Splurge or Save?


The lovely people from Raise have created a very interesting and thought provoking post, on how various retailers and brands are luring in unsuspecting buyers, with seemingly good deals.
They wanted to find out what was my experience with impulse buys and how I shop a sale and I thought this would be a great way to explore my own closet and dig through clothes, trinkets and bags, just to see what I’ve splurged on.

I have found, that the best way to control my beastly consumerism is by thrift shopping. Second hand has been my savior, my friend and my guilt annihilator. I’ve found stunning, one of a kind pieces there, for ridiculous prices and I’ve managed to fatten up my wallet, instead of draining it to the bones. Sadly, this doesn’t mean I don’t splurge on various second hand sales as well.

Taking this Splurge thing seriously, I decided to dive into my dusty wardrobe and divide my impulse buys into big juicy piles. After I encountered the fourth pair of almost identical jeans, I was starting to get suspicious of my own mental abilities. Have I always been impulse shopping? Come to think of it, I’ve never had second thoughts before placing a huge XL dress in my cart just because it’s a “bargain”, even though deep down in my twisted heart, I knew I wouldn’t wear it.

The problem with impulse buys, is that they cling into my senses, like a cockroach clinging to a piece of stagnated cheese. They’re shiny, alluring and I can get one without being squashed with a slipper (barely). I almost feel like a pigeon being lured in with breadcrumbs. Buy a fancy t-shirt here, some leather pants there, a cool vintage clutch here, until I gradually start getting bloated from all those breadcrumbs and to my boyfriend’s dismay, with less and less free space in our wardrobe.

A friend of mine has a very strict shopping rule. If she is to buy something, she has to think of at least 6 other pieces that would go well with this particular item, otherwise, there’s no deal. Perhaps this is a strategy I should seriously consider. Because, while she’s out there wearing her new purchases, I’m wondering how the hell should I style my new sequin turtleneck, without looking like a glow in the dark fish tank!

I do have one rule though: No Mall Shopping! Malls give me hand twitches, the bright light makes my eyes bleed and the rivers of people make me bitter and hungry.
Sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous though, I would visit a rather overpriced online shop and stare at the monitor with huge, watery eyes until I find something that is so utterly unique and dazzling it would totally be able to replace my cats! Even though I know that the clothes won’t look as good on me, as the models, and that I would have to live on a potato diet if I buy something from there, there’s still a needy voice screaming in my head: “SPLUUURGE, SPLUURGE!”.

I’m curious to know how do you guys shop? Do you have days that you just buy for the sake of buying, or is your shopping a carefully planned chess game?

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19 thoughts on “Splurge or Save?”

  1. I used to go into a thrift store and literally buy anything that was sparkly, floral, striped, denim… anything I thought was interesting or that I *might* buy. It wasn't until probably a year ago, when I actually just didn't have the spare cash to do that anymore that I thought seriously about my shopping habits and forced myself to actually think about what I'm buying (even at the thrift store!) and whether or not I'll wear it.
    I still have moments of OMIGODMUSTHAVEITNOW, but, especially since I have become better at sewing, I've noticed I'm doing much better at not buying mounds of crap just because it's cheap.

  2. I enjoy thrifting as well. It's looking for those unique items that you can't find anywhere or anymore. Trying to control impulse buys is very hard. I do most of my fashion shopping online now so I try to avoid those shopping sites. Easier said than done when they are constantly sending me emails on sales and promotions. LOL. If I do splurge, it's usually on shoes. I've shopped enough to know that a cheap (painful) pair of shoes aren't worth it.

    Ryli 🙂

  3. I tend to be a boutique shopper— although since moving to Singapore boutiques are crazy expensive and the best a/c is in the malls, so I find myself there much more frequently! As a result I probably buy more than I should— I probably need to do a closet purge myself… Loved getting to know more of your process- you really have fantastic style (even with the fun risks you take!)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  4. Hahaha. I love your many analogies. I have a rather vivid imagination and your analogies always conjure the best imagery. 😀 I love love love this post. I feel like it's something everyone (especially yours truly) should take the time to do. I know I have pieces that have yet to be worn and probably will never be worn. That's money wasted and I hate to think about it. >_< At least when you thrift, you spend as little as possible, so the waste is minimal. Though, if you're an avid thrifter, I guess those nickels and dimes start to add up. o_O I've been on a year long spending freeze as a New Year's Resolution since January. I can't believe I've made it this far without buying anything new, but dude… DUDE! It has really forced me to dig deep into my closet and start wearing those lesser worn pieces. Definitely worth it so far! <3

    – Anna


  5. I feel terrible pressure to buy stuff because I feel like I need to be wearing something new all the time as a fashion blogger.
    It can be a bit stressful sometimes, trying to find something to wear that people dont judge me too much.
    I'm glad you are powering through with the anxiety and make sure you now that it is something that does not define you!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. lol I'm totally like you friend in trying to think of at least three or four ways to wear an item–but sometimes it's so HARD to think of all the things you have! and unexpected things could maybe match, etc, etc, there's just really no real way to know if you'll wear something hahaha. I have a few impulse purchases but I think I've been better about it this year than in previous ones.

    also, I love the names for some of these items. WEIRD SWEATER and SHINY DISCO TUNIC THINGY totally sound like items one would come across in a weird video game 😀 😀

  7. You are so funny! I love reading your posts. I look at you and you are so gorgeous and tiny and I think that surely everything would look good on you! I really like the colour of the weird blue sweater and it doesn't really look weird to me. And that shiny disco tunic thing I say just wear the hell out of that. You look awesome in it. No matter what you think are your body flaws now, you will get older and you will look back at yourself and say what the f***k was I thinking. I was hot. A time will come when you will think your arms too flabby, your tummy too poochy, your boobs too saggy or your thighs too fat and even though they may not be, the WILL be saggier, or fatter or flabbier than they were in your twenties. So wear the hell out of this stuff before you get to the age where you are agonising over how to cover your body.

    How do I shop? Too much, that's how. Although I only buy second hand or discount 95% of the time I still feel guilt. I tell myself this could be booze and cigarettes and at least the clothes are healthier. I am too afraid to shop online, worried about fit and the hassle of returns. I definitely shop to entertain and amuse myself which is not really a good thing. If I buy something new I have to have at least a couple of things already that it will go with but then I also figure everything goes with jeans. That's a very successful bit of rationalising.

  8. oh I'm a huge cheapskate. I mean most of the time I tensely search for the best deals. clothes, food, home stuff, everything has to be a good deal for me! 😀 thrifted goodies can't be more expensive that 5 euros, most of the time (I have bought some 8 and 10 euro goodies too, oops). anyway, even if stuff is cheap I still can feel sorry about some things I buy and don't wear. so I'm becoming even more strict about shopping in order to create a perfect system in my home. a system for clothes and everything else too! I don't order clothes from online stores and always try to avoid full prices everywhere. so yeah, I'm all about bargains!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  9. This was so interesting to me! I've been very aware of my spending lately, and trying not to go shopping as often. I only shop at thrift stores as well and try not to go into the mall either. Everything is such bad quality and you never know if little kids in sweatshops are making your clothes.
    Like your friend, I try to think of at least a few ways/items I could style an item with before I buy it. I confess though that looking at other peoples' blogs makes me want items that I should NEVER wear, haha. I always think I will look as cool as they do and then never end up wearing the item. I think blogging myself has helped me hone my style tremendously though and learn more about my style so that I will impulse shop a little bit less!

  10. Interesting topics as always, Keit. I very rarely impulse buy fashion related items. I'm rather impulsive in buying food, like an expensive brand of ice cream or chocolate or bottle of wine e.t.c. And my impulse purchases of these usually affect my purchase of fashion-y items because I run a strict budget.

  11. Аз се опитвам да купувам само неща, от които имам нужда, например нещо basic, което лесно да мога да комбинирам с нещо по-шашаво. И да, вторите употреби са страхотен начин за утоляване на жаждата за дрехи на малки цени + намиране на нещо супер готинко.

  12. Some of these pieces you've barely worn are actually lovely – especially the dotted top. But it doesn't matter at all if you never wear them, as I know all too well. I just cleaned out my closet for what feels like the millionth time. I mostly shop online – I hate trying on clothes – and where I often end up splurging is on "just one" or several more things that I need to reach free shipping. Gets me every time!

  13. As you wrote your post, I deposited about a few hundred dollars worth of impulse buying from the mall and ex-workplace at the charity's. The volunteers were drooling because 90% of the stuff looked so new!

  14. Магазините със сигурност ни манипулират много здраво с мърчандайз и маркетингови стратегии. Работейки в една от големите вериги за дрехи се уверих, че хората са готови да купят всичко стига да е 3 за 2 или нещо от сорта xD
    И аз доста често купувам неща секънд хенд, но поне не ме я яд после, че съм си сменила мнение, не съм го носила повече от веднъж, скъсало се е и тн. Освен това избягвам такива импулсивни покупки и пазарувам главно по време на намаленията.

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