Post Vacation Blues + Nowistyle oxblood turtleneck

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I sense a disturbance in the force today. One in four blogs, have been devoured by depressive thoughts. Perhaps the ending of Summer, and especially Summer vacations, affects the brain and heart in the typical life-loathing manner. Damn you, capitalistic world!
Talking about internet depressions, I recently stumbled upon an ad with a very suggestive topic: “Five signs you’ll get Alzheimer’s”….. Really internet, really!? I prefer those “expand your penis” and “be a virgin again” ads . 
I’ve been
browsing through so much fashion related crap for 4 years now, you’d think that Google Ads would know what truly interests me. Get your facts straight Google!
Fashiony part: I’ve been wanting a fancy turtleneck for a long time now. I think it would look much better with a bouncy, goldylocks hair, but my scruffy twig will do the job. I wanted to make a whole different shades of red look and my plaid skirt was a perfect fit. I’ve been digging the new Fall collection of Nowistyle so much lately, you should definitely check it out.
Everything here is thrifted except the turtleneck (nowistyle) and shoes (random bg shop).

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13 thoughts on “Post Vacation Blues + Nowistyle oxblood turtleneck”

  1. That skirt was thrifted?! I need to go thrifting with you because dang that skirt is awesome. Plaid in general is just awesome. I love that sleeveless turtleneck, too. Those have always been so cool!

    Google ads gets things out of wonk (out of wonk?? is that even a phrase??) all the time for me. I get all sorts of weird ads on the Facebook, too, usually pertaining to allergies or hot local single chicks in my area. Maybe google can access my subconscious and thinks I secretly dig chicks. It's probably right (sighs)

  2. You alwayls find the most amazing thrift pieces! Love this skirt to pieces. I haven't worn a turtle neck in ages but you kinda sold me on this one. I'll definitelly give it some tought 🙂

  3. I actually pretty much hate turtlenecks.. or "hate" is not the best word actually. I just can't wear them because I can't breathe in them (because of the high collar then). but burgundy is one of the prettiest colours and you sure rock it in your punk'ish outfit!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Haha, I won't even say what ads pop up on my computer, especially on YouTube. <_< That's a flippin' awesome skirt. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I saw it. The whole outfit looks great, too. You mix and match colours and prints effortlessly. 🙂

  5. I'm no fashion expert but I love that plaid skirt. It's got that kilty look to it. It's eye catching. It caught my eye. My eye was captured by it. I know it sounds like I have one eye, but I really do have two.

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