Revamping those ugly thrift clothes

Ashamed to admit it, but my ugly clothes pile, is getting bigger than my pretty clothes pile. So I decided to make another video on how to make those mopy stained pieces into decent looking ones.
But I have to warn you guys, as you know, I have no particular skills whatsoever, so this video is going to be me, with scissors and my cat. So, Enjoy!
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14 thoughts on “Revamping those ugly thrift clothes”

  1. It's amazing how the simplest alterations can totally transform a garment. I never thought that removing the sleeves and shortening the length of a top could make it look so much cooler than before! Haha! This is pretty inspiring. I feel like I wanna go into my closet and cut up a bunch of my stuff now. 😀 This is really awesome! Oh and your cat is adorable! <3

    – Anna

  2. you must really hate those sleeves, haha 😉 just kidding, I think you did a great job with every piece you revamped and every outfit you created was very smart. actually I really like your videos because they're short and smart. a very long video means torture and boredom.. it always does in my book.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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