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Question: How to wear your boyfriend’s clothes when he’s 3 times your size? 
Answer: Tuck it in woman!
The time has come to present the second t-shirt from Snapmade, which I decided to get for my lumberjack man of the house. He’s an avid appreciator of beer, sometimes I jokingly call him a beer barrel, a beer potato chip, a beer keg… I think he doesn’t mind, or at least if he does, he must be very passive aggressive about it because I can’t sense it at all! 

If you missed it, you can have a peek at my Snapmade review here. If you’re too lazy to read, (you bum) Snapmade is a website which specializes into selling personalized gifts. They have a stamping tool and you can pick any sort of merchandise, from bottles to pillow cases and stamp it with your own text or geeky picture. 

I love these guys! The beer t-shirt must have had some magical threads sewn into it, because the boyfriend was willing to pose and be photographed. Which is like making a cat posing for a camera! An impossible feat, but when the planets adjust in the right position at the right time, the result is a photo shoot that you can only see once, during an eclipse! So bask in the glory of my boyfriend cat-like creature while you can!

The outfit he chose is a timeless classic: t-shirt with a longer shirt layered underneath and sporty military pants with sneakers. You’d think that this is something the boyfriend put some thought into, but he’s the type of man that never thinks about what to wear…You know, like those strange humans that don’t like to dress up…those strange strange humans that don’t like clothes…they creep me out. O_o

Of course, I liked the t-shirt so much I couldn’t pass the opportunity to immediately slide my skinny body into it! Since I’m three times smaller than the boyfriend, I looked like a deformed grocery bag, so I decided to play it cool, tucked the t-shirt into a leather skirt and placed my new aztec print cardigan on top. 

For this outfit I wanted an overall feeling of cheerfulness, because beer, so I picked a cardigan with more color to it, purple lace boots and mirror glasses. I thrifted the cardi from Humana’s second hand shop, alongside with a few other goodies I’ll be posting about soon. Basically everything here is thrifted, except for the t-shirt and glasses. I’m a second hand junkie!

If you like what you see, Snapmade are currently giving away 20$ coupons for Valentines’day. Just hop onto their Facebook page for more details!
Let me know are your boyfriends/husbands more bigger than you, and if yes, do you wear their clothes and how the fuck? 

Beer T-shirt – c/o Snapmade, Aztec Cardigan – H&M (second hand), Everything else – Second Hand.

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16 thoughts on “Snapmade T-shirt: I’m here for the beer”

  1. loved that post!!! I think it's really cool how you both rocked that beer tee to the max. and it's also really cool that your boyfriend agreed to make an outfit post. and you, Keit, look absolutely stunning here. like really really fabulous! oh and that cosy cardi, I like that too! and we also have Humana stores here in Estonia. not in my town but I know there are many in other towns and many Estonians are crazy about those Humana 1 euro, 2 euro etc days. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

    Part of me

  2. You and your boyfriend are the cutest out of anything ever. And your outfit is totally inspiring me right now!! The boots and skirt and of course the t-shirt, even though I don't like beer it looks really comfy, and I don't mind looking like a poser for comfort.

    onacruz blog

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. i just ordered some goods for Bushy's birthday…sshh!
    Bushy is at least double my size, but won't let me touch his stuff…I might but breast bumps in it…me!!!??
    This outfit looks a little Harajuku already. xo JJ

  4. I was gonna get a shirt from Snapmade and I saw your photo on their facebook wall. I swear that I was coming here to ask you about sizing because the shirt looked fitted, but loose enough to be perfect. Um okay nevermind. I see what you did there.


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