Silver Linings wtf IMDB?

I am highly disappointed with IMDB.
It used to be the only decent informative website about a movie’s
quality. A score higher than 6 is the equivalent of “meh..”, 7 means
nacho cheese marathon, higher than 7.8 meant- wow, this has to be the
best movie ever!
Well, it
wasn’t. With a score of 7.9 “Silver Linings Playbook” scored in my book a
3. And I gave it a 3, because Bradley Cooper…

The stereotypes in this movie gave me an aneurysm. Our main protagonist Pat is bipolar, which obviously means behaving like a total douche 100% of the time.

At the first 10 minutes of the
movie, I already wanted him to die..And that’s a huge understatement..
“Boardwalk Empire” Gyp Rosetti is a psycho too, he scares the shit
out of everyone, but he’s still 10 times more likeable than Pat.

Tiffany on the other side, was even
more annoying. Her character is supposed to be deep, layered by pain
and desperation, instead, she was just as bad and crazy as Pat. 

a fucked up female character is hard, but Tiffany is the product of a
person who hasn’t got the slightest idea of basic human behavior. She’s a
spoiled, winy, egotistical, hysterical brat and I really didn’t feel
anything for her.
Take Erika from “Detachment” for example (btw, why does this movie have such a lower score?). Go watch it now!
She’s a prostitute, most people would say she’s a mess, garbage, a whore,
and yet, she’s so likable. You want to see more and more of her, of how
she reacts to the world, of how she grows, of what she is. Tiffany was
the one dimensional splinter in my eye.

I really don’t get movie’s pretentiousness these days. Everybody are trying so hard to win an Oscar, they forgot how to  think.

Fashiony part: It’s been very cold these days and I think it’s because of all the concerts (We had Depeche Mode and  Bon Jovi here). Everytime there’s a concert, few days earlier the weather decides to screw it up. I think it knows…how creepy is that? This is an outfit from few days ago, back when it was rainy and windy. I have a lot of ugly jeans that immediately transform into something cool with a little bit of tear, don’t you think? 

Sweatshirt- nowistyle, ripped jeans- DIY, sneakers- nowistyle, bag- random Chineese shop, bracelet- Six

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22 thoughts on “Silver Linings wtf IMDB?”

  1. You are simply amazingly alluring – I love your taste in sneakers, these and your previous sets. In this case you also paired your sneakers to the print on your sweatshirt, AND your hair perfectly. You really make casual attractive.

  2. I'm pretty sure you should be a movie critic, Keit. Your review made me laugh more than a few times. 🙂

    Your hair matches your sneakers and I find that really, really awesome. Matching head to toe!

  3. Aaah Keit I love reading your blog, you have such a refreshing take on everything…i LOVE your bag and the jeans are amazing…I am going to watch detachment today x

  4. И аз не бях очарована от Silver Lining и след като го изгледах се чудех "wtf за какво беше целия шум всъщност". Не, че беше лош филма, ама нямаше нищо специално в него и определено не виждам смисъла от всичките номинации за Оскар.
    Чантата е страхотна. Току-що видях снимките за The Messy Store бтв =))

  5. I know nothing about that film (haven't watched any films for ages already) and I'm pretty sure I should not watch it since I'm really picky and when a character in a movie sucks it totally annoys me. anyway, your red bag looks really gorgeous and as I've previously said, I like that bracelet a lot. oh and your jeans look great!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. Oh, I had the same feelings about the character of Tiffany. 😀 I think the movie is just quite petty and disappointed me a little, but well!

    I LOVE your bag and converse!! Red is just the perfect color for you. 🙂

    Sara =^.^=

  7. "Everybody are trying so hard to win an Oscar, they forgot how to think."

    This times a thousand. God, we would be horrible at the movies together! All I want is a half way decent movie with a polt and some character development and that just seems to be so beyond anything Hollywood can put out. Blah, it just drives me crazy to watch some of these movies that are suppose to be amazing and it ends up being an hour and a half of your life wasted. (Note, I so need to see Detachment. Thanks for the movie recommendation, I've been on a dry spell of good movie. Expect for Django, that was delightfully funny.) And wooow, you can rock a pair of Kicks like no one else.

  8. love the outfit..
    i found silver linings a massively okay film..i was stunned that it got 5 oscar noms which only one other movie has received apparently..i watched it for bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence..but they didn't really work for me, neither did the characters so much..when they kiss at the end i was like "err okay"..

    1. От "Denzel" китайското магазинче, което се намира в мола "Princess" в Младост 4. Има адски много чанти!

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