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You know what really bugs me? Girls partying in a car…You’ve seen the video clips and you’ve heard the songs: “Let’s get down, it’s going to be an awesome night, because I love youuuu…anally”. Yeah…these are the ones. It always bugs me how come those girls are having seizures in the car.
It’s not THAT fun, believe me, I’ve tried. It’s cluttered, the air is filled with 5 different drunken breaths and the person who’s driving is the saddest and loneliest loser in the world (cause he’s driving and you’re partaaaaying).
So how come those girls are having so much fun? (because they are drunk, you’ll say) and you might be right. But come to think of it, when I’m drunk the last thing I would want doing is shaking in a stuffed automobile with another mini-skirt maniac. It’s common sense- too much dancing and no air= beer bad.
Another thing that really disturbs me are the cocktails. Cocktails are the ultimate sign of aristocracy. When I’m 15 and I see those clips, when I hop in a car later, I expect a cocktail damn it! Why did those girls lie, all I got was a kick in the ass…shame. Anyways, these past few days were brain teasers, as you can see, with the good old rain and cold. But there is a bright side to it, I wore my new Asos jacket and made photos in the rain (cause I’ve been healthy 4 whole days, and getting kind of bored with it..).

 Raining cherry blossoms…

Jacket- Asos,, necklace-

 At one point it started raining hail, so I was really impressed with the endurance of my head.

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9 thoughts on “PartaY!”

  1. i like these photos a lot! the tones and the render are perfect! it reminds me that i have to buy a good camera! I also love your top and the jacket!

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  3. Love the green/yellow contrast! I'm such a colour nerd. A lot of raunchy pop songs don't make much sense. The last place I wanna be when I'm drunk is inside a car with other people.

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