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Don’t know about you guys, but watching reality shows, has been the breaking point of my tolerance towards human kind. We have VIP Big Brother here, although our country has no VIP’s. Or if we had, they are long gone, far away from here. So the only thing left for the produces to do, was bringing as much as scum as possible, because famous=scum, right? Well, not really, but it works for the show.
The only reason this “show” would prosper is because they crammed Pamela Anderson in it. And I really think they threatened her or something, because she had that constant frightened stare on her face. I don’t think she fully comprehended the horror of the decision, to visit Bulgaria. Everybody looked at her like some rare exhibit in a museum, exhibit with boobs that is, so they looked even harder! 
And although most of the reality shows are not reality, and although maybe everything is according to script and sticking to the plan, Pam looked frightened as a shot bunny.
Do you have Big Brother in your country, and how bad is it? 😀

Whoops, forgot to do the fashion part. Sweater and leggings from

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40 thoughts on “Skull printed leggings and reality shows”

  1. huh, luckily we don't have Big Brother in Estonia. I have never liked the show in other countries and I think it's pointless crap anyway.
    but I do like what you're wearing here! both variants are pretty awesome and I especially like the layering. oh and what a great vintage (inspired) necklace that is!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Не гледам телевизия от страшно много време и ми е тоолкова по-добре. Тотално промиване на мозъци е всичко, което излъчват и това не прави изключение…
    Иначе страхотно клинче! 😀

  3. We have the Big Brother over here, it just started. I have never watched a full season. I tried in 2009, but I moved to Japan 2 weeks before it ended. Now is my 2nd trial, and for me so far it looks like just they are taking a huge bunch of pretty girls, just a handful of dudes (to fight over) and a couple of mature ladies (the last ones are just to ROFL at the previous) and try to make them as fat and alcoholic as possible.

    I have started to like leggings now as they come in funky prints.

    xxx, Lara

  4. I dont know about that show but it looks like something really crappy on your post. making someone not comfortable is not good I think, yeah I can sum up that it's a crap
    love the leggings too

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  5. first off, I love those leggings! And there goes your boots again! Must be your favorite huh?

    Hahaha. What you said about Pamela Anderson is really funny. But then she's probably used to getting stared at. We also have Big Brother here. And even Big Brother Teen edition! During the last season, the casts were tweens! kids as young as 13! Can you imagine that?

  6. Думата ВИП ме поваля на земята от смях. Но, виж ти, тази година са сложили нещо по-интригуващо. Въпросът е дали ще е достатъчно, за да си пусна телевизора… nein.

    И ризата, и пуловерът са много готини 🙂

  7. Your leggings is so cute. Love your shredded sweater. And cut out shirt.

    Big Brother Nigeria…..there's a lot of love for it here, but I ςªŋ't say much about it because I rarely watch TV.

  8. Yikes, the thought of Anthony Hopkins doing a reality show? That is just beyond depressing.

    These skull leggings on the other hand are the best kind of depressing. (Mmm, I do love me some skulls.) You really rock these, I love the first styling with the little bit of the leather skirt peeking out from under the chunky sweater. But the contrast of the sweet, pink top and the skull legging is just really awesome.

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