Second Hand shopping techniques

I remember the time, when second-hand shopping was regarded as disgusting and something that only poor people were compelled to do. Now it’s considered fashionable and original. When did this transition in people’s tastes and mind happened? And more importantly how? Was is the financial crisis, more and more people deciding to buy clothes that don’t have two zeroes behind them? Was it the quick arising  of cute second-hand, vintage shops? Or was it the good, quality garments and services they were offering, the 20% off on Fridays? Was it the need to feel different from the crowd? I think it’s a mix of everything + that feeling you get when you enter the store- the familiar smell of detergent and unlimited amount of ragged clothes to submerge into.
There is always a thrill in searching for that perfect Christian Dior skirt or Zara dress, but there is a catch- you have to be really patient!
A lot of people have been asking me, how do I find those second hand pieces that don’t look like second hand at all and really cost a fortune if bought from a regular store. Well…it’s the mix of certain qualities, that no one else posses- having huge amounts of free time and a constant desire to feel pretty. Yup, those are the ones…man I’m so unique! But seriously thought, if you want to be successful in your second hand shopping experience, here are a few tips.
1. Don’t get aggravated by all the people bumping into you, trying to push you aside or dragging their sorry ass right in front of you in search for something you might like. It’s a battlefield people! Don’t get distracted by anyone or anything just go inside, have a deep breath (well maybe it’s better to have that breath outside) and scan.
2. Scanning from a distance is a good way of spotting something that stands out from the rest of the piles. Scan for cotton,silky,leather garments, scan for bright colors, scan for relatively unused items. When you spot something, grab!
3. Although a good technique, scanning can get you only this far…. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the piles. Sometimes a piece may seem as draggy and shady, but when you pull it out is a majestic, creation of a smokey garment, decorated with lace details or a pearl garnish. Always dig deep, you never know what that yellowish thing might turn into.
4. Start from the beginning. I usually shop with my sister and she is always scrambling around me
like a beheaded fly, running back and forth, until she ends up finding
nothing…disappointingly telling me the sad conclusion. Never do that! Start from the beginning of the shop, go though it all and till the end. Don’t get distracted, draw an imaginary line if you are an engineer and stick to it!
5. Don’t search only in the womеn’s department. How many times, have I discovered amazing pieces in the men’s and even children’s department. This is because, sometimes a piece mistakenly is put aside in the men’s clothes, while it’s usually a girlish, pink sweatshirt. Very often, men’s t-shirt, casual shirts, hoodies or even pants make a good girlish outfit. Especially if it’s small size. Children’s clothes on the other hand are a gold mine, mostly because there are a ton of cute floral tops and skirts that are size M, or L and would fit you perfectly. If you are a petite, like me, children’s clothes can be a life savior!

That’s about it, hope it helps. I would like to finish this post with a
H&M jewel I found at…wait for it….a second hand online shop.And
not a word about my hair or veins! My hair decided to have it’s PMS, so
obviously no hair gel or  water were able to comfort her. Sad little hair!

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19 thoughts on “Second Hand shopping techniques”

  1. Your cutout dress is just stunning – it fits you like a glove! And I love your pixie cut, not just anyone can pull off such a short hairstyle but on you it looks just gorgeous 🙂

  2. An awesome ode to second hand shopping! I think the best thing about it is that most stores carry the same styles at the same time, but thrift shops have anything and everything. And like you said, it's about the search. You just never know what's in there. 😉

  3. ahahahha.. so, we are have same hobby?? me too.. i did all what you said.. i love hunting in second hand and you need to be faster than other people.. ahahaha.. sometime i take everything catch my eyes, and after that i do selection.. and always happy when we get great pieces with cheap prize.. ahaha

  4. HAHAHA "giveaway girl"?!?!?!?!!! This is only my 2nd & 3rd giveaway though! 😀 more to come <3
    btw, you look stunning <3333 that dress is just perfect on you and did I mention that your eyes are absolutely gorgeous?

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