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Alongside with leopard prints, sequins have an enormously bad reputation in Bulgaria. For a long time they were considered the favorite fashion statement for “skanky tasteless women”, aka- “the gold diggers” and were strictly associated with a certain Bulgarian music genre, which I personally, consider to be the sediment of human kind. 

I got this top, with the sole purpose of breaking through this mindset and managing a look that didn’t correspond to the negative hype, mentioned above.

I think this chicnova skirt did the job pretty well. I love the chiffon soft flow. It has that particular simplicity and yet, originality, which makes it extremely easy to style. The oxblood red helps the silver shimmer and shine of the top stand out more, but not so much that it would look too tacky.
Considering my affection towards boots, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to wear my black patent clarks too.

The turtleneck is second hand, I had to cut the sleeves, because they were too bulky. Chiffon skater skirt– c/o Chicnova, bag- Nowistyle.

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28 thoughts on “Sequin silver top + chicnova chiffon skirt”

  1. I guess too much glitter, sequins, leopard print, shiny fabrics have a bad reputation in many countries but I think a lot depends on how to wear those things and who wears them if you know what I mean 😉 for example your look here is everything else than tacky.. those boots make the look yours I guess. and I love that shade of red!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I love how you've got so many accessories that match your hair so well. Seriously, it just puts your whole outfit together. ALWAYS SO FRESH TO DEATH, KEIT.

    But yeah I would have never guessed you could make a top like that look like anything but tacky, but you totally did it. I love those shiny boots, too!! Another thing I thing gets a bad rep for skankiness is those tops with sheer sleeves or see-through lace backs. I actually bought one a while ago… hope I can style it right!!

  3. "The sediment of human kind." That's a rather eloquent way of putting it. I like that! I was never much into sequins myself. Not for the reasons you mentioned, but just because I'm strange. I prefer to be low-key, but I typically will wear things that garner more attention than I would like despite my best efforts. Haha. It's strange, like I said. Perhaps, I live in a different world in my mind… Anyway, I always felt like sequins are attention grabbing substances and, as such, I should probably stay clear. Hehe. 😉

    You are much braver than I, of course. Your styles dare people to notice you and I love that! The skirt is fantastic, too! I love the paper bag like waist line. Very cute! <3

    – Anna

  4. I think what made this work so well is because it's in silver instead of gold. Gold sequins will be harder to style, but of course I think you can pull it off. Come to think of it though, I think a silver sequins top is a nice alternative to a white one if you want to glam up your outfit.
    A Hint of Sunlight

  5. Aaaw, you rock this sequin-theme, girl! 😀
    In my closet there's only one sequined item: a skirt – and I wore it only once, for christmas. 😀
    I definitely should search for a top like yours.

    XX, Sara.

  6. Leopard and sequins had a similar reputation in North America for a long time… but as with anything, I think it's less about what you wear than about how you wear it. The way you've styled this sequinned top is perfectly you and looking nothing like the negative sequin-and-leopard stereotype.

  7. Hey! Thanks so much for the sweet comment and for your support! You've been with me from the very beginning and I am consistently blown away by your styles, so your comments mean so much to me! <3 I'm not famous. Haha. No. I'm just getting a little time to shine, but that will go away in time. Hehe.

    Speaking of famous, Chictopia mentioned you on Twitter!

    Who is the famous one, now? 😉 <3

    – Anna

  8. *sigh* I think sequins have that reputation pretty much every where. Reality TV certainly hasn't helped….

    However, seeing as your boobies are spilling out and your bum is covered, I think you've passed the test of weather sequins are appropriate! (Not to mention you pretty much always wear the most awesome boots ever so if anyone says anything to the former, you can stomp them with those badass suckers!) I really like the silver with the maroon, its shiny and pretty!

    I'm sorry, I can't help myself and saying shiny when it comes to sequins…Second to the punk rock Cruella de Vil look, it's pretty awesome.

  9. I'm telling you, YOU and this oxblood/red/burgundy color were just made for one another! Each time you wear it your eyes just stand out like a piercing ray of sun or some such poetic nonsense. Just lovely. And I love that you can wear pretty much anything and make it wonderful, a sequined top with the sleeves cutoff for day? Why the heck not!

  10. You make punk look so amazingly chic. And I think I've said this before, but that magenta/burgundy is Your Color. You look so amazing in it.

    I used to feel the same way about animal prints, but now I see how versatile they are and how much fun they can be with super preppy pieces like collared shirts and white sneakers.

    P.S. Oh! Katie (above me)says the same thing about Your Color, haha

  11. First of all not that you need to hear it again, but you are so pretty, those eyes are killers. I love the hair matching the purse and skirt . I have a giveway on my blog Keit, check it out xx

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