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As you ladies already probably know, I am not the busty kind of gal. I have come to terms with what nature has given me, although I must admit, nature has been really stingy when it came to giving me boobies. On the upside I can wear whatever I want with no bra and no one would notice, on the downside I can wear whatever I want with no bra and no one would notice…… 

Because of this, I’ve always struggled to find a bra that will fit, let alone look good. I once even tried getting one of those teddy onesies, but when I tried them on I looked like a pickle wrapped in lace, not the most sexy thing in the world. 

So, when I was contacted by PPZ to do a photo shoot with one of their lingerie pieces, I was not only skeptical that anything would fit, but I was 100% sure we will have pickle action again.

PPZ are a brand that specialized in lingerie, shape wear and yoga wear, and their website always offers big discounts, which is what actually draw me the most. I have this firm notion that spending a lot of money on underwear that makes you look like a pickle, is not a good investment. Hence my underwear,(if you have ever wondered) consists of 2 washed out bras which are breaking at the seams and one bra with Snoopy which I kept, if a chance comes up to seduce a man who’s into The Peanuts series…..

So, with a heavy heart, I decided to try out PPZ’s push up demi bra, and hope for the best!
The shipping took around one month to Bulgaria, which gave me some time to read some good books, reconsider my life choices, watch a whole TV series and dye  my hair blonde. The bra came around Valentine’s day though, so kudos for timing!

Immediately after trying it on though,
you already feel transformed into a Victoria’s Secret model. The subtle
little rhinestones glistening in the dark blue lace, and not to
mention I have boobs….Yes, males who read this, this is what we women
do, eeeeeeeeevil I tell ya!

At first it felt a little uncomfortable
since I haven’t worn a demi bra ever, but after a few hours the comfy
feeling sinks in and it’s like you’re not wearing a
bra….Do I hear Mel Gibson’s scream in Brave Heart? FREEEEEDOOOOOM!

Overall I am very happy with the quality and style of this push up bra and I am thinking of wearing it underneath some transparent tops I have. The size matches perfectly, you have the needed support, it is comfortable and beautiful, so I would definitely recommend.

I also recently watched a Vlog where the lady
was talking that having a good and well fitted bra is the foundation
for your outfit. Once you have your essentials sorted, it will transpire
in your upper garments as well. And after trying out this bra, I
finally realize what she was saying. Wearing this makes my outfits more
structured and gives a confidence boost.

So, what do you guys think, are you willing to spend some good money on quality undergarments or you would rather spend them on something more important?

Lace Push up Demi Bra – PPZ
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6 thoughts on “PPZ Blue Lace Push Up Bra Review”

  1. Yeah I think it's worth spending the money on a good bra. And I think the one youre wearing is really pretty although I'd probably need more support.
    The way you've styled this bra is so clever. You look sexy & classy at the same time!

  2. LOL I wondered how long the 'normal' hair would last. I like the demi-bra but I admit I've never spent the money to buy fancy lingerie. I love the idea of bralets but I need a bit more structure. Alas I am not a lace and rhinestone sort of woman but perhaps I should investigate this demi-bra thing. Looking sassy and sexy in your purple!

  3. I do think that investing in quality underwear pays off in the long run, but still I don't remember when was the last time I bought a high quality bra- maybe when I finally find a decent paying job.

    This bra looks great on you and I'm sure it is very comfy. I actually think these kind of demi bras are more comfy and always a better option. They are also less visible under clothing….and I do agree that a nice bra can make all the difference… Bottom line is, if it makes you feel confident, wear it often.:)

  4. I was laughing like a maniac reading your intro paragraph. #sameboobsizeclub! I think you look super stunning in the demi bra. Actually, I only just found out through you that it is called 'demi bra' and you're so right, this bra things with the push-up can make you feel like a Victoria's Secret model. I never knew that I could have a cleavage action going on until I tried a no-strap lace-up stick-on bra and I was laughing as I was appreciating my own cleavage because I thought these things only happen to people with boobs that are larger than mine. HAHAHA. I still don't like to overspend on innerwear as I don't get why it must cost so much. LIKE WHY can't it be just affordable? Hmm…anyways, I love your review of this bra as it's so uplifting. I made the worst pun joke to end this comment. Byeeeee <3

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