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While my short hair is getting longer and bushier, my attempts to pacify it are starting to get desperate. Thank God for the trusty headband and plaid shirts.

This outfit is a favorite of mine, because its overall cost was 20 bucks. Call me the thrift queen, or the bum who can’t afford new clothes, but thеse jewels are the mere reason of my existence. Well, at least for now, until I find something prettier! Not shallow at all!

Decided to take up on Diva In me’s  advice on the awkward smile suggestion. Turns out, that if I’m not smiling I make this mouth half open, “I’m constipated” look. Cool!

Top- Clockhouse (second hand), Plaid shirt- Hollister (second hand), vintage high waist jeans (second hand).

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50 thoughts on “Pin up”

  1. definitely one of your coolest looks! love that headband and of course those awesome tights. also I'm a fan of high-waisted shorts/pants/skirts. those are the most comfortable things ever.
    btw, about my card holder 😛 it's actually for those client cards you have to get discounts from different shops, not for business cards 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. HAHA! Love this all! Especially the tights…they're my latest obsession! And hey, the cheaper the better…I'm all for anything less than 19.99! (This next year I have a lofty and expensive project to work on so I'll be right next to you at the thrift store!)

  3. Those tights are so rad! They're like awesome little candy canes for your legs. And I'm glad that you're able to tame your hair right now–is it in that awkward hair growth stage?

  4. dude, you are the thrift queen. You are rocking that plaid shirt and I'm a little jealous that you can wear tights with shorts right now, you are one tough chick! Are you growing your hair right now? I've been admiring how awesome you can make you hair look at this awkward phase, when I was growing my hair out from being super short it was the most hideous thing ever, I think I frightened small children with it.

  5. Ahhhh! I love this outfit-it's like a way cooler, much more awesome version of my everyday uniform. You've given me some great ideas for switching up the classic flannel+tights+short denim combo. Great post-you look gorgeous, as always 🙂

  6. I just can't get over how good your hair looks in pink when you combine it with your clothes! And about the lenghts… it is exactly the reason why i never end up having the guts to cut mine, I feel like in two months it's going to be hard to manage… You did a good job for the post though, it doesn't look messy at all!

  7. Only 20 bucks?! No shit?!! That's a great deal for a chic look! That stockings rock!!
    Can't believe it that you took my suggestion! LOL!! Hah!'s not too bad at all for not smiling don't you think? You don't look constipated!! LMAO! You look like you're staring into space which is absolutely cool!!

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