Polygamy or monogamy?

Hello beautiful cheesecakes! I have a question for you! 
I recently read a book called “Sex at Dawn”. It had a really interesting concept about polygamy and how evolution has shaped our sexuality, while society reshaped it in order to fit the best working model for someone else, but not in the best interest for us  human beings.
My question is, what do YOU think? Taking aside what religion has taught you, what schools and your parents, and the media has taught you about the family structure being the only possible and right way to live. Do you consider humans to be polygamous or monogamous, why?
And would you consider having a loving open relationship with one man, while having a good rub by his best friend perhaps, or other men in general?
Fashiony part: Dude, I’ve been extremely lazy these days. Whole week of doing absolutely nothing but drinking beer in the park, watching movies, avoiding human contact and generally being an ugly fuck in my sweatpants.  It’s been great!  
As you can see my laziness affects my willingness to dress fancy. So it’s been nothing but sneakers and baggy t-shirts, and eating burritos, and searching for the meaning of the Universe. 
T-shirt- nowistyle, leggings- nowistyle, shorts-Mango, Bag- nowistyle.

Here’s a blooper for ya. I think I was just explaining to bf what a good looking scrumptious, fuckable pancake I was, and then he shot this and destroyed my dreams of ever becoming a model!

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20 thoughts on “Polygamy or monogamy?”

  1. Interesting question. I used to think that people were not born to be monogamous. However, when it comes to myself, I can barely handle with one man, two would be too much so I guess it just depends on us and how much time and energy we have 😀

  2. Interesting, i tend to think people should just do what feels right for them in a relationship…You are a delight even when you think you're not dresses fancy xxx

  3. I comfetely feel you with the whole being lazy thing. That's been me for the wast two weeks :s Sweat pants are just too comfortable..
    But I do love these leggings, and you bag is such a gorgeous color!

  4. I honestly don't think having more than one man or woman is normal. I think one should be able to decide who is right and who isn't and not collect heaps of guys or girls 😉 it's just too complicated when you're seeing like 3 or 4 guys all at once. yeah, definitely not my cup of tea. but I so love what you're wearing here. those leggings and the tee make a perfect combo.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. I dunno, I feel like jealously would still factor into things… I feel like things would get too confusing if you had more than one significant other! But hey, whatever people want to do would be a-okay with me, as long as all parties are okay with it, you know?

    That last picture is pretty great and still totally model-esque. Your chances are totally not ruined–think of all the weird faces models make in pictures!! You can just be one of those. 😉

    Rad leggings, Keit!

  6. i really love your fashion sense keit..so rock-ish..;)

    and the way you speak is so cool..hahaha..its like you are the kid at school who doesnt care about the lessons, doesnt ccare about the other kids, but stands up for bullies..im not judging..hahaha..maybe im just watching too much tv nowadays..:)

    well..about your question..it depends on the motive i guess..on why you are flirting with other guys..i mean, if you are really making a move..then it is wrong..but maybe just enjoying other guy's company isn't so bad..

    thanks for visiting my blog btw..:)


  7. Oh goodness. That is a question indeed.

    Personally, I find humans to be naturally romantically monogamous and sexually polygamous. When you're truly in love with someone there's no way you'd be letting them boink some fresh meat on the side. Trust and intimacy are the building blocks of successful romantic relationship. Now, if you're just in it for the sex and you're not in love, then polygamy is indeed a possible pathway. Let's just assume that everyone in the circus ring of sexy time uses protection and is clean from STD's — then yes. Harmless, consensual fun. Does that make sense? I've always felt that romance intensifies sex, yes, but also provides us with barriers and helps us to channel it.

    Never mind. I'm confusing myself.

    But in an actual relationship? aw hell no, not for me. I've got J and not only would be blow his top if I was with another dude, he could never bring himself to be with another woman. We're pretty tight.

    ahem. *coughcough* You're outfit is adorable. I like pancakes 😉



  8. Wow, you know how to get right to the tough questions! I had to think about this for a bit, it's been a while since my history and anthropology classes. 😛

    I think it has always really depended on the culture, I know that when it's matriarch, polygamy seems to work since it's very family focused. When its in a patriarch culture, it seems like there's more failure with polygamy being a cohesive way to live because it's more "business and economically" focused. (It's all about the cows and the land, don't cha know.) I think in our modern culture, polygamy tends to be more about power than even sex or family, so that tends to worry me, I don't really like the idea of one person having all of the "power" or control within a family. I like equality and I think that with certain people, polygamy, not within a religious context, can work. But for a large majority of people, it can be difficult to keep the jealousy part out of it. I think Miss Decaf above me had a great point about the romance and sexual aspects of it.
    This was a great question, I love it when people are able to set aside personal feelings and talk about a subject that might be a bit uncomfortable, it can be hard sometimes to really think about what you personally truly think about something and be able to strip away any preconceptions.

    Heeh, that scrumptious pancake is a great line!

  9. You look so hot in your blooper! 😀 <3 I love those leggings! They really make the outfit! <3

    For me, I think deep down we're polygamous. Religious folk and up-tight what-have-yous permeate society and dictate how we should act. Apparently, it's immoral to have more than one partner. I don't subscribe to that notion and my partner and I are just fine thank you very much. Haha. We love each other, but we don't OWN one another. The whole "stay away from MY man thing" makes me laugh so f*cking hard. Why don't you just put a collar and chain around his neck, too, while you're at it. Heh. I'm not cattle, and I don't like being treated like one. I'm free to go anywhere I please and do anything I want.

    Some people are really REALLY possessive, or prudish, so open relationships will not work for them. It's not for everyone, but in my opinion, it makes no sense to suppress people's sexual urges, because then you turn them into "adulterers" and "cheaters." Again, it's useless "moral" mumbo jumbo. Our divorce rates are astronomical for a number of reasons, but I'm guessing "cheating" and "infidelity" rank high. Hell, in some cultures, a woman needs permission to even get a divorce. It's about control.

    Of course, if people want to make that one-person commitment, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just take issue with those who would label as immoral those of us who choose to live outside the box.

    Can you tell how much I hate being told what to do? 😉

    – Anna


  10. LOL! Girl, you can still go on dreaming about being a model. You make a good model! Really (i'm not kidding)!!
    Well, I do not believe in open relationship. In my opinion, I don't like to be shared and I don't like sharing. Of course, we all flirt. We like to have that feeling that we are still desirable. You know what I mean? But, I will go only go home to my bf. Not anyone else.

  11. the only reason monogamy (for women) was introduced was to ensure the property went to the right son and not to the bastards. ancient history 101. so before that apparently the whole family and friends would sleep with the bride before the groom would after a delightful wedding..and such would continue till some asshole decided otherwise. i often wonder what would have happened if it the men who had to be monogamous and the women would sleep with as many men as they wanted to ensure the brightest bulb(sperm) won out the race to ensure the fittest human race rather than i-shall-bequeath-my-soil-to-my-son shit had happened..anyway i believe human beings are not naturally inclined for one particular way. it depends on the people. some are naturally disposed towards monogamy, other love fucking everyone.

  12. People can be so mean! But let me tell you that I read your blog for some months now and I just love your honest (and very funny!) writing! (What I want to say is that somebody with your intellect should not be offended by somebody stupid saying something stupid!)And you don´t look like a guy at all!
    Hope you do not still think about it to much anymore <3

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