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As a person with an unimpressive chest area, I get easily amused by big boobs. Maybe it’s a nature thing, or maybe it’s a myth that only guys like boobies, anyway, my point being is that when I see an outfit on chictopia or lookbook with a nice percent of cleavage showing, all I wanna write in the comments is “BOOOOOBS”. And it’s an obsessive compulsive thing, I have an itch to write it every time, but I don’t, because the girl might get offended or accuse me of objectifying her… 

Nice word though “objectifying”, it has a ring to it. I have a sense that people are using it way too often  and for no need, other than being a smart ass. And what’s wrong with someone finding you hot, regardless of whether you’re an intelligent human being, who raises money for baby deers and feeds the poor. I wouldn’t mind someone having low expectations of me and finding me attractive. You can never go wrong with low expectations. If you ever screw up, people will be like “meh, we knew you suck, all is good”  and then you’d go on with your lives and everybody will be happy….but maybe that’s just me…
Fashiony part: Turns out dressing grunge is pretty easy. You just put whatever feels comfortable, looks trashy and whatever boyfriend finds repulsive, and voala, off you go into the big wide world, like the gentle social butterfly you’re not. 
Rammstein are coming! Only two more months and I’ll be able to see Till Lindemann’s beautiful blue eyes through the magical prism of booze.
BTW, that’s a totally legit outfit in the middle of Summer, yup, nothing to worry about, the Apocalypse is right behind the corner. 
Hat- H&M, cropped t-shirt- DIY, plaid shirt- Cichic, high waist shorts- nowistyle.

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20 thoughts on “Cleavage fascination”

  1. Oh my gosh I stare at boobs ALL the time! Yeah, I think because we lack them we kind of look toward them in a curious manner. Like what are they? Are they bouncy, are they all like that, why are some different? I feel ya, bro. I stare at boobs more than most guys probably do. If a chick is running and she's got the boobies, I am going to be in a boob trance, I am.

    Boobs aside, maaan I love our outfit! Your tights are way cool with those boots.

  2. Well, now I'm tempted to wear something low-cut for my next Chictopia post just to make you leave that comment. Haha. You know I wouldn't care. ๐Ÿ˜€

    You do grunge looks really f*cking well, dude. This look is perfect. I'm diggin' the ripped tights, the top layering and the boots!

    – Anna

  3. C'mon, you have enough boobs to wear a bra – so everything is good.

    Excellent grunge outfit! Those boots and shirt and hat are awesome! "boyfriend finds repulsive" – boyfriends have no sense of style ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Gosh, man, I'm about five pounds away from being a dude, boob-wise. I've got nothing up top and I've never had anything and I have a feeling that I'll always have nothing. So I know how you feel.

    To be honest, I don't really notice the bouncing beauties on other girls. I'm terribly spacey so unless someone else points them out, I'm all up in my own la la land.

    the tights are pure sex, by the way.


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