Oversized Nowistyle Coat, Pensil Plaid Skirt + Boring Sexual Descriptions

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Is it just me, or do sexual experiences in books and magazines are always portrayed in a blunt and boring matter?  I recently read an article in a woman’s magazine (I have no idea why I keep reading those) in which various men, from various ages, were describing the best sex they ever had. And I’m pretty sure those men are fictional and the articles were written by females, because the narrative was just like reading a paragraph from a vampire-related erotic novel. I don’t know a man in the world who talks that way. Example: “her glowing skin bristled with temptation” and “her long chestnut hair was dripping down her breasts like a waterfall“.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but since when do men pay attention to someone’s hair, except in those freaky “Wash & Go” commercials…
Women’s magazines aside, books have the same issue with depicting sex in a “sexual matter”. Either it’s a long description of how she had, like 4 orgasms, or a romanticized cuddling accompanied with a few thrusts here and there. Maybe I read the wrong books, but I bet my crooked teeth, that people who create erotic fanfics do a better job than all those erotic novelists.
I do like how Buskowski writes about it: ” I fucked her, then her friend joined and I fucked them both“. Plain and simple! 

Fashiony part: I got the perfect oversize coat from Nowistyle this winter. The shape is exactly what I’ve been wanting, not too bulky, but still has room for lots of layers underneath. It’s been pretty cold these days so I paired it with my chunky H&M scarf. 
The plaid skirt and tee are the best possible combo for a polished laid bad look. The cherry on top is the skirt. It’s from a woolen material, still very thick and perfect for colder days. As you know I love colors and I try to stay away from black during winter, so this skirt is perfect for that purpose, it’s a breath of fresh air. 
The t-shirt is so extremely soft and gentle to the skin, that I even wear it at home. Although I might have to stop doing that soon, because my cats love to lay on top of it and lick their butts.  

Coat- NowIstyle, T-shirt- SLY (couldn’t find it, but here is something similar,  Plaid Skirt- SLY.

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18 thoughts on “Oversized Nowistyle Coat, Pensil Plaid Skirt + Boring Sexual Descriptions”

  1. hahahaha! Oh my gosh, your writing continues to be forever beautiful and golden, Keit. Yeah, those do sound a bit lik ethey're from badly written romance novels… that last one, though, that's right on point!

    I love that cozy knit scarf on ya. Maroon is your color!!

  2. Great combo girl, hope u didn't freeze while making those xD Ask for the descriptions, I have nothing to add. They are mostly retarded. I also read Bukowski and that man really know to describe it how he sees it. Did u read ''Women''? Amazing book, really!

    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma's fashion diary

  3. gosh you're funny! 😀 I can totally picture the part about your cats because my dog does the same thing but not with the butt, hahaha. anyway, too much information about that. I must say your plaid look is pretty awesome and I especially love the skirt! you absolutely rock it!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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