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One of my New Year resolutions, well not a New Year’s, but a resolution that I’ve had since I was 16, was to get better at coordination and map reading. Yeah, it may sound weird, but my years of experience getting lost, and getting other people, who are dumb enough to follow my directions lost, has lead me to the conclusion that I need some serious orientation upgrade. 
I’ve gotten lost in almost every new place I’ve visited, one time I even got lost in my own hometown, which is probably one of the smallest cities in the country. 
The saddest part is, I can’t be of any help to puzzled strangers, asking for directions. My way of giving directions, always comes down to something of this sort: “Okay, so you go left, and a little bit further you will see a thingy, you pass the thingy, no..wait..I mean turn right from the thingy. Yes! So after you go right, there must be a huge building shaped like a box, post office should be right underneath it, I mean left of it…” 

I’ve given directions several times and people tend to get lost even more, when I try to guide them. That’s why even if I do know where a certain building is, I almost always say that I don’t, because I’m damn sure that if I try to explain it, people will get even more confused. 
So yeah, I’m the typical stereotype female, who sucks at map reading, resents football and loves shopping. This actually makes me kinda sad… 
Anywho, are you ladies good at map reading or general orientation? 

Fashiony part.

One word: FLANNELS!!! Flannels are one of my favorite clothing pieces evahhhh! They can be incorporated in almost every outfit and in so many ways. As you already know, I love big, slouchy clothes and an oversize flannel has been on my wishlist since childhood. My dad has a lot of flannels, but he’s too huge, dah boyfriend is too huge too, this has lead me to a very sad realization: I need to buy my own oversize shit! Sad indeed!
Okay, enough rambling for today, I’m leaving you with, yet another dumb-ass smile. See ya around! 

Flannel and bag- Nowistyle, Skinny jeans- Asos, Necklace- Sammydress

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26 thoughts on “Oversize Plaid Flannel & Map Reading”

  1. I do get lost anywhere, even in my own neighborhood.I am good at remembering shapes and if I see something (an animal,car, anything) I remember how it looked like and I can even draw it but I have no idea WHERE I saw it. And I have no idea about directions at all.I cannot read maps 😀 😀
    I like flannels too and you look great 🙂

  2. You look so great in oversized shirts. I swear, I would look like a balloon if I tried this. Haha. You have a great silhouette. Love the mix of colors in this outfit! Oh and maps? Fuggedaboudit. I suck at directions. I remember one time I had to call my partner (who was in another state) to help me find my way on the streets of D.C. because the phone I had at the time was total crap when it came to maps. He looked up my position on Google and helped me out. Hey, I'm not proud of this, but I accept who I am in all my quirkiness and utter ineptitude (and so does my partner, thankfully). Haha. <3

    – Anna


  3. "a huge building shaped like a box" omfg isn't that the truth with directions? Thanks, bro, didn't realize MOST BUILDINGS ARE SHAPED LIKE BOXES WHAT.

    Sigh. I'm pretty good with maps as long as it's embedded in an iPhone and shows where I currently am. 😉 Other than that NOPE!

    I looove your big warm sweater. It looks Christmassy. Can it still be Christmas?

  4. I'm loving the colours of this shirt but not the shape, haha. I guess flannels are not my cup of tea (my fiance hates flannels!). oh but my grandfather does wear them 😀 anyway, I also love your necklace. and when it comes to maps then I'm not bad with them since I work with maps quite a lot and even kind of change them when necessary (waterpipes and so on.. our company sells water to the local people). so yeah, I'm not afraid of maps and I love discovering new cities and towns 🙂

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. You just look great in anything oversized with that tiny frame, don't you? But I totally love you for this! The colours on this flannel shirt are so vibrant that even though it's quite a simple outfit, the pallette makes it stand out.

  6. haha my friends always make fun of me that if i'd close my eyes and spin around 4 times i'd instantly become lost. BUT i'm really good at memorizing land marks, so i usually get the layout of a city super fast. even though no one ever believes me -__-

    and i love your short- it's baggy and asymmetrical cut somehow makes it look super feminine on you 🙂

    xo marlen
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  7. I can't read a map very well, especially on my phone for some reason! But, I never get lost either-I have a wacky sense of direction…

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