Pink hair is a bitch + pink studded hat

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You know what really sucks about pink hair? Blood stains…
I’ve been leaving blood stains all over the apartment. With every shower, the bathroom looks more and more like a crime scene for the FBI.  
– Mam, who did you kill in here? 
-No one, I swear, I dyed my hair!
-Yeah right, that’s what all the murderous ladies say. 
At least if I ever get lost in the woods, I wouldn’t have to worry about finding bread crumbs or pebbles. I just have to wash my hair and leave a trail of pink drops. Just like women in medieval times, only their drops were coming from different places…you know..the vagina! 
I got a new magenta color and it’s quite difficult not to touch anything, after a shower, because it turns into a pink hue. King Midas had the ability to turn everything into gold, I turn everything into barbie pink.  Who’s more fucked?
Look of the day is a pink H&M hat I studded, because hell, studs make everything look cooler, Asos green jacket, Mango oversize woolen dress.

Scratching my nose in the first photo, hot!

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45 thoughts on “Pink hair is a bitch + pink studded hat”

  1. Oh no!! Crime scene everywhere! But I guess it's kinda awesome that if you do happen to get lost, you'll always be able to find your way back. Just don't rob any banks in the meantime, 'cause you'd probably be super easy to track. 😉

    Haha, but I'm loving your pink hair! It looks so good and I love that you matched your lipstick to it (and your socks and hats, too?!). It makes it look more like a neutral than a bright color, which is awesome that you can do that. Keep bein' awesome, Miss Keit :D!

  2. Oh my gosh – there is so much I love about this!

    First off, the backpack is perfection. I love how cool it makes you look, and how it's such a classy twist on a backpack.
    I'm also digging the necklace. The way it breaks up the outfit with a pop of chrome is so great. And then your shoes! Like doc martins with a bit of a heel. The soles are so thick and great.

    ahhh. just love this all. your hair is insane, by the way. totally worth the blood stains you're leaving around.


  3. I know the difficulties and dangers of hair color well; but it's all worth it – you're hair is. AMAZING! Worth the CSI-style bathroom I'd say (wouldn't recommend inviting the coppers over for tea though). I agree with Gabrielle ^ – your necklace is fabulous. Ties the whole thing in together nice and stylish!


  4. I love that you can wear muted colors in your outfit, but there is such vibrant color in your hat/hair/lips. It creates such an interesting and beautiful look! I have never dyed my hair, but this made me laugh-at least you don't need to redecorate your house-it's slowly being decorated for you! heh…right? 🙂

  5. Oh, the joys of dyeing your hair at home… I know just what you're dealing with 🙂 I've been meaning to ask you what dye you use, because your pink is just so amazingly bright. But since my bathroom is all white, maybe I don't want to decorate it with pink drops 😉 Love your studded pink cap.

  6. your photos are always so beautifully edited! and i love how casually but perfect this outfit is. i completely understand your hair complaints-after i dyed the ends of my hair bright red a while ago i kept waking up to sheets that looked like someone had died all over them. it's probably a good thing i wasn't suspected in any assassinations or anything because my whole apartment looked like a murder crime scene. haha. great post!

  7. Hahha, my stupid red hair does the small thing! I can't dry it off on any of the towel since the dye gets allover them and it won't come out. 😛

    And wow, look at you making a winter coat look so cool! I really like the army green color and the different structure to this coat, it has more of a rugged feel than the usual puffy coats does. Plus, it's awesome with the pink hat and hair.

  8. Whenever I dye my roots, I always tell myself I won't get any dye on my clothes ('cause I'm lazy and don't wanna change), but then I do in fact get dye on my clothes every. single. time. (Yeah, I'm smart.)

    This is one of my favourite looks from you, btw!

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