Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan Geeky T-shirt from Snapmade + Review

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Check out my new specks you guys!!! I look like a sexy teacher! Okay…moving on!
I don’t know how it is in your countries, but here in Bulgaria, stamping and customizing gifts is a drag. We’ve got the type of stupid sayings and pictures, you wouldn’t stamp on the coffin of your worst enemy’s funeral and even if you did, you’d end up with a crappy faded stamp anyway. 
I tried stamping a few t-shirt back in the days and after I received a few faded and cracked stamps, the mere thought of customizing my crappy coffee mug with crappy pictures, made me shiver!
So when Snapmade invited me to review their products I was overwhelmed and relieved by all the witty and thoughtful stamps they offered.

Brand Summary

Snapmade is an online store that helps you design and customize your own personalized gifts. They have an easy to use online customization tool for stamping all sorts of lovely merchandise, which you can pretend were meant as a gift, but in the end keep for yourself, because you’re an egotistical sociopath like me! ^_^
The store offers a wide variety of products like candles, pillows, aprons, bottles, bookmarks, as well as an adorable little teddy bear I want to suffocate with love! O_O 
Considering my previous history with crappy t-shirts, I decided to leave the teddy bear for future Keit and tried out their custom made t-shirts service!

What I ordered

They had a lot of geeky and funny stamps there, so it was hard to choose. I picked two stamps from their collection and ordered two t-shirts, one of which I’m wearing here, the other I’ll be showcasing next week!
You guys know of my love for the Cosmos series and Carl Sagan in particular, so upon seeing this stamp I literally forgot to breathe and almost died. Okay, fine, it was probably not as dramatic, but I did forgot to perform basic bodily functions like swallowing saliva and breathing, as well as blinking! 


At first I wanted a different design of the t-shirt with a v-neck, but they didn’t have it, so they gave me a bonus pin with the same stamp for compensation, which I think was very sweet! 
The shipping took a month, but I think it was because I ordered everything right before the holidays, when packages are being delayed and even lost. So I’m guessing if you order on a normal and not so busy time, it will arrive faster. 
The quality is spot on, the t-shirts are pure 100% cotton and the stamp is crisp, vivid and not chipped at all. Overall, I’m very pleased and happy by the collaboration with Snapmade and I’m planning on getting my hands on that teddy bear sooner or later! O_O
Have you guys ever shopped there? What was your impression? Stay tuned for outfit shots of the second t-shirt!

Cosmos Series T-shirt – c/o Snapmade, Wedge Sneakers – River Island, Shearling Coat – Choies (similar here), Mittens & Scarf- Second Hand.
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18 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan Geeky T-shirt from Snapmade + Review”

  1. aww, all those cute colours!!! I love that colourful look, that scarf, jacket and your new tee! those jeans too! by the way, it's really cool they had just the right stamp for you 🙂 it was definitely your destiny, hehe. oh, and I do know Snapmade. they even sent me this code I had to use on their site but I had some issues/questions, I wrote them about those but they never answered and I was not able to use my code at all, boo 🙁

    Part of me

  2. Well if this stamping phenomenon is a thing where I live I am completely oblivious to it. I do like your tee shirt though-so cute! And your sexy teacher specs. I might have to get myself a stamped tee shirt!

  3. Sexy school teacher Keit, oh yes 😉 Haha, that's how I always feel when I put on my glasses and combine it with some bold lip color. Hehe, so naughty… xD
    ANYWAY. Love the fun tee and this stamping service is interesting. I'll have to check them out! Can't wait to see look 2 😀

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Okay, that tee is just all kinds of awesome. (this just has to be said.)
    Personalize gifts always stress me out – it's like what do I do? I an never think of something cute or sweet to write and it takes me forever to remember a inside joke. I suppose I'm just not very cool. But I do like the idea of this, I just need to be a more witty person!
    I really love your outfit in this post, it's so cool looking! That coat is so bright and colorful and it looks really snuggy as well! You look like the Queen of Street Style!

  5. Hahah wuuut, I can't believe they even had an option like that! That tee is so hilarious, it looks like so much fun. Also, I think my brothers would force you to be thier best friend forever- they can't get enough of neil. On second thought, they'd probably die if I got them this tee. Aaaand bookmarking.

    xo marlen
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