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Dear People of the internet, it is I, Voldemor…I mean Keit! Now that the pesky New Year is over it is  time to check on those discounts my favorite local shops offer and as a result here comes a haul blog post. 
I snatched these goodies online from a Bulgarian website that sells unique branded items, mostly of which are from Asos. Sorry for the crappy photos, but I tried shooting these while I was smoking a cigarette with my coffee, trying to wake up in the early morning, and the dog was chewing on my leg….

1. Gold slip on dress.

It is a shame I can not wear this to work since with it you’re sparkling like a Christmas tree. I bought it mainly because I am loving the slip on trend and how versatile it is. You can practically put everything underneath. I imagine it will look business appropriate with a black turtleneck, so who knows maybe I can give it a try at work, worst case scenario is they’re going to send me off to my pimp.

2. The second and third finds I decided to style together since I think the transparent raincoat compliments the sleek lustrous skirt very well. Both of these are two sizes too big for me, but as most of the situations I deal with in my life, I thought “Who gives a damn!” so I bought them even though the raincoat makes me look like I am a caterpillar trying to escape from its cocoon. 

As I mentioned on my previous post, I love the plastic trend that will be featured this Spring, but let me tell you, it is not for daily use. The plastic keeps sticking to itself and it makes so much bone crushing sounds everyone will be aware when you enter a room, a cave, a road, trust me, you will leave your mark every time.

The last purchase is the silver small purse from Asos which despite the looks of it being small, I can stash my srurvival kit in there, which is all I need. You never know if someone might need a magnesium lighter to build a fire to scare off wolves. Always prepared!

And thus, the haul concludes. Tune in for our next episode, for now I am off to cook some suspicious looking meat cause I am starving.
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11 thoughts on “Plastic Transparent Raincoat #OOTD and a Haul”

  1. Great look, great note. I will come to Sofia in April, wish me good-luck to see such amazing looking people on Sofia's streets. Love yaaaa.

  2. The raincoat and skirt definitely work together. I nearly spewed wine when I read that you look like a caterpillar trying to escape from the cocoon. When you make your escape you can wear the gold dress with a black turtleneck and it will be awesome!

  3. Hey you look quite mysterious in that outfit! I wish I could wear some plastic here but even though it has been raining and chilly for my tropical inner temp taste, it would be a nightmare! Plus, the sounds? Does the skirt make a sound too when you move from a seating position? I don't want to seem like I'd farted even though I did. This trend is a tough one. But you rocked it and I want to see more! Please?

  4. Plastic raincoat, camo blouse and a red neon miniskirt? That does sound like your style and I have to say that I loved this combo! You wear it so well. I'm not sure would I get a lot of use of a plastic coat, so I'll probably not be getting one, but if I had one in my closet, I would totally enjoy wearing it. I'm not doing a lot of shopping these days, the older I get, the more clothes I seem to have – and I'm not good with getting rid of things, I'm kind of sentimental when it comes to clothes.

    If you decide to try the gold dress and turtleneck look, so share. I think it could look very pretty.

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