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Let me just start this review by pointing out that I’ve heard a lot of crap about Sammydress. The main concerns were: it is based in China, it sells cheap knock offs and the shipping requires whole month.
On the Scamadviser website it scores Low Trust Rating, but so does Sheinside, and we all know Sheinside has hundreds of people shopping there each day. 
I’ve been searching for a red fur hooded jacket for three years now and with no luck. I saw it on Sammydress and even though I’ve read tons of negative comments about this site, I decided to risk it. The jacket was USD13.99 and it’s exactly what I expected it to be. I must admit my expectations weren’t high in the sky, after all, a jacket worth 13$ made me a tiny bit suspicious.

First of all, the shipping didn’t take whole month. The package was quickly shipped and I received it 2 weeks later. I live in Bulgaria, which is 7852 km away from China. (Just googled that! I’m so S.M.R.T!)
Second– the jacket is quite warm, however it is not suited for winter. It has cotton lining and the hood makes it possible to wear it without a hat, which is a major plus, because my stupid hair electrifies during winter, as if I just shoved a finger in the electrical plug.

Third– You get what you paid for. Bear in mind that not every single item is going to be like from a fashion magazine. Think before you purchase something, take a good look at the colors, the photos that are not on the models, read the description of the fabric and sizing.
I don’t understand people
who complain about the fabric being cheap, that this is a knock off and
whatnot. Duuuuh, of course they sell knock offs, everybody sell knock offs, I love fucking knock offs, pull yourself together woman!

Most of all, I was extremely impressed by the prices. You will rarely see anything more than 30$ there. Most of their items are the kind of clothes you would see on different far more famous and with positive reputations, online stores.
The only thing I didn’t like was this huge necklace I bought. The necklace is beautiful and perfect for spicing up a plain dress or sweater, but it’s quite wobbly. 
It was broken when I received it, which I’m sure was a result from the crappy journey it went through to get here. I fixed it, but still can’t shake off the feeling that it will collapse if I make any sudden movements.

Overall the whole experience was very pleasant and I’ll be wearing the fuck out of both items.

Have you ever shopped from there? What was your experience? I would love to hear your opinion 🙂

Score: 8/10

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20 thoughts on “Sammydress Products and Overall Impression Review”

  1. Those companies out of China that have incredible prices can sometimes surprise you with items, but most of the time yeah, you're gonna get what you pay for. This jacket is pretty rad though–I love the bright red on ya! And it looks pretty decently furrywarm, too. Furrywarm… is that a word? I made it one.

  2. Хммм след това ревю искам и аз да си купя нещо от там ей така от любопитсво 🙂 Якето е много сладурско и ти стои супер 🙂

  3. the jacket looks lovely! and i agree, i don't get how people buy cheap stuff from the internet and then expect it to not look/feel cheap… this just doesn't make sense.
    btw the necklace looks absolutely gorgeous as well! xx

    beautiful garbage

  4. I can't say anything about Sammydress but it's a great thing you are (almost) happy with your purchases. and I agree, when we order cheap stuff then why should we think it has to be perfect in every way? cheap can be great but doesn't have to, it's like a lottery actually. oh and maybe your boyfriend can fix the necklace for good? it looks awesome on you and you just have to wear it again! 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Well, yes – I loved plaid before and now all you can see is PLAID. ^^

    But to comment on your new stuff: the necklace is rad!! I would immediately wear it! =^.^=

    XX, Sara.

  6. whenever i review such e-stores i get some people who tell about the cheap knockoff thing. i am like ya, you would be fine if this was double the price from somewhere like sheinside and oasap(who scam people)…every high street brand also carries "inspired" if not completely copied stuff. i don't shop too often, even with sometimes irregular shipping, i have usually gotten good enough stuff from sammydress like stores. have to try this one out though. i love the jacket, since it is not too heavy it would be perfect for indian winters.

  7. This is an extremely helpful review! I wrote off Sammydress as a scam site. I went there once and the way the site looked combined with the prices just made me think they'd take my money and never ship the item (or ship the item and "lose" it in transit) thereby forcing me to take up a complaint with PayPal to get my money back. The bargains didn't seem like they were worth the prospective hassle. Your review gives me a little more hope, though. "Pull yourself together woman!" Lmfao. <3

    – Anna

    1. Yeah, I read them too, and a lot more btw. That's why I was very supicious, but decided to risk it. Maybe the biggest problem is refunding people who are not satisfied with their purchase.
      I never get lucky, especially when it comes to shopping 😀 but maybe this time I did 😀

  8. Word about the static hair during winter, it drives me crazy. 😛 Hats are awesome for that. You look totally gorgeous in that last photo(well, in every photo) you have the most stunning eyes ever. I always enjoy reading your take on stuff, I think you're totally correct about getting what you pay for and yeah, expensive stuff is nice but it's also nice to have cheaper options and it seems like stuff at more "reputable" stores is kinda over priced to start off with. (I have a sweater from Banana Republic, which is suppose to be a decent store and the darn thing fell apart the first time I washed it. Grr!) and wow, two weeks shipping from china actually isn't bad!

  9. I've been wanting to shop online for the longest time, but the processes involved and the wait has been a major discouragement. Plus I have to get the proper bank card. Can't remember when last I was inside a bank building. The necklace is lovely.

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