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Good morning beautiful nachos! I’m currently so happy it is Saturday that I can’t even think of anything to write in here. Not that I don’t like working myself to death from Monday till Friday and waking up in an ungodly early hour to a pile of crap the doge left as a present. Don’t get me wrong, I love to stare at a computer for 8 hours straight and smoke cigarettes every half an hour. Dream life right there!
For me Saturdays are days for staying in a pajama till late night and eating leftovers from yesterday, Saturdays are a state of mind, Saturdays are a time to reconsider is being a hobo really that bad? Is paying bills actually overrated?

My favorite activities during a Saturday is not been bothered by anyone and ..not been bothered by anyone. Those days are sacred people! I could do something productive today though, maybe go to the dentist cause I have a hole in my tooth with the size of a beached whale, maybe clean up the apartment cause it’s starting to look like the home of an OCD hoarder, maybe cook something so we don’t starve, maybe……OR maybe, I can just sit around all day while the guilt of doing nothing sinks in slowly into my irresponsible heart. 

How about you guys, how would you usually spend a Saturday? Do you run away from obligations or are you one of those extinct species that use the weekend to run errands? 

Now let’s get down to business, before I feel too lazy to blog. 
I found this dress in Remix again, and please don’t laugh, but I thought I might use it for a night gown. 
I tried it once or twice but I felt like I was falling asleep like some Disney princess. It just doesn’t feel as right, as borrowing you boyfriend’s stinky t-shirt to sleep in it. 

As it turns out, the dress is more outside appropriate so I’ve decided to wear it ..wait for it….outside! On her first walk into the wild I wore it with the new plastic raincoat and jeans underneath. I don’t know what’s this love I harbor towards dresses over jeans, but I adore how it looks. 

These photos were taken few days ago when my hair was still like this. If you follow my Instagram you will know that I went blonde, then I went blonde and purple, and currently I am with blue and purple hair….. My boyfriend by the way, made me record a promise on his phone, that if this time the dyeing doesn’t work I won’t dye my hair any more. He’s a bit dramatic and concerned that he’s going to date a bald gal, and he doesn’t let me dye my hair anymore. So, either I like it or not, it’s staying for good….I’ll post some photos later on, on my Instagram so I can hear out your opinion as well. Please lie to me and tell me I’m pretty!
Transparent Raincoat – Fashionclub, Glitter dress – Remix, Red patent boots – Zara.
Anyways, I really like how this outfit turned out. The proportions are good and the transparent raincoat I must say is extremely versatile. You can dress down a bit and wear something casual, but when you place it on top it gives that extra that makes you stand out. I’d say it is a good investment, not to mention that it’s actually practical as well, not like those coats without pockets! 
What do you guys think? Is it over the top? 
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9 thoughts on “Plastic Transparent Raincoat + Pink Glitter Dress”

  1. That is how I like to spend my Saturdays as well! Typically my weeks are so crazy, I need a Saturday to just unwind, and not see ANYBODY! Haha. And maybe occasionally take a walk or something.

    This outfit is really cute. It reminds me of springtime.

  2. I love dresses over jeans too and this dress would be boring worn just on it's own as a dress-so predictable. Since I am a lazy slob seven days a week there is not much remarkable about Saturday. I have that feeling leftover from the days when I worked that makes me think I should be getting errands done on Saturday. I went grocery shopping with my son today. Woohoo! I'll do anything just to spend time with him.

  3. I love your hair Keit! Bald is not so great but I don't think it'll come to that, tell the boyf to chillax 😉
    Weekends at my house are all about me constantly trying to prise my three children off their devices. They're lazy little shits just like their Dad.
    I don't like to waste ime although I am a bit of a homebody. Yep there's inevitably a bit of guilt to deal with over here too…

  4. You look great and this is such a cute outfit….the more I look at it, the less over the top this plastic overcoat seems…and who knows maybe I'll end up getting one? I love how you paired it with that dress and jeans. Denim is perfect for making any outfit look toned down, and somehow it is easier to get away with wearing dresses and jeans, as opposed to dresses and pants (although, I love that combo as well).

    I love your lavender hair! Hair is always worth the time and the investment, if we're happy with it, why not change our hair colour often? But I also understand why your boyfriend might be concerned because using too much dye can seriously damage our hair.

    I bought a bronze hair dye myself and you know what happened? Nothing. I just ended up having this weird bronze shine. I've been dying my hair at home since I remember and this is the first time I'm not happy with the result. Perhaps it has something to do with the type of dye I bought. Anyhow, I think I'll stick with my natural hair colour for the time being.

    When it comes to weekends, I always loved this idea of making them different from the rest of the week, whether it is by just relaxing or something else.

  5. It’s a fab outfit, I think the dress prob looks better like that over jeans. As for Saturday’s, you’ve got to spent at least one day at the weekend doing nothing, what else are weekends for.
    I just read your post on getting back to blogging, hope your doing ok and fully recovered!

  6. This outfit is AMAZING! I would wear it all the time. That transparent jacket is phenomenal. Maybe not the most practical but it would be a stylish rain jacket on a rainy day.

    Saturdays are for catching up and sleeping in. And trying to get ahead of things for the next week, but usually succumbing to laziness!

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