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I’m writing this at 8 am in the morning, I have a dodgy hangover from last night, my hair is all weird looking, cause apparently I slept folded like an origami and I have to take the subway for my Japanese lessons in a few minutes. So far my Valentine’s day is going just as planned! After that I’m planning on treating myself to a fancy KFC bucket, watch Rome and complain about the sun making my telly too bright.

I wanted to make a special Valentine’s Day post, but then I remembered I’m too lazy and just scribbled it down in my “To do in 2016” list. So instead, I’ve prepared a somewhat romantic outfit for you ladies and gents! This is slightly more closer to the Harajuku style I want to achieve and I’m very happy with it! 
Last night, after one too many beers, we had a passionate discussion with a male friend of mine about the way I dressed. He basically said I dress horribly and ugly, which means my work here is done! *flies into a galaxy far far away* 

Seriously though, I’ve always known men dislike the way I dress, but it was interesting to hear it from a real man’s mouth. His exact words were: “You CAN be pretty, why don’t you want to be pretty!?” But the truth is I feel pretty in the way I dress, I feel pretty in my grandma sweaters and Snoopy underwear and I know no man is going to be like “Guuurl, you’re oversize parka is hot”, but I feel pretty and sexy in what I wear even if objectively it’s far from that. 

I’m curious, what kind of clothes do you feel most pretty in? Do you dress to impress, or do you follow your own rules? 

Not surprisingly, I feel quite pretty in my new leopard denim jacket meant for 14 year olds and my fuzzy socks and hologram booties. I’ve always liked the idea of creating weird combos with different patterns and colors so I thought leopard fur with a purple organza would work magic! 

Since the jacket is the main event, I paired it with a more boring sweater with earthy tones. I wanted to decorate myself with lots of accessories, but I remembered this right after we already went outside, so I had to settle for my red leather bag to balance everything out. Next time I’m planning on going full retard, covering myself with glue, submerging into a lake of jewelry and whatever sticks, sticks!

That’s it for today’s blabber of Keit nonsense, let me know how did you spend Valentine’s day and do you like this looky? 

Denim Jacket with Leopard collar – Thrifted, Purple Organza Skirt – Choies, Red Leather bag – Thrifted, Hologram Biker Boots –  Fashion Thirsty
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22 thoughts on “Purple Organza and Furry Leopard”

  1. Приятен пост!
    Довежда до мисълта,
    че първо е важно как ти се чувстваш в дрехите,
    които носиш, а не как се чувстват другите.
    Много ми хареса!

    Честит винен ден, Кейт!

  2. Wooow, how cool is that jacket! But one thing is bothering me about you, you can be pretty, why don't you want to be pretty!?
    Hahaha, just joking… You always look pretty, really, no matter what you're wearing. You have a special taste in clothing, sometimes your outfits match my personal taste, sometimes not, if not whole outfit there's always at least one item that I like… You're unique and original and I wouldn't change nothing about it 😀 Your blog is one of the rare blogs that I enjoy visiting over and over.

  3. I see red, I see red, I see re-ed!
    Guys feel they can dumb us down to "pretty" so we can be attractive to them. Do we ask the same of them? No!
    Leave us alone!!
    I hate the way we are raised with these voices in our heads of how to be attractive to men. I'm only now able to rid myself of some of them. Fortunately Bushy isn't inclined to comment. But if I do ever stray into sexy territory (once a blue moon), he is VERY appreciative. So I know it's still there.
    I'm so glad you can learn this lesson when you are young. Of course, when we feel pretty, we seem pretty no matter what we wear because we have a glow. Alright off the soap box now.
    I love the pink linings with the purple skirt! This is a lovely Harajuku (do it the way you feel it) outfit. Applause!! xo JJ

  4. I don't mean to be the raging bitch, but it looks like I'll have to play that card for JUST a few minutes because, um, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MEET ANYONE ELSE'S DEFINITION OF PRETTY, and um also, like, dude, who talk to their friend like that? >:(

    Your outfits are quirky and colorful and layered and crazy and it's all beautiful because it's how you express yourself. I love them. And also this skirt is perfection! 😀



  5. Hi

    So, this look is one of the best things I have seen recently and it made me go "I wish I had invented it". It is an awesome plate of awesomeness and it will make my lookbook hall of fame.

    Also, there are few things that make me angrier than the whole "you could be pretty if you tried" discourse. I just ….can't even!! I've heard this from my mother (thanks for the self-esteem boost, parent!), from an evil ex, from a number of well-meaning but totally clueless women hung up on conventionality. It's hilarious how they all assume I don't care how I look. I do care! Yes, those ugly baggy jeans and grandpa sweaters and xxl shirts and men's shoes? That's intentional, you bunch of unimaginative bimbos.So is my messy hair and — the horror! — my offending unplucked eyebrows. Yes, I got a little carried away there. Anyhow, it's always a joy to see you in my lookbook feed and now I will go ahead and subscribe to this breath-of-fresh-air blog of yours.


  6. I love this outfit Keit!!
    And I definitely get where you're coming from, I feel pretty and sexy when I've put thought and design into my outfit, like it's my own collage or body art that nobody can do like me 🙂 so do you. man! xx


  7. pfff, men just don't get it. I like that you don't take it seriously and let others, specially men, dictate you on how you want to dress up. Besides, whoever said we're supposed to have to be pretty? i don't think it occurs to them that we do… i mean i for one don't think i want to be pretty just because men wants me to be. i think what's important is that as long as we feel comfortable in our own skin and the way we look, whatever right? stay the way you are darling, you're doing it all right!

    oh and totally unrelated but please join the giveaway on my blog when u can. thank you!

    xo, Carla.

  8. So misunderstood! Though I feel like guys dont understand 80% of what we wear anyway. I got baffled looks by my brother over suspenders. SUSPENDERS. There's nothing crazy about them. Also, is you "to do in 2016" list getting as long as mine? Procrastinators at their finest *high fives you*

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. The "you could be pretty if you tried" thing is ridiculous and a bit insulting. You're already pretty! You like your sense of style! I definitely think it's better to dress for yourself rather than dressing to impress.


  10. HOT DAMN GIRL! I love your I don't give a flying eff and my balls are bigger than anyone else's. You really do inspire me to want to wear what makes me feel like ME!

  11. *cue female rage*
    Ugh, I could repeat so much of what's already been said, but I'm sure you get the idea. His definition of "pretty" certainly doesn't need to be met the way he wishes. Wear what you want and you do you! Screw what he thinks. You are innately pretty Keit, and your clothes are not what make you that way.
    I think your creative take on clothing is fresh and inspiring! If I saw you walking by, I'd be wishing I was half as cool to be able to wear what you do and make it look so good!
    As for me, I always feel better when I wear black. Haha, I know, I know, how boring. But black, red, and white tickle my boring soul and make me feel beautiful. So I'll wear those colors until I find something else!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Hahaha.. I just burst out laughing when I got the KFC bucket. Girl, you do what you gotta do. Rome is pretty rad, by the way. I mean, it's full of total ridiculousness, but it's still rad. 😀 Only you can make that skirt look so wearable, by the way. Great layering! Spectacular shoes <3 I need some f*cking reflective shoes, now.

    P.S. – What do men know about being pretty? Seriously. Who the f*ck are they to give advice about that? Insane. Also, there's nothing wrong with having a largely man-repellant wardrobe. I'm still carefully curating mine. ;D Let them be scared. Pussies.

    – Anna


  13. I guess I follow my own rules, I try to avoid too much attention to myself and I think it is because I am so loud as a person as it is that if I wore something colourful or that grabs attention I think people would have enough of me pretty quick 😉

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