Pink Feather Skirt from Choies and Why I don’t like Being Called Missis

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Just had a dream with Hugh Jackman so excuse my irrational rambling today. The wound of waking up and seeing my fat cats instead of Hugh is still fresh. Let’s talk about life stuff today shall we? And by life stuff, I mean those awkward stuff I do and think when I breathe, hence 100% of the time. As I said in previous posts awkward is not cool, quirky is maybe a line between cute and weird, but awkward is just weird and unsettling. So, when I say awkward, I don’t mean it as vampire magnet, beautiful chic, oh gosh I play video games and have social anxiety awkward, I say it as more of a “Jeezus, you’re freaking me out” kind of way. Moving on…

One of the few things I don’t like being called is missis and Katia. While Katia is just a horrible equivalent of my name which sounds more like an exotic poisonous vegetable than a name, missis is a statement that I immediately connect to my age. When someone says missis, the following thought process occurs – “Oh em gi, do I really look that old?” Because, in my big forehead I always assume old people get married and thus, I must look old. As you can see, it’s not a rational thought and not that big of a deal, but when someone calls me that, I have an itch to tell them straight away that I’m actually a miss! (maybe accompany the statement with a motion of gracefully throwing my hair like in the photo below for an enhanced effect).
So, where’s the problem you may ask?

The problem lies in another irrational thought, when the person I talk to is a guy. If a guys calls me missis and I respond “Oh no, I’m a miss!” in my head it sounds like “Oh no, I’m a miss, look at how hot I am, wanna go on a date, you have to buy me food and beer and watch me play The Witcher for 6 hours straight, you won’t regret it!”. At this point, after giving it so much thought, I get confused and usually say “Oh no I’m a miss” with a weird blank smile, eyes dilated and body electrified like a Christmas three, which scares people off or even worse, they might think I’m friendly!

I am perfectly aware that most people brush off this statement like they brush off dandruff from a black sweater, but it’s always a bit awkward when I say I’m actually a miss…Maybe I can force the boyfriend into finally marrying me. I’ll be able to skip the awkward explaining AND get a fancy ring, boohyah!
Do you guys have similar or other irrational awkward daily life thoughts, do share in the comments!

Now, let’s talk some fashion ladies! I’ve been dying to show you this fluffy feather skirt I got from Choies! It’s pink, it’s fluffy, and it has feathers! It’s the cream of my closet, it’s my pork-chop with baked potatoes, it’s my blonde tall bearded viking, it’s my Carl Sagan, it’s my world! I’ve wanted a feather skirt for so long and this beautiful pink eye candy is the perfect example that shows yes, the Universe gives a crap about me!

The skirt has one minus though, it’s waaaay too short, so I had to wear it with leggings underneath. I’d like to keep my private parts private, thank you very much!
I decided to style it Frenchy and wear a striped boat neck blouse as a top. For the shoes I’m wearing transparent flats I bought from an awesome outlet store we have here in Sofia. They are from the brand & other stories and the original price tag was 65 euros, but I bought them for 15!
I also bought two pairs of sparkling socks, one of which I’m wearing here. The best thing about these shoes is you can wear all kinds of different socks and it’s like wearing a different shoe. I’m thinking of buying me a bunch of color crazy socks, see where it leads me!

If you’re wondering about the weird pose on the photo below, I was showing the boyfriend how women look in most fashion magazines (pulled the leggings down for maximum weirdness). He’s baffled by their hunched backs and squiggly placement of their limbs and whenever I try to pose like for a magazine shoot he scolds me.

The jewel in the crown though is this kitty – pearl necklace, that is again from Choies. It’s an adorable masterpiece, don’t know who came up with the combination of a fluffy kitty and pearls on a golden chain, but he/she must be sipping cocktails on a fancy island, because this is a money guaranteed brilliant idea!

Let me know do you like fashion items decorated with feathers? Which ones? Bags, dresses, tops? 

Stripe top & Vintage purse – Second Hand, Transparent Flats – & other stories (bought from an Outlet Mall), Pink feather skirt – c/o Choies, Kitty and pearl necklace – c/o Choies
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22 thoughts on “Pink Feather Skirt from Choies and Why I don’t like Being Called Missis”

  1. That necklace is sooooo cute!! I love your irrational thinking. If we all had the same thoughts, wouldn't it such a boring World. It's people like you that make it more exciting 🙂

  2. Ahh, It actually happens to me a lot, too. I don't get called a Missis tho but whenever I go out with my big sis or whenever we are in family gathering, they keep telling me 'whoaaa, who is the actual big sister?why you look much older than your sis?' ugh. the age gap between me and my sis is 6years…6 YEARS…*cries in the corner*
    but well, I get used to hear it, so I guess I'll do nothing lol

    That furry skirt is so cute*__* I want to wear furry things but well, I guess my body could melt if i wear those in here xD AAAA I love the top too! I dreamed having off-shoulder top because it looks so cute, I'm gonna buy it next time i go shopping!:3

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  3. When I used to have a parrot, I would save up his feathers (that he would shed) and use them to make earrings and necklaces. Is that too much information? In my defense, at least I wasn't harming any animal, I actually helped him shed feather by petting him but he got so used to petting that he would bite me if I didn't do it first thing in the moment….ah, good times. This was ages ago, back when I was in high school….and I remember I was less freaked out when somebody would call me misses than I am now….but I do expect younger people to call me that:)
    It does annoy my husband when we sit somewhere and the waiter asks : 'and what does the girl want?'….I guess I'm a bit undecided on the subject…it depends on the day I'm having.

    as for fashion poses…sometimes to me they look silly…especially because there is one that is constantly repeated, you know the slouching shoulders one- I think it is supposed to make one look skinnier but really who wants to look at protruding bones?

    you look fantastic! I absolutely love that feather skirt…and the kitty necklace is fabulous!!!!

  4. So many amazeballs fashiony goodness in this! I mean, come on, ITS A PINK FLUFFY SKIRT OMG 0_O
    Haha, and yes, fashion magazine posing is the weirdest. I never understand how they get away with it. Though if anyone could pull it off, it'd be you.
    Tehehe, and awkward…I get the whole misus thing though, albeit I don't always correct the person who tries calling me that. I see why you'd do that though!

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    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. yesterday I was interrupted while I wrote this comment so there is one more line in my head- I think that skirt would also look great with leggings or tights…I'm curious to see it styled in another outfit….it's just so damn fabulous…now I want to rock sth with feather too…and no parrot nearby, what ever shall I do!

    in reply to the DIY comment- you can try gluing things together, that would take a lot less time….or just buy a hear pin that already has some kind of decoration and just add some stuff you like, for example a pink kitty:)

  6. feather-y clothes? I do love that skirt on you but I can't imagine myself wearing it. not at all. and to be honest I have no clothes with feathers in my wardrobe. but yeah, that pink skirt combined with the striped top is such a cool duo and those new sneakers I also love. that type of shoe is actually one of my favourites right now. and today's photos are extra cool. I like those special poses and your bouncy hair! mmm but what bothers me when it comes to everyday stuff? maybe when people make comments about having babies. I mean they "must" know when will I have one. I don't know if relatives ask that from you but from me some of them do, especially the ones that are very far from me and we don't even communicate more often than once a year or so. but yeah, they just have to know! anyway, as I already said, I love your outfit and that outlet you described sounds like something really cool! too bad we don't have any here in my hometown.

    Maiken – Part of me

  7. This is such an adorable look, Keit. I love the furry skirt. The pink cat and pearl necklace is so 'French' and your lavender shoes and socks is absolutely fab. This is like a Carrie Bradshaw attire. Fabulous!

  8. Somehow I keep thinking you are holding a pink furry cushion in front of you!
    Those shoes!!!! Flat, sexy and see through. Although a little disturbing without socks, in my head.
    Love the bike shorts and the necklace, and the vogue pose 😀

  9. The feather skirt is fun! Though I, too, would prefer a longer one so that it could be worn without leggings. When people call me Ma'am or Mrs. I have to accept that because I really am a Mrs. and have been for almost 5 years. Insanity. What's harder is getting used to kids calling me "Aunty", the general term of respect for older adults in this part of the world. I remember calling people "Aunty" when I was a kid growing up over here…

  10. Hehehe. I really, really, really don't like being called, 'maam.' So, I'm with you. I know it's just the person being polite, but ugh. It really does make me feel SUPER old. Also, can I just say that your shoe game is always on point. Holy sh*t. I need your entire shoe closet! I could never wear that fluffy skirt and pull it off, but you wear it with such ease. You look great!

    – Anna

  11. Well first of all knowing how you dress up, I can't possibly imagine why you'd be called missis. I mean, come on you're one of the coolest, quirkiest people I know over the internet (case in point, this adorable skirt which, by the way, only you can pull off), so I really can't imagine a situation where you look old. But i am totally with you on that, I don't like being called ma'am, madam, or missis. It makes me feel a bit insecure hahah.

    But again, mannnnn this outfit!!! only you can ever ever ever pull this off!

    xo, Carla

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