Star printed dress and why you should stay away from Bulgaria

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A quicky post to share a head turning outfit and  a recent frustration and disappointment from  my sucky country. I was contacted by Firmoo, to make them an honest review, that would actually really be honest and represent what the company has to offer. In exchange, they would send me sunnies from the web site. Sadly it turns out my “third world” country had a third world postage services so they don’t ship here.No sunnies for me. I actually was expecting this to happen, living in Bulgaria is like living in a black hole-everything is weird and disappointing. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell you about Firmoo, because they are really worth sharing. Many of you may already know about them, but one thing I just wanted to share was that they offer free glasses for first time buyers, which, for a person like me, who LOVES free stuff, is great 😀  Here’s the link
Fashiony part:
Bought this dress from, you guessed it, a thrift store. It’s for 14 year olds and it turns heads, not because I’m a gorgeous supermodel in it (which I totally am) but because it’s short. Little did they know I was wearing denim shorts underneath, booya! 

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42 thoughts on “Star printed dress and why you should stay away from Bulgaria”

  1. it's not that short at all but wind can be quite tricky sometimes, haha. anyway, it's a really great dress! I like star print.
    and I feel you when it comes to Firmoo's sunnies! the same thing happened to me. they wanted me to write a review but surprise-surprise, they don't send stuff to Estonia. though almost all other well-known online stores do..

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. It's too bad about you not getting the fee Sunnis! And really, who doesn't like free stuff??
    This dress is so cute! I love the star patterns, and how you styled it with these boots!

  3. Жалко, че не си ги получила… На мен ми се случи подобно нещо, само че много повече се разочаровах от нашата държавица. Поръчах си две страхотни рокли от ASOS. Когато колетът пристигна, вътре имаше две рокли, но само една от тях отговаряше на поръчката ми. Другата беше тотално различна, от тази, която очаквах (различен цвят, размер, кройка, стил… всичко). Когато се свързах с ASOS да им обясня за грешката с надждата или да ми върнат парите, или да ми изпратят роклята, която искам, те бяха много любезни и ми съдействаха. Казаха ми само да им изпратя грешната рокля обратно при тях. Но познай какво стана… Тя никога не пристигна при тях. Аз загубих сума ти и пари. Защото някой някъде си във БГ Пощи е решил да не я изпрати…

    А ти изглеждаш супер в тази рокля и тя никак не е чак толкова къса. Много е сладърска с тези паднали рамене :)))


  4. hmmmm….I am so sorry the sunnies didn't get to you…but I cannot believe they wouldn't ship to bulgaria?? I have ship a lot of stuff worst than 3rd world country…to and from–like NIger, Malawi in africa and stuff in central Asia!! I think you should double check with them!!! theres a always good and bad in one country, just look at the bright side, I think–I mean I think bulgaria is beautiful and I would love to visit this country someday:)

    you look very pretty with that dress;)

    have a great day dear:)


  5. More than the dress, I love the boots so much! 😀 I really need a pair of solid, black, combinable-with-everything-in-your-wardrobe boots like yours. But I hate to purchase shoes so let's see how much luck I might have this year (:

    And it sucks that they don't ship to Bulgaria, I mean, whyy? So disappointing, I would've be happy for you and your new sunnies!

  6. I'm from the Philippines, which is a third world country and A LOT of bloggers here received glassses from Firmoo for review. 🙁 hmmm…

    Nywy, I do that do! Wear denim shorts underneath short dresses just in case the wind decides to play a prank on me. And I think what made this whole outfit a head-turner other than the dress is 1) Your boots. They're too cool not to get noticed. 2) Your pixie hair! Only a few girls can really pull off a haircut like that and you're definitely one of the few!

  7. Не бих повярвала, че си я намерила в секънд хенд магазин. Много обичам такъв принт. Имам същия плат, но бял на черни звезди, който чака да бъде сътворено нещо от него. Сериозно, ако си от София сподели тайните си места за пазаруване =)))

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