesome! oh and you're right about the back of that dress, it's definitely especially cool!

    Maiken – Part of me

  4. Oh how exciting, a move and a new interior to see! Yes, an interiors feature would be awesome! I thought maybe you were sick so I am glad to know you were just buried under mounds of plastic bags. I love your steampunk dress! I love steampunk and I always wanted to be sort of goth/steampunk with black hair cut in sharp angles with super short bangs but I look really awful like that. Guess I will stick with the hippie look. Get internet soon! Miss you! xoxo

  5. So that's where you were! I was wondering when I'd see an update from you – missed seeing your posts!
    But oh man, moving is a pain. Haha, I'll be taking your suitcase and trash bag idea though, because it looks like I'll be moving in about a month or so!
    Hope they get your internet set up asap. That's the most important part! 0_o
    Haha, anyway, that dress is amazing. Definitely steampunk inspired and so cool *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. ahah yes I heard that (about fanny packs) after had after finding mine!! I love it but I'm sad because this is leather and the leather for made belt, bag, shoes … is not the skin from animals we eat :/ They are killed just for the leather.

    I love your outfit!! The mix between grunge shirt and steampunk dress is a great idea <3 You are so pretty!!

  7. ohhh moving!! exciting but tiring at the same time. good luck babe, hope you get settled into the new place real quick. as for the fashion-y part, love love love this dress on you. gawd, i wish i was as skinny as you are. i know you kind of have your own unique sense of style and i like you for that but honestly, you can totally rock anything! so jealous, haha.

    xo, Carla

  8. Keit, that dress is insane!!! I love it on you and the back is to die for. I would like to make sweet love to you in that dress.
    Could you please come and back things for me for my move, and also yes, do the interior design thing, because I have no idea how to do that, and looking at wallpaper samples makes me want to pull out my hair and render my garments in public.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

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