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Man, I love high waist jeans, they make me feel like a sexy
burrito. And it’s weird feeling sexy, while most men would cringe just
by taking a glimpse at my mom jeans. But common sense aside, high waist
makes my butt look Latino and my crotch fancy, don’t ever let anyone
tell you otherwise!

And why are they called mom jeans? I’ve only seen my grandpa wearing such sophisticated piece of fashion, but maybe I just have a weird family.

Fashiony part: Jeans- nowistyle, top- nowistyle, belt- H&M, ankle boots- vintage

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27 thoughts on “Sexe mom jeans”

  1. LOVE your jeans, they look fantastic on you. I too am a high-waist-jeans obsessive. Actually I haven't worn anything low waisted for a number of jeans – I've even started buying "granny underwear" and you know what, I feel about 1000% more sexy AND comfortable in them than I do ordinary underwear or those horrid scraps of lace they think ladies want to wear.

  2. Oh my wow, YES high waisted jeans! I love them. I love this pair on you-the skinny cut of the leg is so fantastic! They look super cool with your amazing boots too. I just got some hand me downs from my sister (yes, we're adults and we still do that, I love it), and there was this amazing pair of high waisters in there, I was like GIMME! Haha. What a great tank too-you wear the cropped look so flawlessly!

  3. Pppsshh those are anything but mom jeans, Keit!! Those are SEXE MOM JEANS, just as you said. And you are lookin' gooooood and totally un-mom-like in them. I adore your necklace and that bright pink belt, wowow!

  4. This is so simple and sleek! Love those high waisted jeans! I think those types of jeans get a bad wrap for when they're called "Mom jeans." Totally hot chicks would wear high waisted jeans back in the day! Maybe some of them were moms, I dunno. Haha. On the whole though, jeans that covered your snatch were more acceptable and HOTTER than jeans that show off your g-string. I'm so glad they're making a comeback! My big thighs and ample rump need the extra coverage. Haha. 😀 Oh and why must you taunt me with that bag! Every time, dude. Every time. <3 *sigh*

    – Anna

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