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Choies Skater High Waist Leather Skirt

Who else here calls their period Shark Week??? Yes, I said the word period. I’ve lasted 2 years without mentioning the word period on this blog, but knowing my love for the inappropriate, it was bound to happen! God, feels good to get it off my chest! So yeah, period

Choies Leather Skirt

One of the things I enjoy watching, regardless of the day or mood, are Shark related movies and programs. (still haven’t watched “Sharknado”, but I’m sure it’s going to be priceless) 
There’s nothing better than a rainy afternoon, cup of coffee and humans being devoured by sharks on the telly. 

So, I bought this t-shirt that not only has the best shark movie printed on it, but it glows in the dark too! *_* I’ve been telling all my friends to come and join me in the toilet, so I can show them something cool…Now that I think about it, this might not be the best way to approach things.
I gave the tee a little trim on the bottom, because it’s a man’s t-shirt and it was too long for my short sexe body. Does it show? I hope not! I suck with scissors! 

I decided to style my “Jaws” tee with the new high waist leather skirt I got from Choies. I have another high waist leather skirt just like this one, the only difference is that it’s shape is a bit fluffy and I can’t really wear it everyday. Soooo, I got a new leather skirt that is slightly different from the one I previously owned… Great way to support consumerism! 

Do you guys like shark programs? If yes, why? If not, why not!??? They’re the best!

Skater Leather Skirt- c/o Choies, “Jaws” tee- H&M (from a Bulgarian online store) , Bag- Nowistyle.
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21 thoughts on “Choies High Waist Leather Skirt & Shark Weeks”

  1. mm, yeah, I and my fiance do watch them when they're on tv and we have nothing better to do. so I've seen a lot of shark films since Estonian tv channels show them all the time.. I think every week even! you would love our tv channels! 😀 anyway, I totally loved that post, especially the part about your glowing tee and the toilet! 😀 haha but shark week?! that's definitely something new! it's cute you name it after your favourite movie creatures 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. You have to watch Sharknado, it is the best bad film ever made!! Sharks getting sucked up into tornadoes to be fired at screaming people – hilarious! I could watch it a million times!
    There is also another one called Sharktopus, which is a half shark (the head) half octopus (the tail) that terrorizes anyone that comes near the sea! My mum loves crappy movies like these so I watch them too sometimes!
    Love the Jaws tee, I want a glow in the dark one!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. hhahaha, embrace the word, Keit! EMBRACE IT! >:D

    I clearly don't watch enough shark programs. I guess I've gotta get on that, because I totally do dig the Jaws theme. Da-nuh da-nuh da-nuh da-nuh… DA-NUH DA-NUH DA-NUH DA-NUH DA-NUH! yeah, that one!

    Your shark tee rocks. And your leather skirt totally works 100% awesome with it.

  4. YES!! Haha it's so funny that you mention shark week because there is this awesome girl group called Hand Job Academy and they made a song called Shark Week, it's totally awesome! Love this outfit so much! <3

  5. Well, I like cat sharks – does that count? 😀
    But I LOVE your skirt and I totally get, that you needed at least 2 pair of them! At the moment I'm kinda obsessed with blue shoes, although I don't really know how to combine them, especially with boring everyday-looks. BUT I keep buying them and they also look really nice in my closet. 😀

    Love, Sara.

  6. I have been eyeing the same or a very similar tee on ebay for a while now! 🙂 I might buy it, sorry if I'm aping you ;D
    You already might know my view on sharks – I dunno what is the big deal about them, a shark will eat you because it is hungry and besides, that's only if you go into the water..!! Humans eat animals all the time so cannot blame on the shark (well unless it eats a vegetarian person but how is the shark supposed to know?). And yes I watch shark programs 🙂

  7. I am approaching shark week now and not too happy about it. I usually feed the shark lots of ice cream and maybe some nachos. If I bothered to watch any television I would probably happily watch some shark shows. Right now my tv is burried and the remote control needs reprogramming and I just haven't gotten around to it. I love what you did with the tee shirt and how the bottom edge rolls up a bit after being trimmed. Way cool! Am I allowed to say that? I might be too old or it might be an out of date expression. No clue. Love the leather skirt too and the boots! If I ever got a leather skirt it would have to be already distressed leather cause I'd be sure to ruin in.

    Fish are friends not food.

  8. I'm not a big fan of sharks but I've a friend who watched movies like Sharknado and everything else related to sharks. He even intended to buy pizzas and coke and called up everyone to come over to my place for a Sharks movie marathon. He got banned from our house with that idea. LOL!!
    Anyway, you did well with your tee. I can't see anything wrong with the trimming. Oh, and I just found out you became a Style Icon in Chictopia!! Congrats babe! You really deserve it because you're bold and stylish =)

  9. I'm a little more into dinosaurs myself… . Actually I've only read Jaws as the book and never seen the film. I also read it when I was about 9 and it was the most inappropriate thing ever. Funny story but Jaws was where I first learnt about sex. I totally thought it was all sharks and then… sex scenes. lol.
    Love the outfit! I cut up most of the band t-shirts I have in the same way. I like to make them off shoulder tops instead, but my cutting is a mess! I just went for messy-punk like that.

    Also, thank you for the nice comments about my cosplay building! I've just been spraying the armour everywhere this afternoon for it and am sneezing silver paint. 🙂

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