Rosalita Mc Gee Sad panda + Cichic plaid shirt

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Had this bag for a loong time, but forgot about it, because I’m dumb..duuuh!
Pandas always look so sad, not that I’ve seen a real one, just on TV. Hey people, TV counts as a thing! This particular panda looks even more depressed, than the real deal. I can almost hear her say: “Why bother eating this bamboo…. what’s the point!?”

And thanks to the people who keep unfollowing me, because I didn’t follow them back, that’s a good one. Seriously what’s all this following frenzy, it creeps me out.
 Fashiony part: Rosalita McGee panda bag, dress- Nowistyle, shirt-Cichic, golden watch- Vintage.

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26 thoughts on “Rosalita Mc Gee Sad panda + Cichic plaid shirt”

  1. The panda on your bag looks surprised tho 😀 Too cute 😀
    Haha, gotta love those peeps.. "Woot, you thot I followed you coz I like your blog!? Dumb, I followed you coz I need you to follow ME no matter if you like my blog or not!!!!" xD

  2. I could totally see pandas being existentialists, now that you point out how sad looking they are.

    Man, you always manage to cram together all the coolest stuff and look flawless. I want to try a cram-and-look-flawless look like you. Soon.

    And right?! Those follow for follow comments scare the crap out of me. Everyone is a little obsessed with getting a high follower count. I just want to make friends! *sobs*

  3. Love the plaid, the maxi, the sneakers and your hair…The follow for follow comments seriously annoy the crap outta me, its like a follower frenzy, seriously don't know what is up with that!

  4. Много готини чанта и риза 🙂 И аз се чудя на тази мания с последователите, харесванията и прочие…

  5. i found you via tanaya's left a comment on the hindi film industry/izzy azalea(or whatever her name is)debacle post…you are seriously cool!i love that hair!and your style..i mean you look so awesome!

  6. Haha! I've noticed that too with followers…seeing as how I don't care about numbers as much as they apparently do, I feel really hurt by it 😉
    I love love LOVE the way the colors in your top match the color of your hair! Seriously it looks beautiful and edgy and you always take casual pieces and make them into something so special. I'm jealous of that talent of yours 🙂
    And aw! Sad panda! Haha, what a fun bag.

  7. Hey there! Found your blog 🙂 Such a cute bag, aww. I like how you pair that maxi with a polo 🙂 Another inspiration on my list 🙂
    And seriously? They really do that unfollowing thing?! That's so nonsense…for me following someone is because he or she really inspires you, not just because that they should follow you too if you follow them with no reason.. Well that's only my opinion 🙂
    I followed you on gfc to keep updated 'cause yes your posts captivates me <3

    Btw lovely, I would really love to invite you on my blog's first ever giveaway. An entry would be mean so much to me <3
    Check it on here

  8. You're fracking hilarious, mama. I'm diggin this look. Kinda japanese street style with the bag and the flannel clashing in the best way. As far as the "following" thing. It's such a waste of time getting wrapped up in. Some of the crappiest blogs with the worst content have like 4,000 followers. It truly doesn't reflect the quality of the blog. It's almost as irritating as the people who copy/paste "cute look" on every blog in existence.

  9. In real life, pandas look just as sad with their dark circles. LOL!

    Btw, good on you that you follow who you wanna follow and not just because they follow you just to have you follow them back.

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