Shamelessly stealing boyfriend’s style

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of sporty pants since the day I saw them on my boyfriend. I’ve always envied boys for having the most comfortable clothes. And most importantly- the simplest. They don’t need to pick from a blouse with a white collar, or a tight dark top, bodycon dress or lace, maxi skirt. They just take what’s  lying on the ground and still look good.
So since my boyfriend is huge, and I’m a petite, I couldn’t steal those pesky pants.

See the difference? I don’t 😀
 I tried wearing them with a belt, but step by step they would slip down and just collapse on the floor. And being a person who’s life resembles that of a speeding bunny, I’m not the type who would walk as slowly as possible, preventing their pants from falling. As usual my second hand sense was tingling when I saw those pants, with that dark creamy coloring and lots of pockets. I love the military, but not very much military design, and length. They’re perfect for heels and sneakers.They’re just THE pants!!!! ^_^
I combined them with my discolored t-shirt, suspenders and New Yorker booties.

 Oh, and I know I promised you pizza, so behold, the friendliest pizza you’ll ever meet! 

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34 thoughts on “Shamelessly stealing boyfriend’s style”

  1. ahahaha.. i do the same thing like you.. secondhand always be a good solution.. eheheh.. i like it.. its coool.. and again, you make me envy with your wedges boots.. uuuukh.. 😛 love your look.. 🙂 and happy weekend Keit

  2. Wow I love your hair! I wish I could pull of short hair so well 🙂 My face is pretty round so I mostly resemble your friendly pizza with short hair. And I am always stealing my boyfriend's pants and it's depressing since he is more slim than me. Unfair world!
    Love, Sam 🙂

  3. My bf and I have a lot of the same things, we shop a lot at american apparel that has a lot of "unisex" items so we end up with literally almost the same wardrobe, just different sizes and sometimes different colours. We just make sure not to leave the house wearing the same thing xx

  4. Напълно съм съгласна относно мъжките дрехи. Впрочем, забавно е да крадеш дрехи от гаджето ^^
    Благодаря за готината пица! 😛

  5. I really love the way you wear it!
    I've envied boys too, cause tehy have some pockets inside their coat, I want to have a coat like this to keep my key and other important stuff safety when I go out, I don't like to have always a bag with me.
    Thanks for the pizza ^^

  6. LOL. thanks for the pizza !

    i always search in men's department when i want a cool short. but a 29size from men's department fits me:) you definitely need some sizes smaller, but try it next time at h+m for example. there are the better belts, glasses and the best-fitting-underpants (when you sew up the front:))

    greeeetz !!!

  7. Nice look, love your pants!
    This rock look looks great on you.
    And very sweet pizza 🙂
    I'didnt pick shoes yet, haven't recieved there e-mail, hope I'll get it tomorrow.
    And first want to try the shoes in a store to see if I fit them. I have very big feet.
    Yes think sometimes it's so difficult to get higher on lookbook.
    Always the same people on the hot list, they all look awesome though.
    But at the same time they get free cool stuff and sponser and things.
    Maybe in a few years we get that too ;D


  8. Ha ha, I think we have the same problem – I always want to steal my husband's beautiful oxford shirts, but on me they look more like bed sheets! You found a beautiful match for your boyfriend's sporty pants 🙂

  9. OH how I love your suspender with your boyfriend's pants. You totally turn a simple pants into a super stylish outfit!!! Love the feminine touch you add to the look!!

  10. Heyyyy…This look is so perfect and inspiring to me right now…I am looking for comfy shorts that are not too short…You know don't want to attract unwanted attention in India and I didn't really know what to do…This outfit is the perfect inspiration…Come August I will be sporting something like this in the Himalayas 😀 Thanks keit!

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