Platform sneakers and an honest review of nowistyle, promise!

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 Many of you already know about the brand nowistyle and their suspicious generosity towards the blogging community. For you girlies who don’t know, let me explain. Nowistyle sends a big fat box  full of clothes and accessories to bloggers. In exchange bloggers have to style outfits depending on their individual taste, take photos and send them.
First of all, let me get a few things straight. Nowistyle haven’t asked me to write this review, they haven’t asked me to post these outfits on my blog or other social platforms. They give you a certain amount of freedom, which is very refreshing and different from all the other brands.
I wanted to make an honest review, because I feel nowistyle is a store worth sharing about.  
First thing that comes to mind of course is, “Oh Gawd, they’re giving me free stuff!!!”…Now, you may think I  would sell my ass for free stuff, but you would be far from the truth. 
The truth is I made this blog for non commercial purposes, I made it to express my frustration towards public transportation, post some outfits from time to time, find friends, because I’m a friendless weirdo, and most of all, find stores which are worth writing about, and nowistyle is exactly that. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint, if someone wants to pay me 100 bucks a month for sticking up an ugly banner on my blog I would do it. I don’t have the privilege to reject such an offer, but if someone wants me to write something “witty and positive” about them, I would write it if it is indeed, worth it.
So, what IS so special about nowistyle? 
1. Treatment

Imagine your favorite coffee shop with the most delicious, cinnamon chocolaty coffee in the world. Now, imagine the person working in that shop. Imagine he/she to be an extremely friendly person, with a genuine concern towards your problems about choosing a coffee, or questions about different tastes. That’s how I feel about nowistyle. Their personnel treats you like a human being, they answer your every mail,  no matter how stupid your question was, and always present feedback. Which for me, is the icing of the cake. Without decent human relationships, shopping can be a drag.

2. QPD- quality, price, design. 
The three main things I look at when buying clothes are fabric, cut, crafstmanship. Bot three are top notch quality. Not only that, but for this top notch quality, the prices are reasonable and sometimes extremely cheap. “Asos” for example, has wonderful merchandise, but I can’t afford them, even if I sell my liver. Nowistyle is, perhaps, the cheapest store I’ve found so far.
I mean, come on, 30 bucks for a coat with leather sleeves? What more do you want woman?
The design of the whole merchandise this brand sells, is interesting, original and beautiful. From spikes to floral motives, from leather to denim, from baggy to slim (and I just realized that last sentence rhymes), they have it all and in great variety. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.
So did you guys purchased something already from this brand, share your experience with it in the comments. I would be happy to hear your opinion.
Fashinoy part: Wanted to show off my new platform sneakers (nowistyle). Man, I love them! Cardi-second hand, dotted top- Next.

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29 thoughts on “Platform sneakers and an honest review of nowistyle, promise!”

  1. Very pretty pics. I also collaborate with nowistyle, and i must agree that personal relationship they establish with bloggers and freedom they give is highly appriciated. And I find it rather interesting that I never really know what might arrive to my adress, it gives me a sort of creative challenge πŸ™‚

    Blog: Venoma's fashion diary

  2. I love love love your honestly, Keit. It's my favorite thing about you. You're just an awesome person in general and I'm glad to have metcha. πŸ˜€ and the reasons behind why you started your blog are flawless, especially the complaining about public transportation part (and all those weirdos, right??).

    That's great that they make such a different connection with bloggers! And the platform sneakers you received from them are just way too cool. I'm glad you found a store that you really like! I'll have to check em out now. πŸ˜€

  3. I have seen their stuff in your blog and maybe in a couple of other blogs too but I don't buy from foreign online stores so I can't share any thoughts about it. anyway, it's nice to hear that they know how to treat their customers. I think it's the most important thing when it comes to stores. anyway, your outfit is such a cute one with all those polka dots and new sneakers.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Your honesty is refreshing Keit, most bloggers try to shove sponsored products down readers throats (most of the time its pretty obvious) and that defeats the purpose of bloging…I like the fact that you have presented your opinion plus sponsored merchandise with outmost open-ness xxx

  5. You are probably the coolest person I've never met. Your blog is like looking through a fashion magazine except that you don't annoy me as much as fashion magazines do. You're just awesome with no regret after reading. Love the shades of blue here and how cozy and wonderful your cardigan is!

  6. What a fun box of clothes! (And I'm impressed that they're good quality, that's usually really hard to find for under $30.) Your hair just looks so flippin cute in the head scarf like that, the blue really shows off your stunning eyes.

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