Nintendo Pikachu Backpack & Thoughts on Moving Out

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I haz internet!!! It’s official, what I hate more than healthy living is moving out! I never fully grasped how much it sucked until I ate chocolate with a plastic knife and wore the same jeans for 6 days in a row. Those are first world problems, but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about them. That’s why I have you, to hear me complain and pretend you care! Thank you for that, you’re the best! ^_^

I didn’t have time to shoot outfits until yesterday when I went out to get some food and the wind peeled my skin off and I died….Then got resurrected by my Pikachu buddy and went back home as fast as humanly possible. I will be back to my regular blogging soon, so don’t worry, I’ve got tons of stuff to share, including my new apartment and monthly favorites! But for now, I’ll leave you with this citrus outfit and my fat Pikachu backpack. This isn’t even my final form!!!

I wanted to create and outfit that was equally nerdy, idiotic and feminine, and I think I did pretty well. When I walked by people, I heard hysterical laughter and often the following comments: “Pikachuuuuuu, aaaaaaaargha!”. The aaaaaaaargha” part was a mix of someone choking from laughter and their inability to swallow saliva. I wonder what’s so funny about a fat Pikachu?
Anyways, for my nerdy idiotic and feminine combo I mixed a sexy mesh shirt under a tight bodycon maxi dress and added my neon beanie. The end result might be too strenuous for the eyes, but I love yellow, so I kept it that way and toned it down with black boots.
The dress is so tight you can see the outlines of my underwear! I guess it wasn’t a very bright idea to wear lace pink boxers on this day, but hey, you learn while you make horrible, horrible mistakes!
The bracelets were made by a very talented girl from She makes them from rubber bands and can create the most amazing colorful combinations! If you’re from Bulgaria and love colors I’d strongly recommend to check her out!

So that’s it for today’s outfit! I’m not very satisfied with how these photos turned out, but I was dying to share my Pikachu, so I hope you like them and see you soon! Btw, if you have some funny or awful moving out moments, share them in the comments, I’d love to hear them out!

Bodycon Dress, Citrus Mesh Shirt & Pikachu Backpack – Second Hand, Neon Beanie – Nowistyle, Bracelets – Handmade from
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26 thoughts on “Nintendo Pikachu Backpack & Thoughts on Moving Out”

  1. Хаха, страхотна си, както винаги! Много, много готини цветове! А в раницата на Пикачу нямасъвсем нищо нередно… или смешно 😀 Уау, местене в нов апартамент!!! Много вълнуващо 😀 Ще чакам да споделиш подробности!
    Между другото… майка ми е детска учителка и дечицата в нейната група правят тонове и тонове от тези гривнички непрекъснато. Вкъщи имаме подарени поне 50тина 😀 Даже вече изпращам по майка ми поръчки от сорта на… моля ти се кажи им да ми направят черно с жълто… или синьо с бяло и т.н. 😀

  2. Oh. Moving out sucks. Like a lot! ^^
    But you look terrific! I just NEED to mention, that you have the most gorgeous body, I'm kinda jealous now! 😀

    XX, Sara.

  3. The Pikachu backbpack is so adorable and works so well with the whole outfit. This outfit is just so right on you! It helps that you have a runway model's body and are as adorable as Pikachu yourself. I am going to have to wear sunglasses for the rest of the day after looking at these pics but it was worth it. Can't wait to see your new place! xoxoxo

  4. IT'S PIKACHUUUUU!!! I just want to squeeze him and never let him go!! (insert all the childhood feels here).
    Hehe, I was/am a huge Pokemon fan, so this backpack is life basically. <3

    Anyway, glad to see a post from you! Haha, first world problems indeed. We've all been there. It sucks not having everything set up the way you're used to. Hope you get unpacked and settled soon!

    Looooove this sexy maxi dress and the colorful/quirky/fun way you styled it. 🙂

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Wow! How to sock it to us to make sure we never forget you and never see again! I have a Keit afterimage!!!
    This is such a perfect mix of all your adorableness…nerdy, sexy, and skinny! Oh and cute…don't forget bright (colour and brains), also cool, and hilarious and… I love that last shot best.
    Moving stories…hmmm…all I can think of is how when we moved to Canada when first married, we took a trunk. When we moved from New Zealand a few years ago we needed a shipping container! Kids will do that to you! At least I blame them 😉 wow look at all the exclamation marks in this comment. That's to pay you back for putting my eye out with colourful gorgeousness. Now, where can I get a neon beanie…? Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. woh Katerina! If someone ask me to wear these bright clothes I would certainly hesitate, but they roxx on you! This slightly cut-on-the-leg dress is reaaly glamourous, and turning badass with the tights and shoes (I always love these kind of combinaison)… and this nerdy touch of pikachu-yellow is crazy-awesome!
    I feel the Harajuku vibe, and it's glowing! gl with the moving and have a good day =)

  7. I have no fondness for cartoons at all–even as a kid, I ignored them, so I'm no pikachu fan, but I do like the sweet bright colors of this outfit!
    I definitely know that moving from one place to another is a huge hassle–it almost seems like the work never ends! I'm really glad we have almost no stuff after our last move so the next move should be much simpler.
    P.S. I saw you mention left-handedness in another post. I'm left-handed, too. 🙂

  8. well, I was kicked out from my previous place (by my own parents) if that counts as an awful moment 😀 I'm not holding a grudge though and today we get along pretty nicely. anyway, that's one incredibly streamline outfit, Keit. yellow and red are so effective together and that chubby Pikachu is adorable. haha and that part about people hysterically laughing made me laugh too. not hysterically though but rather secretly. oh and reading your recent comment definitely made my day, I'm sad you're so far away because I would love to have someone like you closer to me. days would definitely be much more brighter then 😀 by the way, I'm really trying to follow those tips you left me and there actually are days when I'm pretty good at it! sunny weather helps too I guess.

    Maiken – Part of me

  9. LOL first world problem, it is! but i hear ya,moving's a pain.
    and can i just say this is the most ridiculously adorable outfit?! i love it. i don't know how you do it but I can never ever pull off these colors together. you're the coolest nerd and I love you for being one. seriously. I. Cant. Even. Very moschino kapow!

    xo, Carla

  10. I had a phase when I was young that I love pikachu I had 2 tees with him in it and it was yellow and blue (I can't even imagine) but look at you kinda pulling a Cara. You can pull off anything I have no doubt now xoxoxo

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