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How is your weekend going so far? I hope it’s as awesome as mine! I went to the hair dresser where they actually had massaging chairs…..A massaging chair……..let me repeat that: a……massaging…chair………
And the lady that was going to cut my hair asked me if I wanted to drink anything. Beer was on the tip of my tongue, but I decided to keep it cool and as normal, as possible and declined. Being normal is a difficult task as it is, let alone if you place me somewhere fancy and totally out of my budget.

My sister decided to buy me a new haircut, since  after removing the colors I wanted a big change but bearing in mind budget is tight this month, I couldn’t afford it.
I’ve been pixie style before and I loved it, so I opted for something very short again, the originality is bursting  at the seams!

The photos here were taken few days ago when the sun was shining
just for the sake of blinding you, no warmth whatsoever. Thank you sun, I
appreciate you dedication to make people’s lives miserable. I woke up early in the morning and thought that if the sun is so bright, it must be warm (-19 points for logic) so I wore my oversize sweater and pencil skirt to work. bearing my legs with thin tights.

As you can see behind me, we have a national treasure – the socialistic building in Bulgaria which resembles the haunted place of a living socialistic nightmare, but who cares, photos turned out good cause the lightning was good!

Speaking of, have you ever had times when you’ve been dressed up like a queen, you feel incredible and then when you take blog photos you look like a potato. Either it be lightning, or shitty weather, or weird poses, potatoing is the maximum you could do. Let me know, cause my whole life is this way. 

I’m having trouble finding a decent location, decent lightning, decent environment of people who actually mind their own business without staring and pointing at your direction. 

Have you guys ever felt this way?

Pink oversize sweater, Pencil skirt with ruffles – Second Hand, Red patent ankle boots – Zara

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6 thoughts on “Oversize Pink Sweater OOTD”

  1. My weekend was super busy. Actually, all of my days are busy. I don't even know if I can call it "the weekend," anymore. =( Gahhhhhhhh. Hence, I'm trying to catch up like crazy on Bloglovin. I think your hair looks fantastic. Nice gesture from your sis. 😛 Love the cozy oversized sweater. Adorable bag, too! <3

    – Anna


  2. Did I misread that or do you now have a pixie cut that you haven't yet shown us? The new brunette colour looks great! It makes your hair look thicker and healthier. Love the oversized pink sweater with the skirt and boots! I like your new style direction so far. It's sophisticated with a dash of drama. I am a potato always. I hated taking OOTD photos because I could never get the colour accurate, not my clothes or my skin or my hair. I pretty much always thought I looked fat or terrible in some way and even though I took them indoors alone, I was still so self conscious my poses were awkward and stiff. I have no good spot for a backdrop because I don't leave any blank walls in sunny spots and there is no way I am going to take photos outdoors. So, the solution was to stop OOTD photos and just write really long essays on my blog. Oh, and those massage chairs are sooooo creepy I always ask for it to be turned off. Chair massaging my butt freaks me out. LOL

  3. Your new hair is incredible! I love it and your sis is a sweetheart. By the way, you look like a hot potato here so I am not one to complain. But on those two points you mentioned, I can relate. I've even had like a long solo chat session in my head about why on the days I feel like a MAJOR QUEEN, I end up looking like garbage in photos or in a reflection. I rationalize that sometimes, what you feel can be something the MIND conjure up at that particular moment for whatever reason but it's best to stick with the body because the body cannot LIE. It might be that the body is tired OR that I have PMS brain that will make me think that I am the ugliest person ever alive after a few minutes of thinking I am the hottest woman ever to have landed on earth. As for the other concern about those people staring, I think that it's a compliment in disguise because somehow you are the highlight of their utterly GREY day. YOU ARE! As for the chair massage, what? I didn't know they have those in salons now. I know they put those in malls here but those things look really nasty I avoided them. XD

  4. People starring is the worst, it can totally ruin one's enthusiasm for photo taking….People stopped staring at me as much, I think it has got to do with camera more than anything else. Since our cam broke down and we only take shots with our phones, nobody bothers to look that much. It is like taking photos with a phone is perfectly fine, but when you have a professional or a semi professional camera, suddenly you're suspicious and everyone just have to be a part of it or play an observer. Not that I'm recommending you to stop using your cam.

    I do love this outfit. That pink oversize sweater is adorable. The skirt is very pretty too. Such a lovely combo! The bag is super cute as well….and look at all that snow. Today was the first time I actually had to clean the frost from the car, it was cover with it…but we haven't had any snow. Just a lot of frost in the morning.

    Your new hair looks great. I didn't expect to see a new colour so soon….you must really have good quality hair when it can survive all those colour changes and still loks so healthy and thick…. now I'm really curious about that new haircut.

    P.S. Massage chair sounds wonderful! I literally live above a hair saloon ( I rent the place, it's on the ground floor of my house) but it's been ages since I visited it. Maybe because they don't have massage chairs? I really ought to cut my hair, it's been a while.

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