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Few days ago I made a small step for human kind and went shopping NOT second hand. It was a weird experience for me, the clothes didn’t smell of toxic detergent, the floors were polished and squeaky, there was food and music that made the sound of scratching nails on a black board feel like a picnic!

NOT second hand shopping always traumatizes me. I’d walk around the glossy shops with a slight squint in my eyes, because of the bright lights and jaw wide open because my nose is always clogged from the cold and I’d keep getting drawn towards the most expensive stuff. 

I have a radar for ridiculously expensive clothes. The store could have only one piece that would be priced 199$ and it will be the only thing I like, I’d run towards it harboring hope that maybe this time, this time it wouldn’t cost me a heart attack… And then I’d run away from it, hissing like a vampire that’s just been shoved into a bright window, my stomach making weird noises from shock and horror upon seeing the price.  

Needles to say my NOT second hand shopping didn’t go so well. I saw a magnificent, wool cape-thingy in Zara, touched it, tried it on, saw the price, gently and carefully removed it from my unworthy body so that I wouldn’t damage anything and have to pay for it, and went to buy a KFC bucket of despair to sooth my damaged psyche. 

These kind of experiences are the reason I am more than happy when I see something unique in a second hand store, bring it home, try it on and feel like the queen of thrifting. The outfit I’m wearing here does exactly that. I saw this sweater in my favorite online second hand store and immediately knew what outfit I’d like to create with it. The inspiration for it was a rag doll. I wanted to make an ensemble that was torn, dusty and dark. I had the sweater, so all I needed was an equally torn skirt, which I saw in the same online store for 4$. 

I love the asymmetry in the skirt and the drab and gothic feeling it creates. I tied it with a belt because it was slightly bigger for my skeleton body and tucked the sweater underneath. For the rag doll effect I played around with the hair and made some subtle retro waves. 

I wondered if the peeking bra was a bit too whorish, but remembering last year’s trend of wearing bras with spikes and nothing on top, I said fuck it!
For make up I used my new green eyeliner, which I’m going to write about in my February favorites soon so stay tuned!

Do you like this outfit? Let me know what are your favorite shopping places! Do you assume fetal position when you see an expensive price tag like me? Tell me I’m not the only one!

Sweater – H&M (second hand), Skirt and bag – second hand, Rings – Choies, Quartz necklace – DIY.
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20 thoughts on “Ragged Sweater and a Check Gothic Skirt”

  1. I wish I could find more second hand pieces but the thrift scene is not great here in Ireland. You on the other hand rock it and always look amazing in your finds.
    Also, sidenote, but your hair looks AMAZING!

  2. As I said on your facebook page… Woooooooooooow! You look awesome! Perfect outfit! Definitely my fave of all your outfits I seen so far! I like every single item! You look so damn fuc*ing adorable, cool makeup and photos are really pretty! In my town there are many second hand shops but I rarely find cool pieces like this. You're a queen of thrifted finds!

  3. Good ol' KFC bucket of despair. Hahaha. <3 I didn't realize shopping was so emotionally trying for you. o_O You did good finding that sweater, dude. It looks like the fabric is attached to mesh? It's all kinds of cool. It would totally catch my eye if I saw it in a shop. I think you achieved the rag doll effect you were going for. I dig it. It helps that you belted the skirt like a sack. I love that!

    – Anna


  4. loveeee your fit! I want to steal that skirt! girl it's okay man be free show your bra it looks cute! Usually, I get super lazy and my bra usually shows underneath my sheer shirts but my logic is as long as my bra is cute it's okay!!!!! lol

  5. I busted out laughing out loud when I pictured you hissing like a vampire and dashing away. That's exactly what happens to me when I see some price tags while out shopping at nice places xD Though perhaps my reaction is a bit more subtle. But I definitely do a brisk walk away, eyes about to fall out of my socket, and wallet crying out in despair.
    Ah well.
    Who needs that financial stress anyway when you can get awesome outfits like these for $4!? I love that skirt you're rocking. Not to mention that with the ragged sweater and sexy cut outs showing the black bra, it adds a cool edge! I love this look!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Raah, feels so good to see I'm not lonely about this kind of experience in shopping!
    The worst is when I come back and tell my hard experience to my bf… who then says I'm too complicated and mingy x) So much understanding, thank you! His mom still send him some clothes so I don't even when to argue with this lost boy about it ^^
    But I see the struggle is real for other people too, and I must say, I admit, for the price I can see in normal shops, I really want something per-fect (the thing I imagine, which I saw once on internet and never irl). And I flew away like a vampire so much too.
    I should really start looking for good second-hand shops too. I'm in Paris, there are some, but they make them so expensive, it's crazy!
    I love these outfits so much; totaly agree with Hippy At Heart! I'm in love with the skirt, it fits you so well this way! And your eyes are so powerfull with this touch of green above *3* Might be the lipstick too tho… beautiful!
    Have a good evening!

  7. I have the exact same experience with shopping malls, they are too bright, noisy, and overstimulating. Oh, and I can't afford anything, either. Thrift stores have spoiled me!
    You always prove that you don't need brand new, expensive clothes to create cool outfits 😛

  8. Here I come with my foot in my mouth…I thought you had left the price tag on, then realised it was your super cool necklace! 😀
    I too have heart attacks in the mall. The clothes are boring, not well made, and cost a fortune! I stick to buying shoes. The rest I make or thrift.
    I love this rag doll effect, including the hair, and the makeup. Maybe you could have been a little more floppy to convey the image 😀 xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Totally hot as always! I really like your hair and have total hair envy. It will take me another eight months I think, to get mine that length. One advantage to having a short neck is that it takes less time to grow shoulder length hair. The disadvantage is that if my hair were jaw length like yours I would not get a ponytail out of it. I barely get one from shoulder length hair.

    Visible bra-you whore! Hah, just kidding. I would show mine off too if it were a nice one like that. I can only get ugly industrial bras in my size in this town.

    Love the green eyeliner too.

    I might spend mega bucks on some amazing brand new boots, since I would keep them forever. I have spent up to $60 on jeans, desperate to find something that fits, but most of my clothes are majorly discounted or second hand. I am not brave enough to shop online like you do though. Fit is much to big an issue for me.

    Have a super weekend with really great food involved. xoxoxo

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