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Few days ago I was contacted by a brand named Soufeel and was asked to review their products and share my thoughts about them. At first I was a little reserved since I’ve never heard of them and didn’t find a lot of user’s reviews. I did stumble on a few negative reviews, but most of them were overall positive. I generally love discovering and reviewing brands, most of the times I don’t take the negative reviews to heart, because I want to construct my own opinion based on my experience and form my own conclusions. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised like in the case with Soufeel. 
First Impressions
So, who are Soufeel? The brand has an online web store which specializes in selling sterling silver jewelry – from rings to necklaces, charms and bracelets. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and 365 days returns. I liked the customer service, they were sweet and answered my questions lightning fast. Thanks guys! 
One of the key patterns I noticed in their website is the jewelry is especially delicate and feminine. Now, if you know me, you’d know I burp and curse like a sailor and I’m the opposite of delicate. I prefer to wear massive accessories, heavy necklaces that leave red marks on your neck and combat boots that drag my 44 kilogram body to the ground, but what won me over is: 
1. The packaging.
They send everything in a beautiful box and you get a bonus gift bag so you can give this away as a present. 

2. This fat horse thingy!

Look at its wee little chubby legs! How can you resist a fat horse? Answer? You can not!

I am so used to slow shipping one time I received a parcel half an year later and wasn’t even shocked, I didn’t even release a snort of disbelief, I was just glad it got safe and sound, and I’m still wondering till this day what atrocities my package must have endured and seen. 
I’m always curious about this slow shipping issue, I’m curious do they send everything by ships? Do the ships get abducted by aliens? Did the aliens enjoy wearing my leather sandals? So many questions….
Back to Soufeel, I’m happy to acknowledge they’re not the alien abduction kind of shipping company and I received my package in just 4 days!!! I have to point out, they sent everything from Europe and I’m not sure how the shipping is outside of Europe, but I bet it won’t take half an year!

I was asked to choose two charms and one starter bracelet, while they picked out three other charms for me. Everything was neatly packaged into plastic cases and intact. Didn’t notice any damage whatsoever and the bracelet’s mechanism works as smooth as my dating skills when I’m drunk. What I loved best is you can choose your bracelet size. So if you have the body type of a scrawny spoon like me, you won’t have any problems with the fit. 

After the chubby horse, my second favorite charm is the two rings linked by chain, you can see on the photo below. They have silicon inside so when you put them on a bracelet they don’t move anywhere, which is a genius idea. I only had one issue with them – they were a pain in the ass to place on the bracelet. Turns out you need to screw them, not push them like your life depends on it. But even screwing them was a difficult endeavor. I asked the boyfriend to help and he ended up using pliers and almost popped a vein trying to get the silicon through. Yay for patriarchy!
Other than that, everything else was lovely and easy to put on. 


Happy to say my experience with Soufeel was positive and stress free. Communication was smooth, shipping fast, the jewelry is made of exclusive sterling silver and is of high quality. Even though delicate jewelry is not my cup of tea, I’m planning on gifting the bracelet to my mom. She gets an allergy reaction when she wears anything other than precious metals, plus, she’s a gentle soul that would appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the charms.   

If you like what you read and saw (not just my amazing beautiful face, it’s obvious you liked that) here is a 5% off coupon code you can use for their website: BLOG5 (exp. 21st of June). Stay tuned for my second Soufeel post, where I’ll show you how to wear their bracelet in a new and super creative way, I swear, it’s so original your panties will drop!

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15 thoughts on “Soufeel Jewelry Review”

  1. Your writing always puts a smile on my face! I don't know what it is with shipping sometimes, but I can tell you that one time in Mostar they stole my package, it was only when hubby went there and asked a friend who works there about it, that they gave it to him…crazy post office people!

    Anyhow, this jewerly box you received is phenomenal…I literally love every piece…and I'm looking forward to see that innovative way to wear a bracelet.

    P.s. you should totally give one item to your mother!

  2. oh I love that bracelet and I think it also suits you just perfectly. not too delicate at all because the leather makes it more tough. but I'm sure your mom will love it too! oh and I enjoyed your review very much. you always make such thorough reviews and I want to read more and more. unfortunately I can't buy from foreign online stores but if I could I think this time I really would 😉

    Maiken – Part of me

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