Prioritizing in desperate times

Those of you who are situated in Europe, know that there were a lot of earthquakes these past few weeks and we got pretty shaken, literally. Last week we had to pack the cats and run, frantically down the stairs, because our block was bending like a gummy worm. And when we already got on the ground, something struck me! The fuck, I left my clothes there! These are the moments in which the realization of how stupid I am, fell down and crushed my brainless head.
So, when everything calmed down,  when the cats were safe, when I called everybody to make sure they were safe (nobody called me by the way, FYI-assholes!) I was ready to go back there to get my fucking clothes! At least the ones that were pretty enough to risk your life for. And I didn’t really care if the building would collapse on me, or that I wouldn’t have a hand to put in my favorite sweater.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Even now, we’ve prepared two bags next to the door, ready for evacuation. Guess what’s mine filled with. Two dresses, one sweater, my favorite jeans,socks and tissues. NOTHING ELSE! I mean, what if a zombie Apocalypse happened, what am I supposed to do? Throw some jeans at them? Or maybe some stinky, two months socks? Luckily my bf is not a complete retard, like me, so he packed only the most necessary stuff…you know medical supply, water, guns (for zombies), the things that normal people pack.
Apart from that, that earthquake got me thinking……..(yes I am capable of that) they really should make a show about fashion survival. Not that crap about “Africa survivor”, “Famous people survivor”, there should be a “Fashion Survivor”. The idea is you can get only stuff like clothes and make up, nothing else. No essentials whatsoever, only the things that would help you look pretty. And the main goal of the show would be to see, how long can you go on without food and water, but still look fashionable. I would definitely watch something like that…But then again, I have a really sick taste.

Back to normal fashion…I found this, waaay too colorful short top in my hometown, and I paired it with, the one and only, classical, maxi skirt. I don’t think it looks that good, but this crappy weather is degrading my creativity to the point that I think my pajamas are looking nice with sneakers. -_- 
This is my best photo EVER! So hot!
This one is actually pretty good.
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14 thoughts on “Prioritizing in desperate times”

  1. Hi, thanks for the Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy song haha
    Love the skirt your wearing.
    Did you noticed that your shirt matches with your green eyes and red lips!
    Looks great!

  2. Предната нощ имах кошмари със земетресения… x_X Мм, няма лошо да изглеждаш хубаво в (почти) апокалиптични моменти (reference: Tank girl).

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